I know a similar question has been posted about "The Fork in the Road" (Fork in the road--Which desire do I pursue?), but my question has to do with making the right decision, and is NOT about following desires.

I have a clear choice ahead of me, an important choice, and I am unsure which way to go.

How can I use the LOA and the other tools of Inward Quest to make my decision?

Thanks ahead of your answers for your help. It is a BIG decision.

Blessings, Jai

asked 06 Aug '11, 15:12

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Relax and imagine and visualise that you have taken a certain road. How do you feel inside? Are you relaxed or are you feeling anxious and tense? If there is any tensnes of muscles or uneasines of any sort this road is not for you. Now imagine that you take the other road. How do you feel? Are you feeling secure and happy? If yes than this road is for you.

If you must take a certain road than take the one that feels better and if both feel uneasy than it is better not to act but wait for a better time.

Good luck.


answered 06 Aug '11, 17:41

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Paulina 1

@paulina giao-nice,this seems like an excellent description of how to use a mental pendulum.

(06 Aug '11, 17:59) blubird two

Take the road that feels best for you.


answered 06 Aug '11, 15:44

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blubird two

edited 16 Aug '11, 05:17

i've decided to include this suggestion in all my posts, coz it will really help anyone who does it. and most importantly, u will gt all the answers that u wnt wen the questions come. practise 'ANTARMOUNA', n u will know what ur heart wants to tell u. it is one of the greatest practices ive come across. it tells u what u shd do, what u shdnt do, its gives the answer to all ur questions, it makes u tolerant, it makes u wise, it makes u strong enuf to handle all emotions, it overcomes all ur weaknesses, overcome all -ve past experiences, erases all bad memories, makes u peaceful, makes u the master of all situation, overcomes any pain/frustration/anger etc, and will do everything that u so strongly want, but dont know how to do it.... its calld ----- ANTARMOUNA .... bt obviously u need to be persistent. but the results will start showing in a few sittings. if everyone in the world does this, there will be no crime ever, everyone will be rich n happy, and the world will be nothing less than heaven. but dont wait for everyone in the world to do it, u do it, and it will work for u...


answered 28 Aug '11, 18:18

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abhishek mishra

@abhishek mishra- thanks for the reference to Antar Mouna inner silence meditation :)

(30 Aug '11, 06:06) blubird two

you have free will and option are always open for you left, right or you can take the middle path. experience and enjoy.


answered 08 Aug '11, 07:35

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white tiger

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