those near a church often hear the church bell ringing to announce a mass, a funeral ... but does it carry a hidden message?

i'm asking this question because when i think of a church bell, (the bell could also be the small bell that is sometimes rung by the priest during a mass) i get the intuitive image of a burning circle and stick, perhaps this is a hidden message...could someone explain?

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blubird two

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I get the same feelings when I see chopped carrots. lol

(20 Feb '13, 05:24) CalonLan

@blu ~ I'll leave the explanation of the sticks & burning circles for another night.

(20 Feb '13, 05:43) ele

a hidden message in chopped carrots ... hmm

(20 Feb '13, 07:11) ru bis

"a hidden message in chopped carrots" yes, when we are in the "now" all action is conscious creation, including chopping carrots, in this act we can consciously create chopped carrots

(20 Feb '13, 08:05) ru bis

@ru bis ~ carrot sticks, carrot chips (circles), & burning carrots when one isn't paying attention ~ awareness = being in the now... Bells ~ a brand of carrots & one could always stir fry slivered carrots & Bell peppers.. carrot rings = carrot curls. I could be all wrong - Cal may be talking about diamonds...

(20 Feb '13, 15:18) ele

@ele - haha love it

(21 Feb '13, 01:17) ru bis

@ele holy ****! what the..I said it to point out absurdity and how people find meanings where there are none. You just took it to perfection to prove my point lolol.

(21 Feb '13, 01:46) CalonLan

@cal I can't stop laughing... I really can't... Thank you Cal! In all honestly I was trying to see it from the perspective of some one who is usually stoned.. (no offense intended) still laughing............

(21 Feb '13, 01:53) ele

@Cal ~~ still laughing . . . one should never assume. Next time I'll ask for clarification..

(21 Feb '13, 01:57) ele

we aught to make all this into a comedy tv show, it would be a great success :D

(21 Feb '13, 02:09) ru bis

@ru bis haha! Laughing so hard I can't type. It would play well in the states. He was actually insulting @blu; which you may or may not have realized ~ I know I didn't... Never once thought of that possibility. Who in their right mind would ever be mean to blu... I am blissfully happy.

(21 Feb '13, 02:18) ele

. . isn't there an emoticon for sarcasm? @Cal you are hilarious as well as beautiful..

(21 Feb '13, 02:27) ele

ru bis is of course blu reincarnated ...

(21 Feb '13, 02:59) ru bis

@ru bis Do you honestly believe there is anyone here w/ the exception of newbies who don't know this? I knew the first time I read one of your answers. What a relief ~ was worried I'd accidentally call you blu. Now that you are 'out' ~ may I ask why?

(21 Feb '13, 03:30) ele

because i wanted to know what it feels like to die and come back to life ... it feels great :)

(21 Feb '13, 03:34) ru bis

.. true bliss!

(21 Feb '13, 03:40) ele

Are you a guy @ru bis? Ru bis sounds like a guy's name, while blubird was more on the girly side. I thought you were a girl, I swear I could feel electricity when I saw your name and the way you write. lol

(21 Feb '13, 06:25) CalonLan
(21 Feb '13, 09:58) ursixx

@CalonLan - yes certainly a guy, and i have all the physical attributes to prove it; though otherwise we're mostly either yin with a bit of yang, or yang with a bit of yin, some are 50/50 lol

(21 Feb '13, 10:24) ru bis

@ru bis lol! "physical attributes" ~ sounds like your masculinity was being challenged or questioned? If it helps any @blu ~ I always knew you were a guy; one who is in touch with his feminine side as is @Cal... When I think of birds; I think it' natural to think male first being the males of the species are usually more colorful & distinctive; bolder more brilliant colors ~ flair ~ like blubird two..

(21 Feb '13, 17:15) ele

@CalonLan ~ too, too funny ~ love your honesty!. That's why you always follow him around. You have a strange mating ritual; reminds me of boys pulling pigtails.

(21 Feb '13, 17:16) ele

@ursixx ~ bookmarking the link. So funny ~ love it! Thanks! I'm glad I resurrected this old question ~ it certainly has taken on a higher vibration. Thanks guys for keeping me in the vortex. I had no doubts about your gender either ursixx even though your user name did not give me a clue . . and to think, I wasn't going to come here today.

(21 Feb '13, 17:18) ele

@ru bis ~ since we have delved into your identity, gender & possibly sexuality (ha-ha) ~ mind if I ask why you always use the small lower case 'i' when you are talking about yourself?

(21 Feb '13, 18:24) ele

@ele, yes that was part of the reason lol. Finding out the truth makes it a little bit bittersweet. But only because I've only been focused on looking for a girl, and this is a bit off the course. haha.

And I wish I could be honest all the time. But honesty is like a sword cutting through lies and schemes and you can see horror in other people's eyes when you swing the blade. It sheds a lot of blood and leaves a lot of dead behind.

(22 Feb '13, 02:31) CalonLan

@CalonLan I'm sorry but I'm still laughing. I am sorry for your heartache - truly. As for your quote ~ no one knows who you really are here. Your safe; you can be as honest as you dare.

Not laughing at you - laughing because no one really knows who anyone else really is here. In Portuguese, ele is a personal pronoun meaning he.

(22 Feb '13, 02:51) ele

@ele - why "i", simply because i only use one finger to type and i is a lot easier to type than "I" which interrupts the natural flow

(22 Feb '13, 03:04) ru bis

@ele, no need for pity really. I'm secretly happy every time I don't find what I'm looking for. I'm truly scared of the day I find that girl, but the fear of it is also so exciting I can't anticipate our meeting any more than I do. =)

(22 Feb '13, 03:14) CalonLan

@CalonLan ~ not pity ~ empathy ~ compassion. We've ALL been there. I love what you wrote; it came from your heart & I understand. You'll find her ~ you know she's out there & she's looking for you.

(22 Feb '13, 04:31) ele

@ele, haha. It's like you sitting in a cinema, screaming at the actor on the screen. "Go boy, you'll find her."... but the script runs differently...

Each life is a show, and if you want to watch, We'll take you through highs and lows, hopes and despair. It's one of those stories with a great guy and happy ending that never came about. And believe me, I wouldn't be whining about having no girl, if i didn't enjoy the role that I play.

Crazy I know. I like playing broken hearted in a way. haha

(22 Feb '13, 06:29) CalonLan

@CalonLan - so you get pleasure out of feeling broken hearted, of suffering

(22 Feb '13, 06:33) ru bis

@ru bis, I get pleasure from it all. Most of the time when I'm conscious, that is. Like "here's the girl, that's breaking my heart, oh it hurts so much, I wanna cry"...but I know it's not her, it's me, my beliefs and perspective. Yet, despite knowing that, I go the lengths and feel down, cry and shout, cursing the universe, drinking my way out of depression... And then I'm like - that was fun. What do I do next. Let's play the cool guy. Ah, so many roles to play and enjoy.

Every morning...

(22 Feb '13, 06:42) CalonLan

"continue follow your highest joy" as bashar would say :)

(22 Feb '13, 06:44) ru bis

One of the reasons I was laughing so hard is because it happened to me. I was on a forum using a more male sounding user name. When I realized some of the members thought I was male I quickly corrected this misnomer. The members who were mainly female were really angry when they found out I was female - many were single & guess that's why they paid so much attention to me. They all thought I was male & accused me of trying to deceive them. It got worse - many thought I was only pretending

(22 Feb '13, 06:47) ele

to be female & was actually a man. I couldn't convince them otherwise. I honestly could not believe anyone could think I write like a man & I don't talk any different here than I did there.

(22 Feb '13, 06:47) ele

@ru no resonating involved...

(22 Feb '13, 06:49) ele

... the curtains go up. And I'm like "HELLO THE WORLD,'s show will be about..."

Really, just like a theater. And me, just like an actor. You know nothing matters. Tears or smiles..pfff. They're here just to amuse everybody else. One day, the curtains won't go up. There will be no show to watch, and it won't even matter if people will remember you. They'll just go watch someone else.

Oh man, there's no business like show business. =)

(22 Feb '13, 06:49) CalonLan

@ru bis, of course. And the fun aspect of it is, that people don't realize it doesn't matter. So they may feel for you, or cheer you up. life is like a real pretend pretending to be real. Don't let anyone out on that secret and your show will be grand one.

(22 Feb '13, 06:52) CalonLan

@CalonLan - a brilliant actor, love it :)

(22 Feb '13, 06:53) ru bis

@ele - male, female, dog, cat, insect ... so long as it feels good :)

(22 Feb '13, 06:56) ru bis

I thought it was going to be a tv sitcom? I'm in @ru bis if it's a comedy musical act.. You sing & dance don't you. Cal does, I do, what about you? Night boys.

(22 Feb '13, 07:14) ele

Singiiiiiiing and daaaaaaancing, A musical! Bring it on, broadway!

(22 Feb '13, 07:46) CalonLan
(22 Feb '13, 08:38) ru bis

@ru bis I had no idea about the BB2 link ... damn that Ele is good! I actually though BB2 had reincarnated as Yva - same use of the two line paragraph, same deep knowledge ... must hone my detection skills. Nice to have you back with us though.

(22 Feb '13, 13:00) Catherine

@Catherine - thanks

(22 Feb '13, 13:08) ru bis

@Catherine ~ haha! Maybe after you work with crystals more or earth energies you'll be more attuned to vibration ~ get out of the city & commune with nature. Detective work didn't play into it. His words carried the same vibration (his essence) & like I said, I only had to read one answer & every answer after that confirmed what I knew. Many users don't capitalize the personal pronoun "I". What it told me is he wasn't trying to be someone else & the reason for asking why the new pseudonym.

(22 Feb '13, 15:08) ele

@ru bis ~ haha. I'm singing in tons & tons of snow. I tried to edit the comment; but couldn't. I wanted to delete the inquiry in regards to dancing. I vividly recall the dance. @Cal ~ if your in the states ~ come to our Oscar party.. @ursixx ~ to use Catherine's word ~ damn, I'm going to have to go cold turkey now - TY very much for luring me back with laughter.

(22 Feb '13, 15:12) ele

@Ele Quite possibly ... that's the plan anyway! My comment doesn't imply (I hope) that I thought you had done anything other than "read" the vibrations - it was only intended as a compliment. The "damn" part is a throwaway expression in these parts - "damn she's good" is a compliment - hopefully it doesn't mean something stronger where you are from?

(22 Feb '13, 15:45) Catherine

@Catherine ~ . No, damn is not offensive. I did take it as a compliment. I'm surprised you didn't realize ru bis was blu . I thought everyone knew & was respecting his privacy. It was a bit more than vibrations ~ it's a feeling ~ a sense. I can assure you; it wasn't anything nefarious & I never thought you or anyone else would think this .. Because of what you said ~ I'm wondering about my vibrations (words) & what they are saying about me to you. Something I need reflect on.

(23 Feb '13, 06:09) ele

@Ele I'm going to let both of us off the hook here and say that communication via text is far inferior to communication face to face. It is harder, for me anyway, to get the feel of things on a forum than it would be in my day to day interactions. I'm just relieved I haven't caused offence.

(24 Feb '13, 03:34) Catherine

@Catherine ...and the logical reason is because I've read more of blu than you have. I'm prob more familiar with his magical thinking. It didn't take me this long; but if he does it again, look for the user posting the cool links.

(26 Feb '13, 00:33) ele

@ele - thanks for the magical thinking bit, love it

(26 Feb '13, 02:42) ru bis
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The church bell is calling its flock to worship. There is not suposed to be any hidden mesage but many people will feel guilty for not going and others will rejoice that the service is finaly starting and they dont have to wait any more. Pavlovs dogs aside the sound of the bells does have a small psycological affect on people.


answered 01 Aug '11, 09:27

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Paulina 1

Actually, the ringing of the church bell in some churches DOES convey a message...It depends on the type of church, and the community. Some Catholic Churches ring the bass bell one time a minute for each year of life when there has been a death. Sometimes, this is condensed down (practically speaking, this is good- my Grandmother is 101 and alive and kicking...they'd be ringing HER bell for nearly two hours, and drive all the neighbors insane). In my old Lutheran Church, the soprano bell was struck ten times at the 10:00 service to signal to the congregation that the service is to begin. In older times, an important member of the community would marry, and ALL the bells of ALL the churches would ring at the end of the ceremony, in joy. (Think of the Sound of Music if you doubt this one...)

I really doubt that there is any "conspiracy" involved in the ringing of the bell...I think the sound of the Bells is nice, and love clocks that toll the hour, quarter hour, and so on. Who needs a watch when you live by a church that does this?

About the priest ringing the bell...this signifies that the Holy Spirit is Present. That is all.

I hope this helps clear up this question...

Love, Jai


answered 01 Aug '11, 18:40

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@jaianniah-thanks for "the priest ringing the bell...this signifies that the holy spirit is present"-that answers my question

(02 Aug '11, 04:16) blubird two

Sorry @Jai ~ the ringing of the Sanctus (alter) bell does NOT signify the Holy Spirit is present or is it a summons. The Holy Spirit is ALWAYS present.

@blu It is (was) part of the celebration of the mass. Ringing of the small alter bell creates a joyful sound or melody (vibrations) before God & is a way of giving thanks. It is also rung to signify the miracle or supernatural event taking place on the alter ~ consecration (the body & blood of Christ) & sacrament ~ Eucharist. (Rituals)

(20 Feb '13, 05:09) ele

@blu I evidently attended a heck of a lot more mandatory masses than you did.

(20 Feb '13, 05:10) ele

@ru ~ true bliss ~ love it!

(20 Feb '13, 05:44) ele

@ru ~ a rose is a rose is a rose.........

(20 Feb '13, 06:13) ele
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The ringing of the bell and the "ringing" sound of the "aum" during meditation have identical effect; the vibrations act as a support and assist in expansion of consciousness - true bliss :)


answered 20 Feb '13, 05:29

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ru bis

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I see what you are saying, yes this thought leads me to the Pavlov's Dogs experiment. Every time the bell rang the dogs would get hungry. He would feed these dogs and then ring a bell and it got to the point where they were expecting a bell every time that they would eat.

Just ringing the bell would make them hungry.

We could say church is doing the same thing but humans are much smarter than that, I don't feel it is time to go to church when I hear those bells because my church doesn't own a bell like that.


answered 31 Jul '11, 19:12

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Wade Casaldi

edited 31 Jul '11, 20:08

@wade-yes, i agree ...but i believe there is a lot more to it

(01 Aug '11, 03:13) blubird two

@Blubird So you do think it could be a brain washing conspiracy? (Bong-bong) Make the people complacent docile followers that do as they are told to with no self thought about it.

(01 Aug '11, 05:12) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi-brain washing, no...brain cleaning the chinese ceremonies at the end of the year, they make lots of noise and dress as dragons to clear the air and chase away stagnant energies, to start the new year afresh...a bit like taking a shower to clean ourselves.

(13 Sep '11, 08:44) blubird two

@Blubird I thought you meant a conspiracy theory.

(13 Sep '11, 14:48) Wade Casaldi
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Interesting question. I live near several churches and hear bells several times a day. Hearing the bells puts me in the present moment and I feel a sense of warmth. Because they are bells from a church, I for some reason equate it with spirituality (not religion) and I always think of it as it a reminder that "Universe loves you".


answered 20 Feb '13, 13:08

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Its all in the rhythm of the universe.Love and Light.

(20 Feb '13, 16:13) Roy

@Roy ~ love it ~ rhythm & flow...

(20 Feb '13, 16:26) ele

"It is very likely that the superstitions surrounding bells date back well into ancient times. Many animals in Ancient Egypt and other ancient cultures wore bells around their necks to ward off evil spirits. In Asia Minor and nearby kingdoms the bell evolved into the Evil Eye charm and even today in modern Turkey such charms are used for animals and children alike.

In Medieval Europe and Britain the ringing of a bell was thought to make witches on broomsticks crash to the ground. It also warded off snakes and mice.

In early Christian churches the ringing of the bell indicated a person's death and not only summoned the congregation to prayer, but warded off any evil spirits drawn to the death scene. In the ancient Catholic the Bell, Book and Candle Ritual of Excommunication the tolling bell represented the loss of a parishioner to sin. During harvest times church bells were rung to ensure a good crop. Their sound was thought to ward off the evil spirits who brought on storms and pestilence. It also protected the local community from plague and misfortune."

From History of Bells:

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 20 Feb '13, 16:13

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edited 20 Feb '13, 16:14

yes ... "A bell is a call to awakening, awakening out of thought into presence, the shift from thinking to awareness, that's why we're here, noticing the silence, that in you which notices the silence is not thought, it's not thinking, it is stillness presence, if or when thought still comes you can recognize it as a movement of thought without being completely drawn into it. Allowing this movement to be as it is takes you out of thought. Noticing silence takes you out of thought, feeling the aliveness of the inner body takes you out of thought, and even noticing a simple thing like your breath takes you out of thought, just noticing that you're breathing and the thinking that does still happen is just a surface phenomenon, wave movements, a few sense perceptions are still there, the voices that you hear, some noises in the room not very much but a few sense perceptions perhaps a few objects in consciousness come and go you could say that's the foreground which is what occupies most people's attention completely and we're interested in the background the space of awareness itself ..."

words taken from this video


answered 03 Dec '13, 11:07

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edited 03 Dec '13, 11:09

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