I have had dreams of physically fighting people- but this is conserning me because it has been happening just about every night for the past 8-10 days.

This really puzzles me, for my life seems really beautiful at the moment. I am listening to psychic chakra cleansing CDs, and 'releasing' things that have to be released. I am honest with myself and make sure to bring any subconscious activity to my conscious mind. As many of you know, in the past I have had this desperate mindset about getting a girlfriend, and for the first time in my life, I have women of all ages practically throwing their numbers (and other things) at me with ease.

The reason I'm saying this is because my life is so wonderful and blissful- and this is a huge contridiction to these dreams of fighting all sorts of people. Actually now that I think about it, these dreams have the recurrent theme that I am fighting a bad group of criminals- people either being violent, stealing or aggresive.

Question is this- are these dreams an idicator of a negative or dark trait in me that I can fix?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Do the dreams give you the same feeling as your previous 'Zombie' fears did? http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/16954

(14 Sep '11, 01:07) Stingray

Zombie dreams made me feel extremely scared. The fighting,...mixed feelings, sometimes coruage, sometime panic, sometimes it's something a 'have' to do. That's why it's weird- the feelings dont match up yet the act of fighting still does..

(14 Sep '11, 12:52) Nikulas
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well nikulas what kind of dream is it? what can you remember from the dream annything detail person object feeling etc. do you understand annything from the dream? did you try to become lucid? do you know those peoples? i would say no it does not mean a dark trait it might simply be a nightmare face your fear. as for the criminal part their might be a message for you there maybe some people you know are criminals? that you know it or not? but if it comes back often use that to become lucid in the dream. next time you dream tell yourself i have dream of that i am dreaming i want to know what this dream means and i will not go from the dream with out knowing. then you will be lucid you can observe put on pause rewind and explore the dream from different place that you could not before you can go more deep in the meaning of the symbole. i do not say that you will do all that the first time but with experience it becomes more easy. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

Good suggestions, White Tiger. +1

(14 Sep '11, 00:30) LeeAnn 1

Thankyou so much for the answer, as LeeAnn says, very good details of what I can do. I will begin a dream journal.

(14 Sep '11, 12:53) Nikulas

nikulas if you want another advice when you wake up 30 to 45 minutes you can think about the dream and relax and you will go back in the dream. experience and enjoy.

(15 Sep '11, 01:07) white tiger
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Hello Nikulas,

pleased to know that your love life is thriving...have fun. As for the recurring dreams, fighting is an indication of an inner conflict...

you talk of criminals, this is based on the belief that violence, stealing and aggresivity is bad...believe me, i have first hand experience of "criminals", murderers, rapists, thieves...they are exactly the same as all of us...i'm conscious in saying this i may make myself unpopular but i feel i have to say it. "Good/bad" is relative (as all things are), we cannot judge another until we have lived what he has lived, but that's another story...

back to your dreams, when you become fully conscious of what your inner turmoil is all about, it will simply disappear all by itself.

I love the wise words of white tiger...experience and enjoy.


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blubird two


Thankyou for the advice, really appreciate it. I could hint at the inner turmoil...I have a red speck in my right eye, which only two people in the world have ever noticed- my mum and a healer I recently encountered. They say the red speck=family conflicts. Yes, very true about the perceptions of good/bad.

(14 Sep '11, 12:56) Nikulas

well bluebird it could be from him turmoil fear etc. or it could be outside of him with out is counscient knowing of it. if he as no turmoil or fear why would he dream of being attack by criminals. their might be a message there. experience and enjoy.

(14 Sep '11, 21:08) white tiger

Dreams are a way for our subconscious or higher self to communicate with us, although occasionally they could be pre-cognitive. The way you describe it suggests to me that this is not the case.

So my suggestion, is that you ask yourself what the dreams mean. I know this may sound a bit silly and out there, but everyone holds all the answers inside of them. To do this, just sit down in a quiet place with paper and pen. Write out: Higher self, can you please tell me what I need to learn or know about these dreams? (or something to that effect). Then on the next line, start with Dear Nikulas, and then just write whatever comes to mind. Don't censor it or think about it, just write. Anytime you ask more questions, make sure to write them down, it helps to have a reference.

I'd suggest if you are not used to doing this kind of thing, to do it for a few days. Keep asking the same questions. You won't get the exact same answer each time, but you will find a pattern to the answers when you are truly in touch with your higher self.

Wishing you love and light :)

P.S. I'd say that most likely it's something inside of yourself that either you are not aware of or you have been ignoring which you are fighting, but that's just my impression.


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The writing idea appeals to me. I really want to know what I need to learn, as you've stated that dreams really, are, information. Thankyou so much Vienne, bless you :)

(14 Sep '11, 12:59) Nikulas

You're welcome! I hope this helps you and this tool can also be used for anything that you want to know the answer to, doesn't just have to be about dreams :)

(14 Sep '11, 23:41) akaVienne

I've had fighting dreams for years and in each, who I was fighting became more and more bad people. (living dead, vampires, devils, demons, ghouls etc...) Plus just rioting people too. I even had one once where I fought Freddie Kruger!

What I learned through all of these dreams, is faith and confidence in myself. I also learned faith and confidence in God. No matter what would come at me I would defeat one way or another. I learned control over my dreams as well. One time I was fighting a guy with a chainsaw he was trying to cut me in half, finely I decided, "If that is what he wants, I'll do it myself!" I pulled his arms toward me and took the chainsaw right across me, cutting myself in half! I then looked at the guy and said, "Ooow was that suppose to hurt?" The guy dropped the chainsaw and ran away screaming. There was no blood it was like cutting through light, I was just fine.

I have been killed many times in my dreams too, in very many different ways, so all of these trials have led me to controlling my dreams. One dream ended with me with my throat cut! I didn't like that ending so I got mad and said, "That sucks!" as I watched my body fall to the ground. At that point I yelled , "STOP! REWIND! PLAY!" Then the dream started over from where I wanted and I won!

Battling all kinds of evil and beating it every time even Anti-Christs that I dreamed about has given me the confidence to battle them in life and trust and know that I am all powerful over evil with Christ and the Holy Spirit within me. I say, "Jump", Satan asks "How high?"


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Wade Casaldi

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well i have fight my self in one dream good vs evil. experiencing both side at the same time. another time i have fight a voudou with is gang when i took out is eyes he was not laughing no more and is gang have run away. i did not have nightmare since 18 year. experience and enjoy.

(15 Sep '11, 01:12) white tiger

This is probably as similar to my experiences as you've explained. They say jump you say how high.

(15 Sep '11, 09:56) Nikulas

No you need to know you can beat them not the other way around. You get them, show them you have had it with them! I remember a dream where ghouls were chasing after me everywhere I ran. Finely I got tired of running and yelled "STOP!" They all stopped and were looking at me like they were scared of me! I yelled at them "What is your problem, why do you insist of chasing me!?" They seemed stunned and said, "Well you were running, so we were chasing. We thought you wanted to be chased!" "I yelled back at them, "NO go away now!" they all looking apologetic said, "We're sorry" and then left!

(16 Sep '11, 01:42) Wade Casaldi
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