It is said that much of the violence that is happening in today's society is a reaction against the perceived imposition of particular rules from others. They have said that if people were left to do what they wanted, our world would naturally become a happy, harmonious place.

Given this, why do we have morality, and why did we choose to create laws to enforce this morality?

EDIT: For purposes of this question, morality refers to principles that we have generally agreed to adhere to in order to live in a free society. Things like obeying traffic lights, not stealing from others, and not murdering or physically injuring other people.

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Every man-made law that exists is motivated by the feelings of fear and scarcity - no exceptions.

And every law creates an outlaw - and so is inherently divisive, speaking from a philosophical perspective.

The laws that exist only exist because those that create them or back them do not understand how the universe really works - they do not understand the nature of the Law of Attraction.

The ironic thing is that man-made laws only serve to focus the mind on what is not wanted and thereby contribute to the creation of more of the problem that they were intended to solve.

As Abraham have pointed out on countless occasions, we have a "war on drugs", a "war on terrorism", a "war on poverty" and so on...and we just see more and more of those issues everyday.

Regarding morality, I'm not sure I really understand your question because I do not know of any absolute morality (only personal ones) so when you say this morality, I'm not quite sure whose definition you are referring to.


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@Stingray, I have edited the question to clarify what I mean by morality

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Unfortunately I do not think we have evolved enough as a species to live without our manmade laws. Ideally we all want to live in peace and harmony without rules and regulations but I'm pretty sure even most of the enlightened gurus out there realise at this time and place in our life experience we have to adhere to some of the rules and regulations so we are not vulnerable to those who have not begun their awakening.


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+1 Good points.

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Laws came about, historically when man failed to be ethical on his own without any controls. I realize this opinion won't be popular, but think back....nearly every law was a response to man's failure to be responsible and the state's attempt at forcing compliance. Example: handgun laws in place due to people being very irresponsible with guns, taxes in place because people would not contribute to public projects such as police protection, schools, sidewalks and etc. That is just two examples. Laws against animal abuse came about when people were abusing animals in every way possible. Child protection laws came into place when people began placing their own children into sweatshops, where they were used, abused and robbed of their childhood. I argue that the laws were not made in the spirit of fear or scarcity but many were put in place in the spirit of protection and public welfare. We should not need laws, but again, look back through history as to why we have needed them.


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+1 My thoughts exactly.

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Life is not better without rules. Without rules life would be a real Hell on earth. people would be doing what they willed without the developed awareness that as they harmed others they are as well harming themselves. With an ultimate supreme being that is nothing but good to look up to we have a guideline of what to aspire to be like.

With a close personal relationship with Christ we feel what this good moral compass does and how good it makes us feel like we are watched over and not alone in anything. This is something to aspire to this ultimate good, caring, compassionate, being.

We might say what if I enjoy being selfish, what if I like kicking people in the teeth? What if I like killing, or raping why should I have to live with rules? Because those things do not make us feel very good about ourselves. We have to experience regrets and fears of retribution. This is not what we truly want! True happiness is living a morally just life of love, compassion, kindness, this grows and comes back many fold to us. This comes naturally to an enlightened awakened man but not so for most so most need moral rules to keep them safe.


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I am blending my answer from two sources: the author Frank Peretti, and (believe it or not) Mr. Rogers.

Rules tell us where we stand. It is as if there is an imaginary fence. On one side, we are wrong. On the other, we do right. Rules tell us where we are in regards to that fence. Without rules, children do NOT feel safe. They may scream, argue and complain, but children need and require rules to make their world feel predictable and safe.

alt text

We adults also need rules. We need to obey our government, even if we do not always agree with its laws. This is pointed out in Romans 13:1-7. The way to change things is to get involved from within, rather than to disobey and fight from without.

Rules make us all feel safe. That is their purpose.




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