I'm finding that the more the mind is questioned the more it will try to avoid the truth. Is this avoidance a self protection mechanism for the egoic mind when the person maybe is not ready yet to realise their true power? Or is it a ploy used by the egoic mind to cloud their awareness and prevent them stepping into their whole self?

Just to elaborate a little...my whole world, as I know it, fell apart today ( I don't need to go into the gory details). Right now as I observe my own mind part of me (the ego) is feeling somewhat panicky,worried etc.etc. However, another part of me ( the higher self that I'm going to listen to ) knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that within this situation lies the opportunity for optimal growth if I'm willing to stay open to it.On some level I created this as an opportunity to once again move outside that comfort zone. If I listen to the ego I will avoid the real truth contained within this situation by resisting and playing the blame game and making this whole situation harder for everyone involved. If I listen to my higher self I have the opportunity to really put into practice everything I've learned by remaining as fully present as possible and allowing this all to unfold in perfect order. Guess which I'm going to choose?

If we are serious about spiritually awakening, it's important to realize that we are inviting spirit to show us every area in which we need to grow... we just may not always like what we're shown. However, every situation is for our own evolution if we embrace it as such :)

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somethings that you do not like are sometime needed for you. also who are you the higher self or the ego or both? and you need to have the right balence to merge the 2 parts?michela experiance and enjoy.

(01 Aug '11, 02:57) white tiger

Have you ever been catch with hands in the Cookie Jar? Well, what did you do? Did you avoid the truth, although this is what you may have wanted to do?

In life, sometimes we can face up to the truth in any given situations, and at other times we tend to avoid the truth for our own selfish reasons. Therefore, I believe that avoiding the truth in a given situation is a natural and normal behavior exercised by all human beings.

But since the truth can also hurt more so than heal, I would use caution when dealing with a given situation, so there is no one correct answer, it more so what is the right thing to do in a given situation without causing unnecessary pain, and hardship to others.


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Thank you Vee :)

(31 Jul '11, 02:07) Michaela

it will hurt only the people that does not want to see the truth vee. if you know in truth who those people are do not tell them. there is no worse blind then someone that does not want to see. stay in harmony experiance and enjoy.

(01 Aug '11, 03:08) white tiger

@ white tiger: your point is well taken.

(02 Aug '11, 00:53) Inactive User ♦♦
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Ah, Michaela!

My heart bleeds for you...and my base ego (my lower, gossipy, evil-drawn ego) wants to know What on Earth Happened????

Anyway, I am proud of you for seeing the situation for what it is! Your description exactly describes something that happened to me yesterday. I was sailing along when Wham! Along comes TRUTH and knocks me into a major tailspin. I needed your question very much, and your explanation of its effect on you very much. Thank you.

Also- to Vee- yes! TRUTH can and does HURT if applied incorrectly, and man, was it applied incorrectly to me yesterday...So you see, my dear, when I read your answer, all of Creation laughed because Jai finally has developed the humility to say that I agree with Vee and am admitting it publicly.

To make a long story short, I am praying for you, Michaela. I am blessing you, Vee. And I am now seeing that I need to grow a la Michaela...but after I see the neurologist and get my physical being attended to properly.(Another long story that needs no gory details spoken...)

Thank you for being an excellent example and angel, Michalea!

I will be praying, but I always think that if you have already got Wade praying for you, whom else could do better???

Blessings, Jai


answered 31 Jul '11, 02:29

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Thanks Jai for your kind words... sorry can't give you any more details as there's more than just me involved :)

(31 Jul '11, 03:06) Michaela

smile. experiance and enjoy.

(01 Aug '11, 03:12) white tiger

It's more of a comfort zone. Familiar territory is more comforting than the quest into the unknown. We have a power in us that is equal or greater than the sun that is creative, abundant and destructive. I was just attending a meeting with a group of people that all came together through the Law Of Attraction. We discussed and concluded that people are afraid of this power. Which is why most people turn off their thinking and distract themselves with TV and similar activities.

Yes, I would say it is the egoic mind fightig to stay in it's comfort zone when we question old beliefs, traditions and habits.


answered 30 Jul '11, 14:39

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^ Nice answer. Short but hits the core.

(30 Jul '11, 15:39) Aphrodite

Oh yes...that old familiar comfort zone. Thanks RPuls :)

(30 Jul '11, 19:09) Michaela

then the unknow needs to become your comfort zone. experiance and enjoy.

(01 Aug '11, 02:59) white tiger
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If by "truth" you are talking about the fact that we are multi-dimensional beings then, yes, absolutely, the Mind avoids it because that is the point of the Mind :)

To explain...

The Mind provides us with the opportunity to experience the limitations (illusionary ones) of this three-dimensional physical platform we play in.

Without the Mind having that ability to perceive limitation, there would be little point in projecting into physical reality...we would just immediately realize all the time that everything that happens to us in our physical lives is fairly inconsequential (because it's all illusion) and we wouldn't play the game as we intended.

It's like watching a movie without being engaged with the movie...you just don't care what happens to the characters and it's all a bit of a meaningless experience.

Contrast that with watching a movie where you are really involved with what's going on, and you find yourself experiencing the same highs and lows as the characters you are identifying with. It can be a truly exhilarating experience. You can come out of movies like that as a changed person - and that's certainly happened to me a few times.

The Mind gives us that capacity to become involved or engaged with life...it doesn't have the capacity to see the "truth" because it was never designed to do that.


answered 30 Jul '11, 18:58

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I fully get and agree with everything you said Stingray. However, I wasn't necessarily referring to just one 'truth'. To me it seems that when 'awareness' arises and a new 'truth' becomes available, that the 'egoic mind', either in oneself or in another, will endeavor to avoid that 'truth' rather than face it... not sure if I'm really clarifying what I'm trying to say :)

(30 Jul '11, 19:08) Michaela

@ Stingray, you are back! You had a hiatus. I was checking this site day to day to look for your answers. Haha.

(30 Jul '11, 20:34) Aphrodite

@Aphrodite - Well, I'm sure you've noticed that my answers are pretty much all the same...only the words change from time to time to prevent terminal boredom, so you've not been missing that much :) Just been a little busy lately, that's all :)

(31 Jul '11, 01:43) Stingray

@Michaela - Your revised question certainly seems to put a different slant on what I thought you were asking. And if, as you imply in it, you're determined to put your inner guidance first above all the distractions of your current physical reality then you certainly don't need any advice/answers from me on this subject :) I'll think you'll be just fine :)

(31 Jul '11, 01:59) Stingray

@Stingray... Thanks for the vote of confidence :)

(31 Jul '11, 02:08) Michaela

i would not say that this world is illusion you decided to experiance this world. and you might believe that you cannot see the truth but that is your belief. experiance and enjoy.

(01 Aug '11, 03:03) white tiger
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Michaela I'll pray for you, yes God allows bad things to come to us to show us where we need growth.

It is through our trials that we become strong and able to be a better tool for God to use from his toolbox. Your trials will be a testimony to God in the future this will help others that need help.

Each trial is like being a chisel being touched against a grind stone, yes it hurts but each time makes you sharper and better as a chisel for God to be able to carve a beautiful piece of art work in the world. All because you are going through trials (being sharpened.)


answered 31 Jul '11, 02:15

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Wade Casaldi

Sorry Wade for not acknowledging your answer yesterday evening... I did type a comment but obviously forgot to push the 'add comment'. Thanks for your inspiring words :)

(31 Jul '11, 10:16) Michaela

That is alright you made up for it with this comment. :-)

(31 Jul '11, 19:00) Wade Casaldi

I think your statement is true, avoidance of the truth is a self protection mechanism used by the ego.

From a personal standpoint, I have often wondered about this as well. I am glad you put this question forth, but sorry to hear that you are going through a challenging time.

When my ex and I divorced years ago, there were some hard feelings and blame between us. I put this behind me as best I could. I said nothing against him to our adult children or anyone else, and I moved on with being happy again. I stayed by myself quite awhile just working on things I loved to do again, having fun with friends and finding myself again. I had no room for old resentments and honestly felt none. Eventually I re-married and I am very happy with my life.

It did not go this way for my ex. He stewed in his resentments, blame, self-blame, and looking-back a lot. He spewed a lot of anger to our family members and anyone else who would listen. He drank. You get the picture.

So....I thought I was much above all of that. I even felt a little superior and smug at times knowing I was not stooping to acting as he was.

Then one day my adult son told me about something my ex had said. It was the truth of course, and maybe that was why it hurt SO MUCH. I was shocked that he would tell our son something like that, and for the first time in years I called him and read him the riot act for saying what he did. Worse yet, I later sent him an e-mail even angrier than my call had been! (Hard to admit!) In turn, I accused him of things and brought up every failing as a human being I thought that he had. You know, I really wanted to club him over the head with his own short-comings as I saw them!

Later, when my blood pressure came down, I really had to ask myself...... what was I so angry about anyway? Well, honestly, I didn't want that truth to come out, ever. Why? Because I didn't want to be seen as a person who would do something like that. Yet I REALLY WAS A PERSON WHO DID SOMETHING LIKE THAT! It was the truth. My ego hated it; just hated it and raged against it, attacking back like a cornered animal. Wow, I was totally shocked at my own behavior.

This happened several months ago. At Christmas time, I was out driving in the snow and realized I was pretty close to my ex's house, so I just drove there completely unannounced and unprepared. I knocked on the door and asked if I could come in. He asked me inside, offered me a holiday toddy and we talked for three hours. I apologized for my behavior and asked him to forgive me. The sum total of our three hours of talking was our conclusions that no one was perfect, and certainly not either of us. We each were doing the best we could at the time, and there was nothing to be defensive or angry about in the end at all. Any painful truths about our marriage that came out from time to time were probably much more painful to us than to anyone else, and in fact, people probably already knew many of these things anywyay!

I would not say we are friends. That will probably never happen, but when our daughter got married we were able to work together and keep from any bickering or bad feelings at all. I learned an important lesson about the truth and about myself and my defense mechanisms, which were much stronger than I had ever imagined.

I am relating this very personal story in the hopes that it might in any small way help you, Michaela. I think highly of you and hope you feel better soon.

The high road, and minimizing the ego is the only way to go in the end, otherwise we are stuck with feelings of defensiveness and anger.


answered 01 Aug '11, 02:16

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LeeAnn 1

Thank you LeeAnn...I know that came from the heart and I really do appreciate you sharing. I'm fine and know I will get through this and there is a gift within it for all concerned. I'm pretty centered at the moment and intend to work through this from that space... thanks again to you and everyone else :)

(01 Aug '11, 02:34) Michaela

you made those choice. experiance and enjoy.

(01 Aug '11, 03:17) white tiger

Nice story. Thank you for sharing

(02 Aug '11, 07:41) Stingray
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