In another question, it was stated that

You cannot make the grass greener just by thinking about it. It is part of the process but you also have to believe and have absolute expectation that the grass is going to get greener without the application of any fertilizer or water.

The reason we cannot really manifest things so easily is because we do have an element of doubt about the thing which stands in the way of the thing actually manifesting.

Unfortunately, this conveniently removes any possibility of validating the manifestation process since, if it didn't work, you can always blame the person for not believing strongly enough.

That said, are there techniques that one can use to remove all doubt, so that the manifestation process can take hold?

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Doubt - is in other words, lack of certainty. Thus strengthening your belief by whatever technique you prefer, will weaken the doubt.

This is however, as with everything, never ending process, beliefs must be continually strengthened otherwise their strength will deteriorate and doubts will take over again.

(02 Aug '12, 06:25) CalonLan

@CalonLan, I think this is why I don't feel my best when Im away from IQ for a little while. This place keeps my beliefs strong.

(02 Aug '12, 09:03) Grace

@Grace,different environments can stimulate different feelings. Why?Because happiness is conditional.And as you recognize this, you also notice all the things that make you happy and all the things that make you sad.Then you consciously surround yourself with the happy ones and will try to avoid sad ones.Happiness and sadness can be altered by changes in perception,but basic rule is -know what makes you happy. Stick with it. You have to be somehow, so choose to be happy.Options are ever-present.

(02 Aug '12, 09:40) CalonLan

@CalonLan, if you have something that makes you feel sad, what do you do with it? I mean, do you just pretend it doesn't exist? I still don't honestly know, from situation to situation, what the heck to do sometimes. I do see that I am not as upset, and don't feel the panic that I used to. But it still hurts, and I seem to circle it constantly, whether I intend to or not.

(02 Aug '12, 11:29) Grace
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I get the impression sometimes from the questions and answers here that people think manifestation processes are vague, amorphous blob-like things that we can discuss all day long and never get anywhere with, because it's ultimately my opinion versus your opinion and there's nothing concrete to validate against.

But it's not like that at all.

You can manifest your life as precisely as you want and in the minutest detail, if you really wish to.

When I drone on endlessly on this website about "do this to manifest that", it's because that's what I do on a daily basis. I know the processes work because I've done them again and again and again. And like an engineer, when something doesn't work, I can open up the "black box" and see exactly what is failing and then tweak that element or replace it.

Over the past few years, I have been developing an enormous Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with hundreds (perhaps thousands now) of worksheets and some pretty powerful self-written VBA macros to do data manipulation on the sheets.

It's basically my little vibrational world where I manipulate and mold aspects of my life to manifest elements of it a little differently. Though it is also a place where I go to enjoy the great feelings of previous manifestations.

It came about after I went and had a personal chat with Abraham at one of their seminars and then mulled over what they told me for a few years (yes, a few years!).

What my approach does is basically to take the manifestation processes in Ask & It Is Given and apply them in a way that I think few do... steadily and systematically while monitoring the results precisely.

If the Law of Attraction is really as it is claimed to be then it should stand up to this sort of level of scrutiny - and I find on a daily basis that it does exactly that.

My Excel workbook is split into groups of several worksheets. Each worksheet is designed to implement a particular Abraham vibrational process plus there are a few other worksheets to implement other manifestational approaches I am testing out. I have found that most manifestational approaches are list-based so Excel works pretty well as a rough, prototyping tool.

Each group of worksheets mentioned above is focused around a particular topic that I wish to shift a vibration on. They are different approaches to moving the vibration on a particular issue and the one you use depends on where you are on the vibrational scale on that particular topic. As your vibrational setpoint moves, you will find different processes are more valuable.

So I would use, say, a positive aspects worksheet when in the higher levels of the vibrational scale and use, say, a vibrational ladder worksheet when in the lower levels. Abraham have recommended various techniques for various vibrational setpoints in their book and these are all brought to my attention automatically in the software as I use it.

If you imagine the core vibrational topic to be the hub of a bicycle wheel and the various worksheet processes as being the spokes of the wheel feeding into the central hub, you'll have a useful mental picture as to what I am talking about.

Now, as I go about my day and something slightly "off-vibration" occurs I make a quick note of it. Then later I will fire up Excel, create a new vibrational topic to work on, which automatically generates the appropriate worksheets to shift this vibration systematically.

I also have linked worksheets where I store good-feeling thoughts to use as touchstones and another which is a linked index of the precise results of vibrational matches that have come about in my daily life to the vibrational topics I have been "working" on.

The contents of the worksheets themselves basically consist of lists of thoughts. On some worksheets, I will have lists of steadily improving thoughts about a subject. Others have automatic random sorting - these are usually aimed at keeping lists of already good-feeling thoughts feel fresh because they are always in a different order when you read them.

My daily vibrational "work" is really just about sitting down in front of this spreadsheet and just letting my intuition guide me towards subjects I wish to vibrationally play with for a while.

(There is a powerful and intuitive navigation system built into all this as well, so I can shift from topic to topic as quickly as I feel the urge to move on to each)

And I do this "work" by typing statements of belief into the spreadsheet (for processes that require that) and monitor my emotional reaction to them. Then as soon as I feel that that particular vibration has gone as far as it can for now, I'll switch instantly to another one leaving the original one to come back to at a future date. (I also have some semi-intelligent random algorithms that pick vibrational topics for me to work on when I am feeling too lazy to decide)

All of this is kind of hard to explain in words and especially because I do all of this at lightning-fast speeds with some powerful computer hardware and much of it wouldn't make sense without having a deep understanding of the processes in Ask & It Is Given.

Before you ask, I'm not really ready to release all of this to the public yet - I shall probably rewrite all this as a proper computer program at some point - but I just want to get across the idea that these vibrational processes are as precise and practical as you want them to be.

The more time and effort you devote to playing with these processes and monitoring the results precisely, the more you will see for yourself just how accurately and powerfully they can work. There's really not a lot (probably nothing actually) that happens in my life these days that I can honestly convince myself is a random event. If I get sloppy in my daily life and something bubbles up that I was not expecting, I can mold it into a great feeling place within 20 minutes or so and it doesn't come back.

And because I have a precise audit trail of all my vibrational work in this spreadsheet, I can always reread previous "vibrational ladders" and bring myself back to feeling great about any past topic within a few minutes.

To sum up all of this and give you an answer to your question, go buy a copy of Ask & It Is Given and don't treat it as a casual read like everyone else seems to. Instead, work those vibrational processes systematically (while keeping it all feeling playful) and watch the amazing things that happen in response to your precise molding of your vibrational output.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words - here's a picture of one of the pages of my spreadsheet. I hope you get an idea of the precision that you can go to when applying Universal Law processes. We are not talking about a vague, abstract concept when talking about the Law of Attraction.

To see this picture at full size, just click here

(Thanks to the PsiTek people for agreeing to host this image for me)

alt text


Since there appears to be some interest in this, here's another screenshot of another part of my spreadsheet.

Click here to see the full-sized picture.

alt text

Here I track my vibrational setpoints - all of this is filled in automatically from the process worksheets (an example was above). Notice how I can sort and filter by emotional setpoint if I want and all the topics automatically get hyperlinked to the correct process worksheets so I can go anywhere in this massive spreadsheet quickly and easily. Because I've quantified my vibrational setpoints, I can also let the software pick topics for me to work with based on my mood in the moment.

I've blanked out most of the actual vibrational topics since I don't particularly want all my personal life displayed all over the internet :) ...but there are a few examples of the sorts of things I use the sheet for. (There's a lot of "new" items in that screenshot - which was taken at random - because I am constantly adding in more and more items into the spreadsheet as desires bubble up in my everyday life)

The "fridge" example is just something I manifested a few weeks back when my current fridge was failing badly. I didn't have the time or inclination to go to the effort of arranging for a new one. So I just entered it into the spreadsheet, left it alone, and a new one turned up almost effortlessly (just one inspired phone call at the right time) and it also came without cost within a week.

Now before everyone rushes off and hires software developers to build their own versions of this spreadsheet, I want to point out something very important.

Do not mold vibrations in order to bring about a physical manifestation. You will be polluting your vibrational output with neediness and stopping your manifestations from coming. You must only do this vibrational work because it is fun to do.

Look in the emotional setpoint column in the above picture and notice how many items I have there that have emotional setpoints of Joy. These are things I play with vibrationally because it just feels great to do so. This is the reason you should enter your virtual vibrational world...because it is fun to do so. It's a tricky balance to achieve at first because the usual reason for wanting to mold vibration is to bring about a change in the physical world but the work you do must only be limited to bringing you a feeling of relief about the subject and you leave it there.

But the paradox of manifesting is that even while you are just playing with joyful stuff that seems unrelated to things you really want to manifest, the attitude of joy is actually bringing those other things to you as well. Listen to, or read some, Abraham to understand in more detail why this happens.

Also, do not constantly look at your physical reality for evidence of your manifestations coming - that creates resistance which again slows down the manifestations...let the universe bring the evidence of your manifestations to you when the time is right.

If you can manage to keep your vibrational molding light and fun (and without any neediness), then the manifestations will pour in thick and fast.

Try it for yourself with this playful attitude and you'll see what I mean.


There are a few more relevant comments related to this, here: If I was hungry now how could I manifest food and a nice car for Thanksgiving?


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Barry Allen ♦♦

+1 This was a very helpful answer.

(15 Nov '09, 18:07) Vesuvius

It's nice to know that someone is actually doing something concrete with this stuff, and not just indulging in wishful thinking.

(15 Nov '09, 18:19) Vesuvius

Wow, hats off Stingray, you are really committed!

(15 Nov '09, 20:51) Michaela

There is not much I can add to this answer. It is brilliant. I was going to answer Vesuvius's question with a couple of these processes taken from the Ask and Given book myself but I obviously cannot beat your answer. Thanks Stingray.

(15 Nov '09, 21:23) Pink Diamond

Absolutely Brilliant great job

(16 Nov '09, 06:11) Roy

So the basis for these spreadsheets is teachings from "Ask and it is Given?"

(20 Nov '09, 21:40) Vesuvius

Yes, it is the systematic application of those teachings. I also have various process spreadsheets dealing with other manifestational approaches, such as EFT, but the core is Abraham-based

(20 Nov '09, 22:01) Stingray

Wow amazing job Stingray! and thanks for the link to this. I don't quite understand it but I can clearly see it is something big, like your extreme attracting! Keep up the ground breaking work! Excellent!

(20 Nov '09, 23:16) Wade Casaldi

@Stingray: Very nice. You need to make this into a free web site ( would work good for this stuff) and I'm sure you will manifest lots of money in ads.

(23 Jul '10, 00:17) Back2Basics

Stingray - this is my 4th time reading this post. SO inspiring & motivating! Thanks :)

(23 Nov '10, 05:06) figure8shape

Hey @Stingray, I was wondering...You've very strongly given the clause to "only do vibrational work because it is fun to do." Perhaps I am missing something here, perhaps I am wrong....I personally do not find it enjoyable to do at all, unless there is guaruntee my work will pay off and I will physically get things; this goes totally against what you are advising. I apologise for not having a specific question in mine, but am I missing something here?

(31 Mar '13, 08:57) Nikulas

@Nikulas - "I personally do not find it enjoyable to do at all" - Then there's no point doing the process. The Universe doesn't require you to do any processes to give you what you want. Just finding ways to keep yourself feeling good about anything is enough, the rest is for the fun of the focus (which is why you incarnated): See also: and and and probably many other similar rantings on IQ by me on this subject :)

(31 Mar '13, 10:16) Stingray

@Stingray- Thanks for getting back to me on that.

(31 Mar '13, 10:27) Nikulas

@Nikulas - I will share some experiences with you relating to this which helped me understand it better. Within the last year, there were a few specific things that I "tried hard" to manifest using multiple processes...Manifesting Exps. 1, 2 and 4. Worked on these things consistently, to no apparent avail. Visualized. Wrote out requests. Did Focus Blocks. Months went by, and nothing seemed to be happening. Then one day I was sitting in my parked car and I started thinking about one of the...

(31 Mar '13, 15:36) lozenge123

@Nikulas - ...outcomes that I was trying to manifest. Really fantasized about it. Just enjoying the fantasy experience for its own sake...almost like a little kid. "Wouldn't it be cool if this happened!" Etc.. Well, within a few days of this, I suddenly got about 8 to 10 very clear vibrational matches. This exact same scenario occurred with another one of the things I was "trying hard to manifest", with the exact same result. Did the fantasizing thing, and then got the flurry of...

(31 Mar '13, 15:38) lozenge123

@Nikulas - ...vibrational matches. Might be something to try, or at least to think about. For me, personally, it really brought the concept home. Good luck.

(31 Mar '13, 15:42) lozenge123

@Nikulas - Thought you might enjoy this clip of Jim Carrey explaining how he used to visualize his success "just to make himself feel better." Same stuff.

(06 Apr '13, 00:31) lozenge123

@Stingray: Truly, Master Class! Take a Bow :)

(06 Apr '13, 10:47) Sourabh
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This may be helpful to you, as it has been for me :)

When we intensely want to do something now, and it is easily possible to do it, no problem. We just do it. But if we intensely want to do something now, and it is NOT possible to do it NOW, we are then at a critical decision-junction:

We can choose to interpret this as "I am not getting what I want." Or, we can choose to interpret this as "I always get what I want. If it's not available now, then there must be an excellent reason for this."

Which of these choices we make is critical in determining the outcome, as this choice is equivalent to selecting a BELIEF, and we then experience the outcome aligned with that belief.

If you choose to interpret the situation as "I am not getting what I want.", then, sure enough, you will continue to not get what you want.

But the alternative is this: Choose to interpret this situation (of not being able to do what you want to do NOW) as

"I always get what I want." "I always get what I want. If it's not available now, there must be an excellent reason for this."

You see, often our Higher Self "arranges" time in such a way that we do not get what we want when we initially want it, only because it wants us to first accumulate certain experiences, certain skills, certain appreciations, certain connections with other people, certain awarenesses - FIRST!    So that when we do get to experience this thing we want, we will then be appreciating it and enjoying it on a much deeper and more profound level.

So when you want to do something and it is not immediately available, REMEMBER: Your Higher Self is merely delaying this experience, so you get some other experiences first, so that you may enjoy and appreciate this thing you want EVEN MORE, when you do get it.

So when you want to do something and it is not immediately available, TRUST YOUR TIMING.

Do not buy into the belief that "I do not get what I want."

Instead, remind yourself:

"I always get what I want."  "I always get what I want. If it's not available now, then my Higher Self must have some experiences it wishes me to have first, so that when I do get what I want, I'll be able to enjoy it even more. I'll be able to enjoy it on a much richer, deeper basis."



answered 23 Nov '10, 04:49

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great answer :) thanksss ...

(23 Feb '12, 13:33) MagicalUniverse

I logged on to IQ right now, holding the the intention to find something that would deeply resonate with me. Found it! This was amazing.

(01 Aug '12, 18:05) cassiopeia

@figure8shape @cassiopeia This has really helped me - thanks cassiopeia for commenting as it brought it to my awareness. Thanks figure8shape for posting - really useful thought. "And a gud day to you"

(02 Aug '12, 05:14) Catherine

Love this @figureshaper , great compact answer , thank you :-)

(31 Mar '13, 20:24) Starlight
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I've heard the same kind of comments made by some Christians with regard to prayer. When the prayed for results don't happen, they say, "Well, you don't have enough faith."

It seems to me that there are at least two forms of reality creation being discussed on this website: the magical type and the practical type. The Master Key System (made available by Simon Templeton on his website, and often referenced on this site) has it right. In the Foreword, it says:

"The Master Key teaches the use of Mind Power, true Mind Power, not any of the substitutes and perversions; it has nothing to do with Hypnotism, Magic or any of the more or less fascinating deceptions by which many are led to think that something can be had for nothing."

Now, there are certainly ways to minimize the doubts and negativity in our minds, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing else for us to do. We still have to put thought into action. We can reduce the doubts and negativity in our mind through repetitive positive affirmations and actions. The more results we see, the more we will have confidence that nothing will prevent us from creating the reality we desire.


answered 15 Nov '09, 11:16

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+1 for clarifying the difference between reality creation and magic thinking.

(15 Nov '09, 18:16) Vesuvius

In my opinion if you desire something strongly, you will do everything to make it come to pass. You desire it so badly it ultimately seems like it is a curse. But it is that very "clinginess'' to the promise that you should know that it has your name on it. It can make you so emotional that you wish you never even had it. And it is at this point, when you release it to give you real peace, then you know you can get whatever it is that you asked for. That being said, the time of the whole process is how long it takes for us to release. It is subjective since each person has their own way of dealing with things. It really cannot be taught except through one's own life experience. But once we get to release, we know we have it.


answered 17 Nov '10, 14:37

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Why are you speaking in "I would, I will?"

Success is achieved when we say "I am, I can."


answered 24 Mar '11, 01:22

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Doubt is manifestation.

It is the manifestation of the experience that what you want will not happen.


answered 27 Nov '09, 06:52

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The Traveller

Perhaps. But it's also circular logic to the person who doubts.

(28 Nov '09, 03:27) Vesuvius

manifestation is not based on beliefs. no matter how strong you believe .. you can't walk on water or turn a lion into a snake. beliefs form our actions, and our actions affect the world we live in. but our beliefs do not have any effect in lif's manifestation process directly. the problem is, religions of the world programmed our minds to accept that beliefs do that. because that's only what they can offer. and every effort was made to keep this way of thinking. ''believe neo'' :) .. bad news.. the matrix doesn't care what you believe or what you believe in ! to think this way, is very dangerous to your mental health and blocks your spiritual awarness. this false teaching simply keeps you blind. and when a blind follows a blind .. we all know how that ends. you don't ? .. watch the news !


answered 15 Nov '09, 00:10

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Adel, I do not agree with you on "no matter how strong you believe.. you can't walk on water or turn a lion into a snake". If possible try reading "Illusions" by "Richard Bach" It answers everything. :)

(23 Dec '09, 18:57) Perfection

The simply way I am learning to do it. Is imagine whatever lets say an more financial proserous way of living, which can be different for different people (wealth, success, and happiness is viewed different for different people). Than I take it small and think big example I do something that puts or keeps me in an happy mood phase whether it is making me look better, think smarter, speak better, act better, walk better, dance better, and also help others who I come in contact with to feel better about them selves and their lives. When ask how is my family of course I say they are doing fine and myself as well, technically that most likely that is an lie in the now reality but not in my mind it is being created that way just hasn't manifested to reality of the physical world yet.

I say nice things to my self like you are beautiful, smart, has an photographic memory, you are happy,you are very wealthy and than I name how much I do have in my mind reality, I see my self buying the different things for my self and my family, than I finally get in the mind set of feeling like an prosperous person and I finally feel like an millionairess and it feels good to be able to use the money as an medium of exchange to buy the goods I want for myself and others.

If I stumble into that feeling bad mode phase about the world, me, my family, or others than I jump out of it by catching whatever happy mood I can come up with to hijack me to an better spiritual plane of happiness and joy and than I just ride it for an while until I can feel it is becoming real and doubt, fear, unhappiness have down settle back into the background because I am not giving it any energy and therefore it is swizzlering up for you don't give the negative any energy than it will go away from your reality.

It will always try to pierce into your bubble of happiness but if you keep reinforcing it with happy thoughts of love, joy, spendor that makes you feel better than you have removed doubt to your best ability. My key point is don't give it any attention when it arrive on the seen to view your reality you are creating even though it shows up with numerous problems in your real reality stop and refocus your knob and turn your happiness up higher and do, say or think what makes you happy don't give any or as few as possiable of attentions and thought to the problems he(doubt and fear) are laying at your feet of reality changes.

God gave you the ability to be the master controller of your realities because you already know the perceptions of things are determine about what lens you are looking through for the world has not changed just the way you view it in your mind and than you see it as an must better place to live in and feel good on the inside which radiates outward to your reality and than you have manifest it with an lot of thought an you have block doubt where it cann't come in and if you don't look and focus on it as it tries to still appear and make you notice it so you will not be able to enjoy things in life.

Life is like looking at several tv shows and as you flip through the different channels seeing what is playing if there are bad and negative things playing change the channels and go into actions and keep all of the things on an upper vibrational mode. This is so strange but I always remember about an fiction character named Merlin an wizard which said one time on an show I was watching he said if something or someone has more power than you than they are feeding off of your power you are giving it unintentionally by focusing on it so stop focusing on it an it will completly disappear until you remember it and start talking about it again an focusing on it again and I didn't ever forget it and it does work when I can remember to do it as God gives us the power too for Jesus said ask and you shall recieve believe that you have it and don't doubt it. I am paraphasing it.


answered 16 Nov '09, 00:45

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edited 16 Nov '09, 06:16

In essence you can try to kid your self into believing that you can remove all doubts, so that manifestation can occur. Personally, it is not going to happen in this life time. We are human beings first with feelings, and emotions. We are struggling to quiet the mind, and to get rid of unwanted thoughts while meditating, and it is not an easy thing to accomplish!

Therefore, because we are human beings, it is within our emotion to feel fear, and to have doubts, and to have both positive and negative feelings. In general our emotion will respond to the stimulation present: such as joy, and sadness etc. Given that fact, we are not at a place whereby, we can press a button to remove all doubts from our mind. If it was that simple, you would not be asking this question at this time, because someone else would have already figured out the technique, and the manifestation process would have occurred already.

In simple terms, I believe that the LOA works different for all of us, because we cannot have all of the same things in life, so our manifestation will be different. Based upon my experience the LOA does work, and the manifestation will occur in the correct order with time, no sooner, or no later. In my opinion, all humans have doubts, and will continue to have doubts based upon their personal situations, and beliefs, and this is a natural part of who we are as human beings!

Last but not least, all humans have the natural ability to create, and manifest their desire, and will continue to create, and manifest their desire, either in a big way, or in a small way, but it is the same manifestation! People are using different programs and techniques to assist them in manifesting great wealth, some are successful, and some are still struggling to reach their goals; so it is a very individual thing for everyone, and could be time consuming in some situations!


answered 23 Nov '10, 08:05

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Inactive User ♦♦

In my experience the best method for this is meditation. Its like a refresh button and cleans you up. It raises your vibe and youwill easily able to manifest the things you want. Getting a good night's sleep and having plenty of rest also helps.

You can also try the focus wheel process as explained by Abe hicks


answered 30 Aug '18, 03:24

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