I am asking this question based upon an answer and question by Blubird.

Consider: What does this metaphor "there no right or wrong" means in terms of using the LOA to manifest our desire, and how can we stay in control to use the LOA positively to manifest our desire, and to avoid negative temptation?

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There is no right or wrong, there is only that which serves us and that which doesn't. Both right and wrong are relative terms and always depend on one's perspective. Without the idea of judgment, the idea of right and wrong dissolves.

The way to control what the LOA brings to us in terms of manifestation is to move past judgment and focus on positive aspects of our desires and of All That Is.

We cannot control the LOA in terms of either deciding to use it or not because it's always working. Thus it's not a matter of discovering the LOA and saying "I'll use that now." It's more a matter of becoming aware that there's a Universal force that's always been at play, colloquially known as 'the law of attraction,' and learning how to guide your thoughts and adjust your beliefs so that the LOA serves you in the way you prefer.

Realizing this, if one wishes to experience only positive then it makes sense to only focus on positive and ignore negative. Otherwise, yes, it could be considered that we’re our own worst enemy, if you want to use that definition. One only needs to avoid negative temptation, in terms of ‘control’ or 'winning at any cost' if one has not understood the nature of ego.


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A very logical answer, and paragraph two speaks volumes, also life would be some much easier, if we can all apply only the positive aspect of things to our life. Thank you.

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Right or wrong, good or bad, enemy or friend. I'm my own best friend. In my belief system, everything happens for the best and highest even though I may want to judge it in different ways at the time. When this happens, I stop myself and say Maybe and Thank You. Here's an old story to illustrate my point.

Once upon a time there lived a wise farmer and his son. One day the horse pen was left open and a few horses got loose. So the neighbors came over and said what a bummer. The farmer turner to his neighbors and said, "Maybe". The next day the farmers son went out to look for the missing horses, found them and also came back with a few mustangs. Finding this out the neighbors came over and said, how great, now you have more horses than before. The farmer cracked a slight smile and said "Maybe". The following day the farmer's son was trying to ride one of the wild horses, fell off and broke his leg. Again the neighbors came over and said, "what bad luck". Poised, the wise farmer replied "Maybe". Well woudn't you know, the very next day a bunch of soldiers came to their small town recruiting young men for a war going on. All the son's were taken except for the farmers boy, because he had a broken leg. The neighbors came once again to chat about their missing son's and they said to the farmer what good luck he had because he still had his son on the farm. The wise farmer just replied in his usual way, "Maybe".

With faith in Gods Love

Thank You


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I tell that maybe story a lot Brian. That is why I say it eventually turns out all good. It is all empty. Perspective :)

(18 Jan '11, 13:32) jim 10

@ Brian: Nice story, and next time I will remember to say "Maybe!" Thank you.

(19 Jan '11, 03:40) Inactive User ♦♦
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