I think I am really confused at this point. I got a new friend recently and we talked about the law of attraction. She got so much excited and she asked me to help her manifest her past relationship that has been dead since 2 years. I was a bit doubtful at this point, but reading the posts in the forum helped me. So we decided that she would visualize getting a phone call from the person asking for giving a chance to the relationship. She would feel as happy as she would when she received the call. My job would be to visualize her coming to me happily and informing me about the phone call.

This is all ok.. I do not think there is any issue with this. But the point is when I started doing this, my thoughts started moving in a direction of manifesting my own past relationship. My question is why did this happen? Is it because deep down inside I want this or just I want to copy the experience? I do not know what to understand out of this. Hope to get some help from here.

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I think it would be helpful if could you provide a bit more information about your feelings regarding this past relationship? Is it something that makes you happy when you think about it? Is there some particular aspect of it that you are drawn towards thinking about? How do you feel about helping your friend with her own past relationship? etc. Thanks.

(21 Jan '10, 13:52) Stingray

Thanks a lot Stingray! for editing the title. This is just perfect. Well, thinking about the person really makes me happy from inside. This happiness does not come from any other incident or thought. But the reality is something different and also i am not in touch with the person. Also, i really feel happy for my friend. But the unexpected thoughts which i had left behind long back really make me think on what is going on!!

(22 Jan '10, 17:53) Perfection
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Perhaps there is something from that person you need to learn or repair. It might not be that you want to renew the relationship, but that something was left unfinished? Just a thought.....


answered 21 Jan '10, 16:30

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LeeAnn 1

yes, it is something that i feel is left unfinished. But not sure whether it is the same on the other side or not.

(22 Jan '10, 17:48) Perfection

I agree with LeeAnn that there is obviously something about the past relationship that was left unresolved or you wouldn't even be considering the idea of resuming it.I would be asking why did the relationship end? Was it a mutual agreement or was there a part of you that felt rejected if the other person ended it? If you were the one to end it was there maybe some regret afterwards? Have both parties grown enough for it to work the second time around? If there haven't been lessons learned from the first time then I don't think it will work a second time. I don't mean to make any assumptions but only you can answer these questions and I'd suggest maybe asking your friend the same questions. Hope this helps.


answered 21 Jan '10, 23:34

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yes, a part of me feels rejected. you are correct. But i had moved ahead with life and accepted the things as they were. I had no thoughts of getting the person back.. but why did the thoughts come all of a sudden!!

(22 Jan '10, 17:49) Perfection

I realize on a conscious level you've probably moved on but on a subconscious level you may still be holding on to the relationship because of the feelings of rejection. I don't mean to sound harsh but until you deal with these feelings the relationship probably wouldn't work again. Sometimes looking at our childhood can give us clues as to why things aren't working.Maybe there was some abandonment or rejection issues as a kid? The thoughts probably didn't come all of a sudden but were there in your subconscious and your friend's request just acted as a trigger to bring them to the surface.

(23 Jan '10, 20:58) Michaela

Regarding childhood, yes, I did have the feelings of rejection from my father, but things are really better now once I let go of that feeling and started loving him as though nothing had happened. But that part of my life is the dark corner and I believed that this would affect the relationship coming in future. I suppose it is this belief that is proving itself to be true. I do not know what to do now!

(25 Jan '10, 05:47) Perfection

I'm not a therapist so I really can't advise you what to do but I would suggest just being with your feelings for a while and not rushing into anything. Just the fact you said "that part of my life is the dark corner" shows there are unresolved issues within you that you maybe need to look at. Find the inner peace within yourself first and the relationship, if it is meant to be, will work out accordingly.Take your time, I hope it all works out well for you :-)

(25 Jan '10, 13:16) Michaela

thanks a lot Michaela! this feels better.

(25 Jan '10, 18:50) Perfection

You're very welcome.:-)

(26 Jan '10, 12:27) Michaela
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Search your heart, and if you feel love with fire in your heart for the this person, then go after him/her, and rekindle the relationship; or if you feel an empty space in your heart, know that the love is cold, and you cannot rekindle it now, so move on with your life, and let it be.


answered 22 Jan '10, 06:40

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Inactive User ♦♦

I think that you are hoping that one of us will say to you "You friend is also yearning to re-connect with you and that is why you are getting these thoughts".

If my feelings on this are correct this is what you are hoping for deep down inside.

It is as-if you want this and you want the other party to also want this. But how do you verify the feelings of the other person? Is there a technique in consciousness that you can stumble upon on this forum?

I'm putting this suggestion out there because that's what I am picking up.

Of course, it could also be just my imagination so feel free to let me know.


answered 01 Feb '10, 23:00

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The Traveller

Hello Traveller, yes anybody would guess that I would want the other person to think to re-connect, but this is not the case. I have accepted the situation very well and I really want the person to be happy and free to live howsoever he wants to live. My question is still open on why I started getting the thoughts suddenly? Do I really want this from deep inside? I cannot figure this out. If there is a hidden desire or signal here then I should get a solution for this first or else my future relationship may get affected. This is my prime concern.

(02 Feb '10, 10:50) Perfection

Thanks for putting your thoughts down, this really gave another perspective to people visiting the forum and reading the question. The verification of feelings?? I tried to look for it for a while too, but unfortunately did not get success.

(02 Feb '10, 10:51) Perfection

Florence Scovel Shinn said in "The game of life and how to play it" when she said the word for manifesting, If this person is right you can't lose him and if he is not you will find the one with his qualities you like who is right by divine grace, who is rightfully yours. This way you bring in the real right one, and yes he could have all the qualities of the past love but the difference is this is the right one.


answered 22 Jan '10, 08:57

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Wade Casaldi

yes, i did think so and i had moved ahead, but why does it come back all of a sudden and that too helping my other friend? Believe me, i really feel very nice discussing this thing over here. This forum is a great place!

(22 Jan '10, 17:51) Perfection

sorry to kinda push in here, I just wanted to say thanks to Wade for posting the link, I've been reading it off and on all day, it's wonderful.THANKS:)

(22 Jan '10, 20:56) DivineHammer

I believe it is like an old wound that was never healed, I know how that is myself, it has been a major thing for me not progressing too.

I have done a lot of work to get rid of it though, but that took something with it somehow to do with love itself.

(24 Jan '10, 12:43) Wade Casaldi

Divine Hammer yes she has three books there, all are very good books! :-D enjoy.

(24 Jan '10, 12:44) Wade Casaldi

Wade, is there any way out of this? I feel stupid to be trapped in like this. I like to be free and this is not allowing me to do so..

(25 Jan '10, 05:45) Perfection

Yes but it involves detaching from the past experiences, I play them over in mind but instead of as an experience memory I project it like I am watching a film. If it upsets me I imagine the film gets stuck and burns up on the screen gone just a blank movie screen left. I do that for any past pain I want to be rid of.

(25 Jan '10, 08:34) Wade Casaldi

Remember memory is just our filing cabinet, we chose what files we want to keep or burn, or shred, that is another possibility a file shredder instead of the burning film you imagine you are shredding it. Or one last way is you can physically write them on paper then shred or burn them that they can no longer haunt you.

(25 Jan '10, 08:38) Wade Casaldi
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