I have recently discover quantum theory, the new biology and energy healing. As I hear or read ideas, I have been having images in my head. Then I will read about it in a book, or see it on a video. So, I had an image in my head about the alternate realities. (Usually called parallel universes, but that is an oxymoron, so I avoid it.) I can't find an image online. It was like a stack of paper, but huge and moving down the page.

We can jump from one to another depending on our choices. There are very many alternate realities, because everybody makes choices every day. Not all choices create an alternate reality, but many do. However, they would have all been created in the beginning because there is no new idea under the sun. So, what if the "Channeled beings" are really alternate versions of the self that live in an alternate reality?

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Fairy Princess

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I think it depends on what you mean by "channeled being".

If by that phrase you are referring to any form of non-physical communication (whether consciously deliberate or not) then, according to the channellers I've studied then...yes, it happens all the time to everyone whether you are aware of it or not.

The channeled information can come from other selves (though it is not limited to doing so). For example, Bashar has said many times that he is one future self, reaching back in time, of the person who channels him, Darryl Anka.

Because Past, Present and Future are all happening now (the illusion of linear time is a by-product of our three-dimensional focus), all your selves in other past/future realities are influencing each other through the lives they are living and passing information between each other. And all your selves existing in parallel realities in this lifetime are also doing the same.

It's a vast inter-weaving web of parallel realities going in every imaginable space-time (and beyond) direction, if you think about it.

And insights you gain, for example, in this lifetime right now can help your selves in past and future lifetimes (which are also happening now) as well as other currently parallel lifetimes. And similarly knowledge that your other selves are gaining can also be utilized by the you that you are right now in the reality that is reading this answer.


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Nice Stingray. Past, present and future selves all existing now. Every second is a different parallel reality because each moment is a discrete universe unto itself?

(06 Jun '11, 01:29) Eddie

Yes, each moment is a discrete self-contained universe. And each moment is far less than a second. According to Bashar, a new universe is created in every time period that it takes light to travel one Planck Length

(06 Jun '11, 13:23) Stingray

With each of your focused intent you create probable selfs. These probable selfs are standalone like you. Each of them are able to choose different paths to grow in infinite ways.

Think about a fractal. Every point of a fractal contains the whole. Future and Past probables of you exisits here and now interconnected with your whole self.

Other lifes of your higher self are the same complex of the probables of that lifetime.

It is hard to accept when you make an intent "when I have power & knowledge I will help to my past selfs to grow" manifests a probable self that will care for you like a spirit guide ?

You have access to all of your life's probable selfs, your whole self's other existances & all other whole self's full knowledge here and now.


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Tibor S.

Keen observations :)

(06 Jun '11, 01:30) Eddie

Well Treb describes me as a different portion of the same over-soul as he is. I have heard many people explain that they are future versions of the channeler. So this is similar to how you see it. Here is what Treb said about it.

*Benevolent Hybrid Reptilian Humans- By Jefferson Vascardi and Rob Gauthier*

chapter 6 - part II. Page 355. Paragraph 2.

Jefferson: Yes, Treb can you speak for us from Earth, a little bit about the idea of possibilities of existing a communication between a human been and a future self? How is that possible?

Treb: It is very much possible to do this. In fact many connections that are made in the way that you see are channeling as, are made from ones who are considered to be future selves. It is done for a specific reason. Because the soul is in the density that is higher than the physical existence, it all branches out throughout itself. So if you see it as one way, if you take a gallon of water and pour it into many small glasses, really really tiny where you are putting the few drops into one. Some are bigger and some are huge where it goes most of the gallon. The whole gallon then would be the soul. First density consciousness could be a small thimble, what you consider a thimble of water. The next level up would be a cap that you use in the drinking water to put on the top of it. And the third would be a small cup and in the fourth, and fifth, and sixth level there is the cup still. So as you see it like this the soul is working at once. Because there is no time in the way that you see time it is all happening at the same time. So for one to channel its future self only means that it is connecting from one cup of water to the next cup because it all comes from the same gallon. This is how it makes communication easy with future self, or past self for that matter, in the way that you see it. But time, as you see it in linear fashion does not exist in that way. It is hard to grasp this fact for some but it is the truth of the matter. So when you are channeling or communicating with future or past self, this is all you are doing. It is pouring one small cup back into the other small cup which is all poured from the same gallon.

love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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hmmm.... very interresting... scratching my head when I have to really think...

(06 Oct '12, 11:43) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess. yes, it is very different way to understnd it. now that i have connected to treb and he showed me the way it works, it is quite easy to figure out, if u need em to elaborate the ideas further, please let me know. love n light.

(06 Oct '12, 16:02) TReb Bor yit-NE

We are all spiritual travellers. Whether we are aware of it or not, in our physical experience we are always, in every NOW moment, channelling.

Love (Creation) is a network of non-self-serving thoughts, ideas, possibilities, and manifestations - physical or non-physical - that we, as eternal beings of pure consciousness, traverse in different fractalised forms concurrently, so that we may experience all that we wish to. Light (Wisdom) is discernment of the vibrational frequencies we are faced with along this trajectory journey.

'Are channelled entities ''future selves" of the channellers in "alternate realities"? This is an open-ended question and one that has many variables. Have you thought about the potential variables in your question before you asked it?

Some channelled entities are what they claim to be, some are not. Some give us pertinent information, some give us disinformation, and some give us misinformation. Some give us a combination of two or three of the aforementioned. What is important is how one feels about the 'information' channelled entities share, and in what manner the entities present such information.

In regards to the idea of a 'future self', I have noted that most channelled entitities refer to our 'future selves' as 'potential future selves' or 'probable future selves', and this is accurate. As we perceive time as linear and space as distance, such entities are communicating via our perception an idea that may be more understandable to us -- the future.

In linear terms, and in regards to Darryl Anka and IQ member Rob Gauthier, the entities they channel predominantly (Bashar and Treb Bor yit-NE) are actually 'past selves' existing on a higher density coordinate, where such entities vibrate at a higher frequency. The higher the frequency the quicker the passage of 'linear time'. Both entities are merely higher vibrational coordinates of each channeller's Over Soul -- the consciousness of which is fractalised/expanded into many different densities and dimensions.

Time is concurrent and consists of many layers of vibrational frequencies. The idea of becoming a 'future self' is nothing more than shifting one's NOW vibrational frequency to a vibrational frequency that matches a coordinate that already exists.


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My question is what do you believe it to be? Since we create our own reality, I would think that we are the ones creating our own personal experiences as we so desire it to be, consciously, or unconsciously. Also, consider that thoughts are things, and you have to create the idea in the mind first, before it becomes a reality!


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What does this have to do with channeling ourselves in other dimensions?

(22 May '11, 11:48) Fairy Princess

@ Fairy Princess: Everything, since you are the creator!

(26 May '11, 05:12) Inactive User ♦♦

For me the answer to your question is a definite yes.

Dreaming whilst awake in the daytime or being awake whilst dreaming at night, which ever way you perceive it.

Your phrase "It was like a stack of paper, but huge and moving down the page" is very close to the famous phrase

"A book is nothing more than a small heap of dry leaves, or else a great moving form; reading"

translation of "Un livre n'est rien qu'un petit tas de feuilles sèches, ou alors une grande forme en mouvement: la lecture." - Jean-Paul Sartre

alt text

Read and dream or dream and read ... L&l


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