I am still puzzled by this question because of what i experienced so far in my life: lots of dreams, premonitions like, about myself and other people i know, i even dreamt the lottery numbers but only remembered 4 of them and won with those. I had never in my life played lottery before. There are lots of dreams i had that that actually happened; at a certain point i was asking myself how much we can actually influence what happens in our lives? Some of the best things that happened to me are pure serendipity and i never did visualizations or affirmations to get them, they just came to me as well as my premonitions and dreams. It is not that i tried to make myself feel good or tried any psychic exercises, sometimes i felt really bad about a certain subject or anxious, however, a break through happened. Still, some of them were preceded by a strong desire of mine that at that point i did not even try to dwell upon, i just felt a deep strong desire for that particular situation or thing. What do you think ?

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Yes I see what you mean. Does life influence dreams or dreams influence life?

It does seem to be indicative of a connection at least from your experiences.

One could say you saw the future or one could say that you influenced your future based on what you had dreamt.

Both can not be correct, we could apply Occam's Razor. But what would be the simplest solution? Either situation would involve some form of mind over matter. I believe since we have free will to believe that we could see a future we would have to deny free will. So we see a probability of potential based on one arm of possible future experiences, then from this we tune into this probability making it a possibility.


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Wade Casaldi

Thank you Wade for the answer. I am shocked sometimes at my dreams. In the same time i am not the type that has fallen into dogmas, superstitions... BUT, yes, it is happening to me, i haven't only read or heard about it. It happened so many times that there is no way i can deny it. Where do they come from ? It is still a mystery for me. What do u think ?

(02 Aug '13, 13:28) Aryanna

perhaps what happens to us
be not so accidental
that past choices have set
up what presents itself now


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