are we 100 % responsible for all the things or situations that happens to us? i read this in a book named "FEELING GOOD IS FEELING GOD" by Russ Michael".., in this he said this. but,sometimes even,when we think positive all the time. the outcome is not positive.., though,still we assume it as positive experience. so, how we are then, 100 % responsible for all the situations? it is said that, everything is "you".., it starts from you n ends to you.., but,its not the case all the time. i hope i am clear in my words. pls..apolojize if i confused u.., hope to hear the answers soon.., ... love,light n blessings...

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Are we 100% responsible for all the things that happen to us?

Yes we are.

I haven't read the book you are referring too and am not sure about the context of the statement made, but in general terms of Law of Attraction and reality creation, we are 100% responsible for everything that occurs in our lives. There really is no other way it could be.

The answer I gave in the question that you had about the holographic reality that our thoughts create is a good starting point to understand that we create everything that happens in our illusionary physical experience.

We are literally similar to a consistent filmstrip that plays moving pictures. We are just doing it way too fast to comprehend that each moment is a focused point of awareness. If you take a look at a photo of yourself, that moment is one single frame of our consistently created reality that we create hundreds of times a second.

alt text

If you would take hundreds of photos of yourself in a short period of time and played them back at a fast rate, you would have the illusion of motion. So since we are creating these bodies through focused awareness, then we must be fully responsible for everything that occurs in these bodies.

We are not actually in a place called "physical reality." The illusion of physical reality is in our consciousness. We are creating everything that is perceived around us from inside our own consciousness.

alt text

Every person in their own individual world is an extension of our consciousness. We are at the center of our own universe. There is a co-creative agreement of how other people interact in our unique version of reality. Since we are all holographic in nature, we can all co-create different versions of ourselves in numerous parallel reality experiences that each individual person experiences.

So since each and every single one of us are on our own personal earth that is constantly shifting to different personal unique earths, we are responsible for everything that happens on that earth because we are the only one focused on that particular earth. Any other person that interacts on your earth is in agreement with "this game of earth" and is the version of the person that your belief system says they are.

in this he said this. but,sometimes even,when we think positive all the time. the outcome is not positive.., though,still we assume it as positive experience. so, how we are then, 100 % responsible for all the situations?

We can choose what is positive and was isn't anytime we want to. It's just a choice of preference and what we decide feels good. So really, it's not about being responsible for all the situations. It's about being responsible for the way you choose to see the situation and the label you decide to put on it. The vibration we give off always decides what situation show up in our lives.

I'll use the Bashar quote again that @Satori so graciously brought to my attention recently. I think it fits perfectly with your question that I quoted above.

"If you assign a positive meaning to an event, this will produce a positive experience for you."

"If you assign a negative meaning to an event, this will produce a negative experience for you."

So decide if you prefer to be responsible for your life or not. The choice is up to you since you are the one who is in charge of every thing that does and does not manifest in your experience:-)


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@cory- amazing answer..,it made the concept quiet clear to me. thank you...

(06 Nov '12, 04:40) supergirl

@Cory - Love this answer. You are making this stick in my consciousness to the point where I'm feeling a little like a film director. ...and screenwriter, and actor, and prop! I can't help but wonder, in nearly everything I see, "huh, wonder how I brought this?" :) Aggggh you're in my head! (Kidding not like that's a bad thing.) I still am not as proficient at discerning what that may be, though - I mean, how I brought it to myself. Working on that. Thanks for your help.

(06 Nov '12, 09:30) Grace

@supergirl I'm glad I could help and you are welcome.

(06 Nov '12, 12:52) Cory

@Grace You're welcome Grace. Yes, I would say that your concept of being the director, screenwriter, actor, and prop is right on the money. I'm still digesting these concepts myself but nothing ever in my life has really made more sense. Bashar pretty much says that everything in your life is a "neutral prop" just like in a play on stage. You (as the master of your unique earth) get to decide where all the props go, and what all the actors do and say. So if you can come to realize that...

(06 Nov '12, 13:05) Cory

@Grace ...you are in charge of everything that comes into your life, you can play around with the stage of props and put them where you decide they need to be. Then the idea of responsibility for everything you create gets lighter and more flexible and life doesn't seem to happen to you anymore. Life starts to happen from you.

(06 Nov '12, 13:09) Cory

I do like the way you put that. It was very well worded!

(16 Nov '12, 02:10) Crystal Lee Ouellette

@Crystal Lee Ouellette Thank you. I'm glad it was helpful for you. Welcome to Inward Quest:)

(16 Nov '12, 12:55) Cory
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Yes and No. From the day of conception stuff is flowing into our unconscious brain. 95 percent of all that happent to us is because of the things that have been programmed into our unconscious brain, usually from conception until we are about 8 years old. These happen without the conscious brain being aware. The conscious brain then follows these programs, good or bad without the person being consciously aware of what is happening, and where it will all end up. So the answer is Yes and No.


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k...thank you fr ur answer,,-love,light n blessings :))

(07 Nov '12, 03:13) supergirl

Good answer Wazza! Way to go man!

(04 Sep '14, 22:52) SNightwing

@Cory, I love your answer. @Wazza, I also agree with you - I agree with you because I experience these "little negatives" every so often and I try to get into my subconcious to figure out where it would have come from - quite often it's some deep set belief that I didn't realize I had.

So as Cory said - Yes we do create everything in our existence and as Wazza said, these "unwanted" creations come from a vibration we're not aware of.

A few days ago I had one of these expriences and it wasn't very nice at all, I did some deep thinking about it and I came to the realization that I reflect "ugliness" from others. For instance, most of the people that I come into contact with are either unkind to me and the ones that are actually kind to me, use dirty to vulgar language when expressing themselves - which is not ME at all... or at least I don't think its me.

Even my husband reacts in ways that are so strange sometimes (in the presence of others), I have to stop and ask myself if he even thinks about me as his wife... strange things that leave me hurting.

@Supergirl, my reason for sharing my story with you is because I feel you might be experiencing some of what I'm experiencing. Basically I think you need to look deep within yourself and pull these "little issues" out that are still lingering - this is what I do whenever something unpleasant comes up, then when I become aware of the source of it, I hand it all over to the Universe for resolution.


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@moonwillow- yah!!! i agree with u..,we are the cause for all the things that happens to us.n basically,for the bad ones wwe only create it but,we are not aware of it. it too did same with me. firstly,attracted my dream boy n thn,by thinking negative abt him (i was not much aware of my thoughts at tht time) lost him. so,i thnk the solution of this issue is just to be focussed on the good n positive all the time. newayz,thank you for reply dear..-love,light n blessingssss :)))

(07 Nov '12, 03:11) supergirl

I will explain the buddhist view of Karma wich fit pretty much with the two last answer.

According to buddhism you are responsible for everything. You are your're own master! Each present moment creates your futur moments. But maybe the fruit will rippen in you're next rebirth. When you think positive all the time and do good deeds and something happen that you label as bad, it is simply karma from a earlier moment that you are paying. Maybe an earlier moment from this life or an earlier moment from many life time before! Then you should see this at one less punch to receive in the face!

Karma is the reason why there is anxiety from birth in your're uncounscious mind just to give an example. When you repay this karma you'll find maybe an hypnotist to cure you, or anxiety will maybe simply vanish!

And you have to remember that good or bad, who knows??

The Dalaï Lama said that if chinese invasion of tibet did not happen he would probably still isolated in tibet. Now his benefiting all around the world! Wich is pretty much helpfull for human race!

There is a podcast by Robina Courtin on the subject. You really should listen to it if you are interested in karma.

Hope you'll get benefit from it!


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@mojo- thank you..,n yup..i am actualy very much interested in karma.n i do believe it too. cos with me it has happened when i am good ,m deeds are good thn,why same recurring things happen? ..well;;,i loved ur answer. thank you once again ;))-love,light n blessings.

(07 Nov '12, 03:18) supergirl
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