I have always felt that there was certain things holding me back from putting in maximum effort in manifesting techniques and today I realize one of them was probably because of the clattering experience mentioned before on this site.

When you start cleaning up your vibrational state and when you are a person with only a few close friends, would you not be worried that you might not be able to keep in touch with them anymore? Especially if some of these friends have been through thick and thin with you for more than a few years (lets say 5 or more years).

To some people, parting with these close friends might be ok, but what about your parents?

Personally, I can see why these closest people might be holding you back especially when you often find them in a negative mindset/emotion. So you would be very sure that once you start cleaning up your vibration, these people would magically slowly disappear from your life, but you might not be able to bear to part with them since they have been your friends for so long.

So is there any way you can clean up your vibrational state yet still prevent these clattering experiences from happening?

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This did happen to me... a friend I've had since I was very young slowly drifted away, is still a part of my life currently, but continues to become less and less of it...

But as I continue to progress, I realize more and more how far apart we really are. She is very, very negative and this is why we used to relate so much, because I used to be very, very negative as well. I've made many new friends, who are much more positive and relaxed in general. It's such a huge difference and my life has been expanding and flowing in beautiful ways, that we just cannot relate anymore. I've found the only way we can get along anymore is if I join in her misery and continue to criticize the world around us... but very few times can I get her to join in my optimism. It ends up becoming anger, jealousy, or annoyance.

But I do love her and always will, and I wish nothing but happiness for her. We'll keep in touch, even if it ends up only being a few times a year, I'm sure. :)

Raising my vibration has changed my life in huge ways... I went from being very negative (probably 90% of the time) to becoming much more positive on a regular basis. So that does mean big changes... new home, new stuff, new relationships, new job... and I agree that it's intimidating at first. But consider... fear is a negative emotion. It's fear of "what if I lose this? What if the ones I love won't love me anymore?"

Yes, I don't talk to some people as much anymore.... but we're still friends. I lost a job... but found a much higher paying one that suited my needs. My relationships feel stronger and closer. What I'm saying is... I didn't find this "clattering" deal to be anything major. It wasn't painful or irritating... it was (is? Every day's a new day) actually beautiful in a way, to watch things that seem to be "in chaos" to shift in such precise ways. It always happens at the perfect time in a perfect way.

Just trust. Trust that universe knows exactly what you need... because it does. It can take this situation and make it something you may never of thought of. Even though friends have drifted from me and many others, that doesn't mean it will happen to you.


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They won't clatter as long as you are a vibrational match. You must make a choice to raise your vibration, or hang on to your current vibration. There are sayings and stories about not looking back. Like Lot's wife turning to salt when she looked back. You cannot move forward looking back. Attachments are resistance.


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