If reality-creation can bring anything into your life, how do you know that you are bringing the right things into your life?

In other words, how do you know your manifestations will not have unintended, unforseen, undesirable consequences, to yourself or others?

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Interesting question this is...

(01 Jul '11, 15:21) Aphrodite
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(I'm assuming here that your reference to unintended consequences refers to others in some way)

I'm afraid this question of right and wrong is a natural problem that arises because of your belief that there are things that have a "separate reality from our thoughts".

In this case, that would presumably mean the lives of other people who (being outside of your reality, you would say) are somehow being affected by these things of yours which are also external to their own controlled reality i.e. your manifestations.

You are, in essence, saying there exists a Law of Assertion as well as a Law of Attraction.

I don't have an answer to your question since it's based on, what I consider, a flawed premise.

My view would be that whatever you want is right for you, and whatever anyone else wants is right for them. And the Universe (or God, if you like) is abundant and resourceful enough to give everyone everything they want if they align their beliefs with their desires regarding those things.

It simply doesn't matter what anyone else manifests - it won't play any part in your reality unless you invite it vibrationally.


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It's hard to get my mind around the idea that there is no overlap whatsoever between my manifestations and those of others. Surely the world (if it exists as a result of thought) is the sum total of everyone's manifestations, or it exists as a thought form from a higher level in the hierarchy of thought than the one that I am currently occupying. For neither of those to be true, and for me to be responsible for all of creation just seems like a lot of responsibility.

(03 Dec '09, 19:37) Vesuvius

Perhaps your issues regarding this stem from a 3-dimensional approach to a multi-dimensional issue. The Flatland analogy might help (http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/1975/is-paradox-normal/1994#1994). Also, think of the spectrum of light. The spectrum is finite but it contains an infinite number of colors. Regarding responsiblity, well, it's your universe you have created and the only one who you are accountable to is yourself so maybe it's not that much responsiblity after all ;)

(03 Dec '09, 22:02) Stingray

Thanks. I have heard of the Flatland analogy, having read Tertium Organum (one of my favorite books, a real mind-twister). If you are to take a multi-dimensional approach, doesn't that, by implication, mean that you have to leave Flatland?

(03 Dec '09, 22:23) Vesuvius

Well, it means you have to, at least, understand you are in Flatland i.e. what you see is only a limited view of something much greater. And that usually means embarking on an Inward Quest :)

(03 Dec '09, 22:47) Stingray
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I don't know think you can know whether you're asking for the right things.

You can only know if you have previously asked the for the right things by looking at your results in the present.

For instance, many of us inadvertently invite lack into our lives by affirming things like "I want to be wealthy." "I want to lose weight." "I want a loving relationship." As I've told my kids many times - "Want all you like. You're not having it....."

In regard to unintended consequences to others that implies either a lack of abundance or that you have the power to create anothers reality.


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