Supposedly the conscious and unconscious mind filters out the words DON'T NOT and NO.

For example, If you said to someone "DONT think of an elephant" in most cases they would do just that. 

We usually use the words Don't,Not and No when we are giving  our attention to something we dont want.

So by eliminating these words from our vocabulary we would be Attracting More of what we want or attracting less unwanted.

For example statements using the word Don't. 

1.Don't get mad.

2.Don't forget.

3.Don't stress.

4.Dont worry

could become something like calm.

2.remember to.


or something along those lines

Also we might have longheld unconscious negative Vibrations against certain words we use like "Work" and "Money" 

I got this info from the book "Law of Attraction" by Michael Losier who has a background in Neuro-linguistic programming training which covers this practise

I would like to hear your views on this as a valid effective practise or as something your aware of,or practise

Thank you;)

asked 22 Jan '12, 09:58

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edited 23 Jan '12, 15:38

@Satori - yes Michael Losier is excellent ...

(22 Jan '12, 23:55) blubird two

@Blubird two, agreed.a great teacher.thanks for the link:)

(23 Jan '12, 05:10) Satori
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Yes even swearing lowers your energy level. Negative attracts negative it pulls to it more of the things of the same energy signature. This is why in Psalm 51:10 it says to God. "Change my heart, create a pure heart and renew within me your spirit." It means give up the negative for the positive this must come from within us.

A good judge of where you are is listen to how you speak, are you expressing negative words? This reveals where your heart really is in life. The outside expression how we speak is coming from what we have within us. We may have a beautiful bowl but when we go to eat from it notice the inside is filthy. We would want to wash the inside of the bowl before we commence to eat from this bowl. You put clear clean water in this bowl and pour out tainted filthy water. We can not pour clear clean water from a dirty bowl. The same holds for life experience, we can taint our intentions with what we have within us, the results will be tainted from what we have within us that needs cleared out. The negative that we hold within and is expressed through the words we speak has an affect on what we work our techniques for the law of attraction on.

What we have inside has an affect on the what we experience outside. We must have our hearts changed from within let Christ dwell inside as he is knocking at your door always.

Remember "By your words you are justified and by your words you are condemned."


answered 22 Jan '12, 12:43

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Wade Casaldi

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Thanks for your answer Wade:)

(23 Jan '12, 13:00) Satori

You are very welcome Satori, I am fimilar with NLP and agree with it. Florance Scovel Shinn seemed to be very fimilar with NLP too in how she used The Word to manifest. I know at that time it didn't have a lable of NLP but it was just a rule to word everything positive.

(23 Jan '12, 13:52) Wade Casaldi

Thanks Wade. Yes words have an impact on how I feel. I can see that Positive rephrasing could turn statements into like mini Positive affirmations:)

(23 Jan '12, 14:04) Satori

Just a point: I agree wholeheartedly that swearing not only consumes your energy, but is sending it out in a negative manner. That being said, I don't believe it is because of the word itself but because of the connotations that we attach because of our own experiences, society influences, etc.

For example, I believe "road rage" is extremely unhealthy for you both spiritually and physically. Stress can do very bad things to people, and so can shooting out negativity at everything under the sun.

(17 Feb '12, 23:08) Snow

Thank you Satori for best answer choice. :-) I am happy to help.

(06 Mar '12, 09:42) Wade Casaldi
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I'd say one's vocabulary, and more importantly one's grammar have a very severe impact on everything involving thought and communication.

Since [I believe] language is the foundation of advanced conscious thought, and thought is the driving force behind manifestation, it would make sense to assume that subtle differences in phrasing could cause massively varying results.

I've heard many multilinguals say that when they are thinking in a different language it sometimes dramatically changes their thought processes, resulting in different moods or reactions when exposed to the same stimuli.

As fables have explained for ages, pretend the universe is a genie, and be careful what you wish for. Being careful also means watching HOW you wish for what you want, phrasing matters.


answered 22 Jan '12, 22:58

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Thank you Snow, I totally agree:)

(23 Jan '12, 08:30) Satori

try french snow. it is about 5 time more complex with more expression then english.

(23 Jan '12, 14:29) white tiger

Well on that topic I'm learning Korean at the moment. Quite complicated, quite enjoyable. Once I am done with that I'll either move on into Japanese or study Spanish and Italian again (when I was younger I started learning both and never followed through)

(23 Jan '12, 15:30) Snow

そうか どうもありがとう

(23 Jan '12, 19:04) white tiger

@white tiger - if you were french you'd say "try english, it is about five times more complex with more expression than french" lol

(24 Jan '12, 00:07) blubird two

actuelly blubird french really have 5 times more words then english. more tense and more expression. example for french words that do not exist in english fleuve and english it would be a big big river. there is other words on this link:

(24 Jan '12, 01:29) white tiger

@white tiger - thanks for the info and links ... au revoir et à bientôt :)

(24 Jan '12, 02:19) blubird two

Of course all languages are 'easy' to learn since children learn them from infancy. The 'difficulty' comes from transitioning from a native language that doesn't relate well to a new one. Because of the similarities it is generally accepted that French, Italian, and Spanish are pretty easy for English speakers to learn, compared to one of the oriental languages like Korean. =P

(24 Jan '12, 09:37) Snow
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Optimism over pessimism, positivity over negativity. These characteristics are found in all of our sensory reponses. The way we interact with the world around us characteristically identifies us as being one of these traits, one moment or another. If you are seeking control over your character, this would be a mode of transportation to get you there. Identify your weaknesses as well as your strenghts, then find examples of stronger characteristics that you wish to embody. Once you find them, implement it next time you act upon your disposition.


answered 23 Jan '12, 11:11

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Thanks for the advice Constantine, appreciated:)

(23 Jan '12, 13:01) Satori

make your weakness also your strengh. experience and enjoy.

(23 Jan '12, 14:41) white tiger

And thank you for sharing your question Satori. Sometimes the question is more important than the answer.

(23 Jan '12, 18:07) Constantine
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Since thoughts precede words by the time you speak the word you are in fact broadcasting the thought that is underlying it.

So using "Stay Calm" instead of "Don't get mad" doesn't make a difference to the person hearing you say it.

This is because the person hearing it tunes into the origin of your thoughts that gave rise to the words.

We are all always psychic, although we use language to communicate.

If you feel afraid and you want to give advice to someone because of your fear, not matter what you say to them, they understand that you are coming from a place of fear.

You can't hide it no matter what you do.

In fact when you feel an inner fear, but say something contradictory to that inner fear by pretending to be calm, you broadcast your inner fear even louder because there is a miss-match between the inner energy, and the outer behavior.

This situation would be your classic case of what White Tiger likes to call "Dis-honesty"

This, in essence, is when you are dishonest with yourself and towards others.

You can't feel something inside and pretend to feel the opposite on the outside and not expect people to pick up on it.

The truth is, everybody picks up on it, but out of politeness to you, they don't point it out.

You have to break the habit on the inside within your own consciousness.

When you stop worrying for others, you can be a genuine source of strength for them.

But to do that you have to first fix your own nature of worry about yourself.

If you worry about everything going wrong in your own life, it is useless to then say to someone else, "Stay strong, and don't worry" because the person hearing it, can always pickup that it is not genuine.

This is how we pick up a lie.

Because there is a miss-match between the energy projected and the intent within the person projecting it.

So to answer your question, I believe that the vibration we give out, automatically harmonizes with the vocabulary that comes out of us. But when we try to edit the vocabulary that comes out because we don't want others to know the vibration that is within, you are in that moment in a lie, and everybody and their dog is usually able to pick up that you are lying.


answered 22 Jan '12, 23:41

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The Traveller

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@The Traveller - great answer, as usual.

"This is how we pick up a lie." Unfortunately, I must be a cat..

(22 Jan '12, 23:52) ele

A good lie though with a good intention behind it for a positive outcome.if thoughts can form words then surely words can form thoughts. Thanks for your answer Traveller.appreciated:)

(23 Jan '12, 02:30) Satori

in fact i just dont see how simply changing a statement to more positive wording from from "dont get mad" to "stay calm" is a lie as they both mean the the same thing.;)

(23 Jan '12, 07:02) Satori

If they are the same then why bother changing it? Obviously the changing it was because a different effect was desired. My point is that the effect doesn't change, but the person hearing it picks up that an attempt was made to edit the original wording, thus a mismatch of intent is broadcasted. For example when you say to someone "That's a nice dress" but you are just saying it to make them feel better, they pick up this not so genuine opinion right away.

(23 Jan '12, 09:32) The Traveller

If the conscious and subconscious minds cancel out the word "don't" from the statement "don't get mad" your left with "get mad".it's all about rephrasing a statement to be more positive. Examples " don't be late" becomes "see you on time". " I don't want my clients to cancel" becomes I want my clients to keep their appoinments."don't slam the door" becomes "close it quietly". It has nothing to do with telling people lies or making people feel better.

(23 Jan '12, 11:45) Satori

It's just taking attention away from what you don't want.hope that's clear Traveller. I wanted you to know what I was getting at.maybe I should of asked the question differently.

(23 Jan '12, 11:47) Satori

Satori I myself believe you asked the question briliantly, maybe most are not fimilar with NLP. I learned it some from my Reiki actually.

(23 Jan '12, 13:04) Wade Casaldi

well traveller some have eyes to see and ear to ear. and it seams that you understand me. very good. and yes some people try to hide stuff to not offuscate other people and some other are just lying to other to suit there perpace. there is many different level and intention some time conscious sometime uncounscious.

(23 Jan '12, 14:39) white tiger
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Jesus said, "Don't lie, and don't do what you hate, because all things are disclosed before heaven. After all, there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and there is nothing covered up that will remain undisclosed."

Hebrews 10:16 "This is the covenant I will make with them after that time, says the Lord. I will put my laws in their hearts, and I will write them on their minds."

if you do what you hate you have negative though then you bring harm to your self and people around you. you stress your self and other around you and create mistake and accident.

satori eliminating the object will not solve the problem. example: some people are fat should we eliminate the food? of course not. it is always on how you use things. you need to use things properly. it is always a question of balence and harmony. when thinking speaking or action it starts from you toward others. yes using words that are not negative will help. but sometime you will need negative words. experience and enjoy.


answered 22 Jan '12, 17:29

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white tiger


I don't mean eliminate what we don't like, just to take attention away from it. Thank you for your answer White Tiger.:)

(23 Jan '12, 12:57) Satori

well the problem with this is that even if you change words if the though does not mix with the words. some people see it. example: don't get mad and stay calm. if i mean the first one and stress on it and say it with autority. well replace it with stay calm and you see right away that it is not true the person is not calm they are stress. and you see this is only a word. imagine many interaction. the person that see this will say he is telling us completely the opposite of what he is saying.

(23 Jan '12, 14:48) white tiger

thank you for your views on this White Tiger

(23 Jan '12, 15:44) Satori
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Correct vocabulary gives intensity to the vibration. It is a more precise focus of intention. It has an amplification effect.


answered 23 Jan '12, 01:42

The%20Knights%20Alchemy's gravatar image

The Knights Alchemy

@the knights alchemy. I agree as, like a positive Affirmation.

(23 Jan '12, 13:03) Satori
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