We attract what we think about right? & I totally believe, know & live by this Law, yet it boggles me when I attract something I have NEVER given thought to (well @ least consciously!) & is completely irrevelant to anything I am working to manifest in my life & there are no fears associated with the situation or happening!?!

This to me defies what I believe & know to be true.

Any ideas?

Thanks friends!

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Barry Allen ♦♦

this is a good question!

(13 Oct '10, 15:43) Back2Basics
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You live in a world where you have agreed to the rules of time and space, and there are billions of other people also living in this world, each with their own desires, beliefs, and actions. So might it be conceivable that you bump up into something that appears to you to be random, once in awhile?

If you were still in the mental realm, all of your thoughts and desires would be manifested instantly, with perfect fidelity. But since you're not, you have to live with the rules of this physical world. That doesn't mean that those rules cannot be bent, or even appear to be broken sometimes. It does, however, generally mean that you don't control everything. Instead, you make your suggestion to the Universe, and allow the process to unfold as it will.

The way that most people manifest something physical in this physical world is to change their thinking, and then choose from those opportunities that already exist. That process has more to do with desire and belief than most people realize, which is why people sometimes appear to not get what they want. They have opportunities all around them, but their thinking keeps them from seeing those opportunities and making use of them.

Most of us are not clairvoyant enough to know everything that is happening around us at any given moment. We do have a felt-sense or intuition, however, which can guide us away from "undesirable" situations. If you sometimes find yourself in conditions that are less than ideal, perhaps you should listen to that intuition more.


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Thank you!! I need to ponder your comment a bit...however I also understand that what we sometimes think of as intuition can be misguided as fear--which would need to be released in order to create room for clarity. . .

(13 Oct '10, 14:27) figure8shape

Loved your response, well-said and so true.

(13 Oct '10, 15:24) LeeAnn 1

@Vesuvius: What would you say when I have manifested two awesome things that I wasn't expecting and weren't even in my most fantastic dreams? (Simple things, kind offers, but coming from unthought of people).

(05 Nov '10, 14:27) BridgetJones09

@Bridge: I would say that a certain amount of randomness is part of nature, an inherent characteristic of the universe; see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butterfly_effect. It is nice to be delightfully surprised, but since you claim to have manifested it, it's not like you weren't expecting it. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post_hoc_ergo_propter_hoc

(05 Nov '10, 16:42) Vesuvius

@Thank you, Vesuvius! Very interesting links!

(08 Nov '10, 13:06) BridgetJones09
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