Your only chance of survival is apparently burning money so to warm up and spend the night, and wait to be rescued the next day. Would use the money for fuel? Or would take the risk of trying to pass the night without fire to save money? This question may seem a banality, but says a lot about ourselves and our priorities in life ..

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When it comes to a life and death situation I think most of us would do anything for survival and that would include burning a billion bucks if we had to.

I remember reading somewhere that most of us would take the food out of a starving child's mouth if it meant ensuring our own survival - I'd like to think I'd be empathic enough not to resort to that but quite honestly until we are placed in such a situation I don't think any of us can really say with absolute certainty what we would do. Undoubtedly, if we made the decision from our Higher Self the choice would be easy - our Higher Self knows there is no death; however our egos are controlled by fear and when placed in a life and death situation would do anything for survival. Such a situation would certainly let us know how awake we really are.


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Michaela're right, we must be there to see how we behave in that situation.

(25 Apr '10, 18:03) Robert

Often, people "burn" their money in other ways in order to survive, don't they? They give it away, waste it, spend it or whatever they need to do, to get it out of their possession. Some just don't like hanging onto their money.

If I was in this situation though, since I'm kind of an easy-come-easy-go type of person, I would go ahead burn the money, for survival, and just hope like hell the rescue people weren't the types to demand payment before helping! Like Robert though, I would definitely burn the small bills first. This was funny to imagine!


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Nice one Robert, you almost had me trying to write something funny first and later on responding to your question, but guess what? I caught myself doing that and now I will do the opposite.

I answer the question - Yes, I would burn the money OR make an airplane out of them MacGyver style. Yeah!

Oh you guys heard that there are making the "A Team" movie? Watch the trailer

No Mr.T :-(


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I would have liked to hear something funny too. What i would have done in that situation? I start with small bills and let the hundred or a thousand for the last campfire .... haha

(25 Apr '10, 17:56) Robert

burn the cash and laugh at your own folly.


answered 27 Apr '10, 20:07

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