For a long time ago revolves me this question. The psychic manipulation is a current fact in our daily lives, from marketing advertisements to the decisions of gouvernements and the relationships between life partners who pretend loving one other.

But I cannot understand that an enlightening person, who pretend "we are gods" (yes, over 6 billions "gods" on the Earth), uses manipulating psychologic tools. More, renamed spirituality teachers make hard money and aim the glory teaching Street Hypnosis, Remote Seduction, made and sell CDs with who known what subliminal messages, maybe orders, wich only freewill manifestations are not.

But going on the way of enlightening (maybe only believing our way is that) and proclaiming the "respect of freewill", are we on rezonance with ourselves? Are we honest? Are we rezonant with the rules of the universe? Are we responsible?

Please, help me to undo this Gordian knot!

I hope it will be useful for we all.

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I tend to agree with Vesuvius and Wildlife on this one - if we choose to relinquish our freewill and become susceptible to the manipulative powers of others,that is exactly what will happen.Those who are being manipulated have,on some level,chosen that experience - albeit unconsciously.

(26 Apr '10, 16:24) Michaela

Yeah Gleam, I'm sorry, but in my mind Vesuvius is right.


What is happening to all of us is that we are Ascending, which means we are increasing our vibrational frequency, so that one day we all can achieve God-consciousness.

And what does it mean when we finally do that? It means you will be unmovable and untouchable. It means that you will have a "bubble" around you when YOU allow what goes in and what doesn't.

No more weapons will affect you. I even heard Bashar speak once about what vibration we would have to have in order to withstand the nuclear blow, and he said that the minimum is I think 200 thousand cycles per second.

That doesn't matter dough what matters is your thoughts and feelings about the future. If you're afraid of it you will attract that into your life. Why? Is it because God is mad at you? No! It's because he's fair and he will let you experience Whatever you choose for yourself. And thinking about something and putting your e-motions (energy motion) into that thought will make it happen, will make it manifest.

So my advice is to stop worrying. "Yeah it is easy for you to say, with all that crap going on in the world today. Should we do nothing about it?"

Do what your heart is telling you and not your mind. Be sure that ALL the things that are happening now in this fashion are because we are coming to an end of cycle of limitations and a new cycle will soon start. But in order to "move up" we have to first take a look at the things we have created on the lower levels, and there will be a lot of them.

Our society is filled with secrets and now they will all come up. It's going to be scary for some, because they will think that the world is coming to an end. They will hear things that they would not dream in the most horrible nightmares ad in fact that "world" will die.

The question is "Will you let it die peacefully, grateful for the lessons it has brought you? Or will you struggle and force yourself to deepen that feeling of fear and limitations, not that is any better to play it than being excited all the time, it's just different. So the question is up to you; what will YOU choose?"


answered 26 Apr '10, 05:35

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I'm sorry, but you not answered to my question: "How agrees the respect of other's freewill with the manifestation of intention to manipulate others"? I reformulate a few the question, maybe it don't was enough clear, (due to the last sentence? Or you wanted avoid the question detailed along three paragtaphs?). I don't worry of manipulation FOR ME, I know to guard me passively and actively ( for ex. "using Law against laws; the higher against the lower;" :) Kybalion). My ask is for helping to those who omit that the intention of manipulating lowers the vibrational frequence.

(26 Apr '10, 06:57) Gleam

Manipulating others means to violate the freewill of anybody and, what is more gravely, taking this not openly, in a fair dispute, but perfidiously, the manipulated not being awared about. To use the power of mind against the freedom of others is out of ethics of Universe and Earth. - - - Surely, we can Ascending, but - again surely - not only by wanting and declaring and taking the reversal by incorrect behavior. Manipulation will act as a boomerang, it will return to the sender. Ever is matter the manner of going on our path. ling

(26 Apr '10, 07:36) Gleam

Look what I've told is that THERE IS NOTHING TO ESCAPE FROM. It is ALL You, those people that you call manipulators, thiefts, murderers and so on are here to reflect back to YOU about the things about yourself that you need to discover and when you'll finally "get it" you will no longer interact with that being, because you will be on different vibrations. Does it mean that those people will cease to exist? No, they won't. Why? Because maybe they still have some "pupils" to teach and as long as the pupils will keep on showing up the teachers will also be there. ALWAYS!

(26 Apr '10, 15:07) wildlife

Why do you think we came here? You must have some explanation for yourself about "Why are we here and what are wo doing here?" For me we have come here for one reason only - growth. Growth is when the unknown is being transformed into the knows through experience. And that's it. Once you experience something and you've "learned the lesson" contained in that experience, you can move on, graduate to a higher class. But if you don't the lessons will become harder and harder, until one day you may even have to physically die in order to "awaken", and then make an agreenment to come back here again

(26 Apr '10, 15:09) wildlife

Does that sound crazy to you? Well most of the things that we're talking about here will seem crazy to a TYPICAL occupant of this planet. Well, are you one of them still? What do you want to believe for yourself? You want to believe that you can be manipulated? I don't believe so. I believe that EVERYTHING, even manipulation, HAS to have a consensus of both parties. For what reason? For growth. If you haven't been manipulated how do you know how it feels? So you make an agreenment on a subconscious level with someone for him to reflect back to you the idea of manipulation so you can grow.

(26 Apr '10, 15:12) wildlife

And that being does it, but because you don't re-member the agrrenment being made now you put judgment on that being for "using you". IT CAN NOT HAPPEN. YOU CAN NOT BE USED, EVER. You have a free will and you are allowed to do with that whatever you want. All That Is loves you so unconditionally that it will even allow you to believe that you're not loved, that's how loving it is. But you don't have to believe me. Those are my beliefs based on my experiences and I'm not forcing you to believe them. Do what excites you the most in life and you won't have to worry about anyone being manipulated

(26 Apr '10, 15:14) wildlife

because your level of frequency will simply not allow it. You will simply not be compatible to meet each other. When it comes to other people, hmm.. How do you know that what they are doing isn't something they agreed upon earlier? How can you judge what is good for someone and what is bad? I have no idea what "good" and "bad" looks like, because in my own eyes everything is neutral, which means it has no built-in meaning. The meaning You give that thing is the effect you're going to get out of it. Period. That's what I believe and I know who will need to be in the "new world" will be there.

(26 Apr '10, 15:17) wildlife

Thank you the large, comprehensive and polyvalent comment. I like it. And also I like that this discussion started to resemble to a debate on topic.I agree with you in some respects, but not in all.--- I'm sorry, something urgent interposes, I cannot continue.

(27 Apr '10, 14:52) Gleam

I'm sorry. I resume the comment. What I don't agree with you? 1. "How can you judge what is good for someone and what is bed?" The are situations and... situations. If you see a child escalading the parapet of the bridge over a river, Will you think to a likely contract before birth for experience a drowning and peacefuly go toward, or will run for take hold of him, put down and care for his security? If you, just returned from an expedition in the mountains, are resting with a tonic drink and a cofee, into motel near road and you see a bus stopping and a lot of traveller ,

(28 Apr '10, 00:30) Gleam

descending from, together with the driver ans you observe that, in course of repose, the driver consumed alcoholised drink, what will you take? Knowing that towards, on the climbing road, follows a dangerous portion, with serpentines on the edge of precipice, what will you take? Will you think that they - ALL THEY - choosed to experience the falling down into abyss? For what is our thinking and enlightening, if not for determining - see CREATING - the future? For what is our knowledge, if not for apreciating the state of NOW, for planing the NOW OF TOMORROW, deciding and acting?

(28 Apr '10, 01:28) Gleam

We could mistake and we will mistake sometimes; we can correct, and we will correct the mistakes. The scientifical dasis of these tools are mastery explained by Gregg Braden innis book "Isaia effect". To use not these possibilities means fatalism. And we are over times of. 2. " my own eyes everything is neutral, which means it has no built-in meaning". Well. When how appreciate the compounds and the features of NOW? TO BE INTO NOW isn't an empty "floating" state, but a very cosciente comprehending into oneself of the essence of NOW, meaning crystal-clear mental and harmonized affecivity.

(28 Apr '10, 02:20) Gleam

Why affectivity beside mental? Because the affectivity represents the rezonance of world into subject and the vibration of subject into own world. Then the "eye" of mental cannot be neither neutral, nor sensitive, it can be only establishing (by analysis and synthesis). The "eye" of Mental sees an information, a "significant". But the "eye" of Consciousness sees a non-neutral "significance", a resultante interpreted by collaboration of both Mental (actual perception + lived experience + intuition) and Affectivity (actual resonance); neutral can be the controlled manifested attitude.

(28 Apr '10, 03:17) Gleam

The controlled attitude which we manifest is our response to our world and represent what "I" choosed and decided toshow to the world from what is into "ME". Yes, "I" and "ME" are not the same. - - - - - Again, Wildlife, thanks your contribution.

(28 Apr '10, 03:31) Gleam
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Some points to consider:

  1. Most instances of "psychic phenomena" can be attributed to wishful thinking.
  2. We attract what we think about. Therefore, if you think about being victimized by mental manipulation, you are more likely to be.
  3. Genuine psychic phenomena can only be manifested reliably by people who are enlightened enough to be trusted with the power.

"The force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded." - Obi-Wan Kenobi


answered 26 Apr '10, 02:43

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But an "enough enlightened" need and must to respect the Universe's ethics, and help truly the "weak minded" not only to bear "happily" the label, but to find the path. A propos: when is an individual "enough" enlightened? --- For the rest, please read my comments to Wildlife's answer. Thankj you the answer.

(26 Apr '10, 08:01) Gleam

An individual is enough enlightened when he can manifest psychic phenomena reliably and effectively.

(26 Apr '10, 13:46) Vesuvius

Think of it this way. If you deeply understand the way the universe works, then you get these psychic powers automatically. But if you understand the way the universe works, then you must also understand that you are connected to everything else. And if you are connected to everything else, and you hurt someone else with your powers, then you're only hurting yourself.

(26 Apr '10, 19:00) Vesuvius
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