Is it possible, and how would I go about, manifesting or creating a huge sex life? I want to be like Austin Powers- getting into random sexual encounters with women, but at the same time providing a fun and loving time for them.

Are beliefs and subconscious re-programming literally the only thing stopping me? And would this method differ from trying to manifest a soul mate?

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I had a dilemma concerning this issue. Not successful in my last relationship, I thought about becoming the kind of man you want to be right now. But as my bitterness faded, I gave up on this idea. I realized that the thing I really want is just one happy relationship, even if my raging emotions were telling me I want multiple lovers. But after all this is just like Stingray said. There are no right or wrong choices in your life. If there are any regulations in your life, they should be imposed by you and only you.

(02 Aug '11, 12:11) Asklepios

I, too, have a dilemma with this issue. It concerns the Karma you might be creating for yourself. There are some serious considerations about what you are proposing, Julio. As a woman, I have met men like you describe, and I misinterpreted their interest as serious. I was not in a good vibrational place; you may meet a woman who would do what I did. I would think about what Asklepios has said. I would also think very seriously about STDs.I have a friend who is like what you describe, only female, and she now has three STD's. Three. Please think about all sides of this issue!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(14 Oct '11, 09:41) Jaianniah

as 'you' explains, though i may, at times, consciously want this lifetsyle, it is true that it's not in my deep nature to have this. I just want a girlfriend, like in the film 'Betty Blue', i stronlgy recommend worth watching. Thanks Jai and Eddy <3

(14 Oct '11, 10:15) Nikulas

It is embarrassing for me to come across this more than a year later and see I wanted to be a man whore. Whilst I do recall this may have only been a one month phase sort of thing, I'm really after a one and only xxx

(06 Sep '12, 20:44) Nikulas

Debonair. Defiant. Defrosted.

(07 Sep '12, 02:36) ursixx

@Nikulas So after almost eight years how do you feel about this? Is this what you really wanted? If so you had succes using any techniques? I am currently in the same boat as you were few years ago maybe i manifested this whole post would love to have some insights from you:)

(02 Sep '19, 14:38) majnu
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It's absolutely possible and there are many men who live this kind of lifestyle. Check out all the "Pickup Artist" websites and you'll find some of them.

I know some here may have morality issues relating to these ideas but that's not what you're asking about with this question.

So what do those men all have in common, the ones who are genuinely living that lifestyle?

Well, if you look beyond all the products and "secret" methods that the "dating gurus" are trying to sell you, it really comes down to something quite simple that you've already figured out by the sounds of it.

Basically, you'll find that these kinds of sexual encounters are "no big deal" to these kinds of men. They've built up a kind of faith in their abilities.

Whether through up-bringing, personal experience or simply deliberate vibrational molding, they've reached a point in their beliefs where they expect these encounters without resistance and so they naturally attract women who are in alignment with these ideas.

It's never about the method, it's always about the belief underlying the method.

So, to answer your sub-question, the only thing stopping you are your beliefs about whether it is possible to live this lifestyle. So just change your beliefs in whatever way you find comfortable and take it from there.

As for whether the same thing would apply to attracting a soul mate, I would have to say "Yes".

If you believe you need to have multiple on-going sexual encounters in order to be happy, then you'll need them in order to be happy. If you believe you only need one, then that's all you'll need also.

If you believe you need nothing and no-one outside of yourself to live a happy life then that will also be true for you.

Despite what some may like to tell you (mainly based off their own insecurities), there's no really no right or wrong way to live your life. It's all personal preference in the end.


I'm guessing from the fact that you've started a bounty for this question from a few months back, that you're looking for something more specific...probably an actual concrete method.

There seems to be an undercurrent in your question that suggests you might not believe you are already capable of being like Austin Powers as you currently are. So if you feel you are lacking in certain personality qualities in order to be successful, you can just steal them from others :) This is what I would do (and actually have done) if I wanted to mold myself into one of those men that are naturally "good" with women...

First choose an example of such an existing man - one who you think embodies the qualities you feel you need in order to attract the kind of women you are after. He can be real or fictional.

If it is someone you personally know who is genuinely good with women and you have watched them interacting, that would be ideal since the fictional characters in movies and television are often so unrealistic and absurd to the point that many normal women would actually be turned off by them. Try turning up in your local nightclub in a white tuxedo and black bow tie, and tell women your name is "Bond. James Bond" and watch how quickly the ladies vanish :) But a fictional character is better than none.

Now everyday, soon after awakening when your mind is still highly susceptible to suggestion, step into that man and become him and then after you feel strongly for a few moments that you really are that person, forget about the exercise and just go about your day as normal. The information in that last link talks about how to use this method to influence others but it can just as easily be used to take on the qualities of others.

Before going on dates or other kinds of encounters with the opposite sex, you can also repeat this process just to make that attunement with those qualities more solid.

Over a period of time of repeating the exercise, you will gradually take on the characteristics of the person you are stepping into. So if that person has qualities that are genuinely attractive to women, you will have those qualities too and you will start naturally behaving in ways that you think that person would behave if they were there instead of you.

Some years back when I was involved in the dating scene, I used to use this exercise myself. However, I actually used multiple target men - each with a particular quality (or qualities) I wanted to add to my dating persona - and I would step into each one in turn, thereby overlaying all the attributes.

With practice, you can even throw an imaginary "circle" containing the qualities you want onto the floor in front of you so that you step into it just as you are approaching someone in a public place. By the time you reach them, you'll have those required qualities locked into place. This is a very handy technique for unexpected meetings when you need a quick "boost" to your persona.

If you study the NLP idea of anchoring, you can also set up little pre-defined triggers scattered around your body that will activate certain qualities on demand.


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Bravo Stingray.

(02 Aug '11, 12:07) Aphrodite

excellent Stingray!

(02 Aug '11, 13:41) streetsanto

Wow, my first answer from the one and only Stingray- impressive. Likewise, I agree that it explains why some people can just 'use' these methods and score whilst others, like myself, have countless failures. But I have to ask, "If you believe you need nothing and noone outside of yourself to live a happy life then that will also be true for you."- may you please link me an answer to that one. I'm single, but happy with my life, but I cant get anywhere with girls.

(02 Aug '11, 23:53) Nikulas

stingray, I never expected you to go out of your way this much to my question. You rock! Thankyou for the links yes they assist with my question.

(10 Aug '11, 13:38) Nikulas

Glad to help, Nikulas

(10 Aug '11, 21:39) Stingray

The update is like something I was really on the exact vibrational match of. I'm using your 'step into that man' method with, amore, Julio Iglesias (add me on facebook and you'll just smile at the charming photo I have of him as my profile). I've been doing this method before you mentioned it, without even knowing. Now it's been explained in intimate detail, things will begin to shift EVEN MORE. I'm having extremely good results with adapting Julio characteristics. Bounty goes to you

(16 Oct '11, 23:21) Nikulas

Good to hear, Nikulas - it is a pretty powerful little technique :)

(17 Oct '11, 15:03) Stingray

@Stingray- I have pondered this question for several weeks now, and feel it appropriate to ask: you've stated here that the only thing stopping me from leading this sort of lifestyle would be my beliefs. In the second, updated part of your answer, you have revealed that if I believe I am not already capable of being a charming, sexy dude, I can simply evolve into that quality and eventually become it. My question is: I already feel I am "a catch"- and these sexual encounters are really only...

(16 Dec '12, 19:44) Nikulas

@Stingray- ...designed for pleasure/fun. The difference between this and a soulmate, is that the soulmate category would require me to be super content and happy overall with myself and my life, whilst the latter not necessarily: it's just sex.

Hence (and not depending on a spot on answer), what could be the trouble? Why aren't these sexual encounter just naturally 'happening'?

(16 Dec '12, 19:46) Nikulas

@Nikulas - "Why aren't these sexual encounter just naturally 'happening'?" - Isn't the 'Super helpful' Bashar link about "the test" you posted a few days ago actually the answer to your own question? If you truly believed you were "a catch", why would you even be bothered if there was no evidence of these experiences happening? :) You would just know they would be coming, wouldn't you? :)

(18 Dec '12, 07:13) Stingray

@Stingray- No need to worry, Im getting vibrational matches like crazy anyways :P Thankyou for your input, as always, a pleasure to hear from you.

I always find it very interesting that, even before you/ any IQ answer has been answered (or until I have read it), I already seem to have discovered the knowledge anyways.

(18 Dec '12, 07:29) Nikulas

How are you attracting these vibrational matches may I ask?

I'm pretty confident in myself but I don't think I ever attract these matches. I don't know why.

(19 Dec '12, 11:23) Evolutionary High
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EVERYTHING is possible. I have totally freed my mind and my beliefs about the big 'what-we-can what-we-cannot' manifest thing.


answered 02 Aug '11, 12:05

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Yeah, Im a gymnast, and I'll bet that it will be possible to begin triple frontflips. No-one has ever done it, but I think after I do it it will become an accepted and regular advanced gym flip.

(02 Aug '11, 23:55) Nikulas

Often times people want what they don't have and they only want it cause they don't have it. Cultivate the attitude of, "been there done that" and just go about your day enjoying life. You will get that which you desire. But also, be careful what you wish for. Random sexual experiences have their up side and down side. Maybe what you want is a steady girlfriend that likes to have sexual experiences in random places?

Light and Love


answered 12 Oct '11, 09:42

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one thing i would say is that u need to feel with all ur heart that sex is pure and divine, even if it be a casual encounter. if u even have a subconscious thought that it might b wrong, or against god or something, it will be tough to manifest. another thing to keep in mind is, if u get more and more desperate, it will not do the trick. coz if u want to make ur subconscious believe that u have a rocking sex life, u will have to be content and satisfied. because naturally, if u will have a fabulous sex life initially, you will be satisfied, and happy and poised.


answered 28 Aug '11, 19:01

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abhishek mishra

First, I find it interesting that this question has 1700 views!

I had a friend who was very successful with women. Before he went out, he stood in front of a mirror and said, "Someone is going to have a very good time with me tonight."

If your focus is to give someone else a good time, then you will recieve good times.


answered 18 Dec '12, 07:31

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Dollar Bill

no doubt the more you concentrate on seeing/having something
the more the environment/nature is disturbed.
for how long do i need to focus on sexual ecstasy
does it prod my evolution?


answered 11 Oct '11, 23:11

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sounds good but may you please elaborate a bit more? I don't fully understand your advice. Thankyou fred

(11 Oct '11, 23:17) Nikulas

nikulas, on what is it that one focuses on and is it worth that expenditure of energy. is there a net gain

(14 Oct '11, 00:12) fred

If it is not your nature or essence it will not happen. Manifesting works on a personal basis. You have propensities.


answered 14 Oct '11, 08:23

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What is your exact motive to mingle with many womens for sex or loving them or playing with their sentiments. Ultimatelly I feel sex is for pleasure and true love is for again another type of pleasure which is quite lasting for some time. But unfortunately Sex and love co-exist. In your vicinity you have find that sort of womens which match with your thinking and motive and move with them . ...relationship is eternal but sex is temporary satisfaction for that moment....the decision is yours.


answered 02 Jan '13, 04:05

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The one thing you are forgetting is that you cannot control whether anyone would respond to your desire to have sex with them. As someone else said earlier, you'd have to find women with the same motive as yourself.

Is this the same a manifesting a soulmate? If you are saying are the processes the same, I assume all manifesting goes through the same stages. However, if you are asking whether this desire for more sexual experiences with no strings attached will bring you your soulmate, I sincerely doubt it. It sounds like you want an Ego-mate, not a Soul-Mate. Ego-mates fulfill our conscious desires. SoulMates fulfill what our soul's need to evolve.


answered 19 Jul '14, 17:23

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IN MY CASE I DO HAVE A LOT OF SEX WITH ANYBODY THAT I WANT, SOMETIMES WITH VICTORIA SECRET SUPER MODELS OR WITH JANETTE MCCURDY OR WITH IVANKA TRUMP, I do it in my lucid dreams EVERY night that I want and I can say by my own experience that the sex and HD reality of my lucid dreams is equal or sometimes even more intense orgasms than in the reality! But with the advantage that you decide what to do,, where to do it, with who and how to do it! Plus nobody gets pregnant and every time is a different girl. SOMETIMES I DONT WANT TO WAKE UP, I TRY TO STAY SLEEP FOR THE LONGEST I CAN BUT WHEN MY BODY GETS ENOUGH REST I WAKE UP NO MATTER WHAT


answered 16 Sep '19, 17:04

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I always wanted to have many sexual experiences since I was a teenager. That sadly didn't happen during my teens. My self-esteem was at it's lowest it has ever been. Needless to say, I didn't get any action until I turned 21. My desire never went away. Like someone else stated above I found the pickup community, which gave me great insight of the feminine mind. Many books on selfhelp were read. There were likeminded guys that I hung out with with the sole purpose of chatting women up. My results were nothing to write home about. But still, I was making an effort. Still I suffered from self doubt and social anxiety. By this time I was 25 years old. My mantra was 'women love me, women want to be with me'.

One day during a walk through my city I met a women who was working for a charity. She asked me what I did for a living. Being slightly annoyed by her interruption I responded with: 'I'm an erotic masseur'. Don't ask my why those words came it. It was totally random and untrue. Instead of repulsing her so that she would leave me alone, her reaction was the opposite. Her eyes widened. She insisted me to contact her best friend who was exploring her sexuality. I thought it was a joke, but she was dead serious. Her friend and I met up at my place, where we spend an hour getting busy doing the naughty.

She was so pleased that she came back many times. From this moment on I knew I had a talent for giving erotic massages. After a few months, due to my termination at my previous job, I desided to become a professional erotic masseur. And boy, did all my wishes came true! All my wildest sexual phantasies manifested. I spend 3.5 years indulging in sexual acts. It does one's ego tremendous good to have people lusting after you. Wanting to be part of your life. Telling you that they've never met someone that made them orgasm that hard. To be honest, the phantasy of having lots of partners was more pleasurable than the real thing. After you fucked around 30 people the novelty wears of. It gets normal, even boring at times.

I always envied people who got lots of sexual partners or who were always jumping from one relationship to the other. Now, with all my sexual experiences I no longer have those feelings. The universe granted my wish in a totally unexpected manner. I'm very grateful for having experienced something so unique and taboo. After awhile it became dull and unsatisfactory. The universe once again constructed a way for me to quit. Which was also unexpected. It's been more than 2 years ago that my last client had an explosive orgasm. Currently I'm abstaining from sex altogether.

For all men and women who wish to have many pleasurable sexual encounters, it's possible if you believe it can happen to you. Look, Good things started to manifest when I got aligned with feeling good about myself. I still suffer from low self-esteem, which slows down the manifestation. By feeling good, handsome and worthy, circumstances start appearing out of nowhere to push you in the right direction.

My advise is to start telling yourself that it will happen often in a day. Express gratitude for all the beautiful women/men you see passing by. Make a visionboard of the type of women/men you'd like to sleep with. Believe that you are worthy of this goal. Sooner or later people will come to you who are willing to share an sexual experience with you. This happened many times during my career. If I wanted to meet a woman that could be fisted, then not long after that I would meet a chick who was into that kind of shit. Vibration is everything. It's the hardest thing to master: feeling good, most of the time. When you life in bliss, your whole life will turn magical. Much luck to you. Believe in yourself and feel worthy of achieving your desires.


answered 17 Oct '19, 11:25

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