UPDATE- 28th July 2012 - I am posting this as I said I would to some people who answered (actually helped:) me to decide:) ..So the verdict is, I got both:)

Here's how: Since I posted this, I have had number of meetings for 'the Job' and been anxious generally this week (as is evident in my recent questions) for the results. I took everyone's suggestions here and really in my mind 'lived' both options!

I kept 'upping' the compensation package. If they said 'X', I said 'X+25%' and so on and this morning they agreed to 80% of my terms:))

*I took the negotiations to the level till 'I signed up for the job' and then I didn't! Basically, I became a CEO in my mind, experienced it thoroughly, visually, *even felt living it for a year (in my mind as suggested here) and then said no when actual physical work would have started...lol:) It's like in that Paulo Coelho book 'The Alchemist' I believe, where by the end of the negotiations I 'had already been there and done that'

Amongst other reasons (read hard work n responsibility:), I really felt I want to do my own thing, so after a point in negotiations, I was just playing with them:) The CEO (big guy of the global firm) was surprised and met with me this morning and I told him exactly what I just mentioned here! And to my surprise, instead of being * at me (I really gave them a run around being so stubborn with my demands) he said he will see if they can take me on as a 'consultant':) Which basically means a business card, fat paycheck and once in a while you throw big 'artistic' words like 'mise-en-scène' and 'Culturally and conceptually fluid execution' (which, if you read again means... nothing*..:) ...So happy, even if this consultancy (which I was not even expecting in the first place) doesn't materialize:)

Anyways, the reason I came back straight here on IQ and share this with you all first (before breaking it to my wifo and mommy:) is my way of saying a big thank you to you all and is a compliment to the people on this site:) Thank you so much, really feel overwhelmed right now, a bit sentimental...but feeling love towards everyone here:)

Without your help, the 'older version' of me would have carried some regret either way...now, I don't feel any negative feeling about the decision at-all!!!

If you are a beginner here or at-times doubt this whole LOA, manifesting thing, let me tell you first hand, it works!! Don't complicate it, just be happy:)

~ God Bless:)

End Of Update.

Hello all of you spiritually enlightened, awesome bunch of...great folks:)

I am super happy today and super excited and (suddenly sounding and writing like a teenager..lol)and feeling like embracing the World...anyway, I digress...

...So, generally, I have been feeling great lately enhanced with new understanding of LOA and manifestations.

Now, I have never posted a specific question on this or for that matter any other site but today I feel like asking you to advice me the best you can.

I work as a freelancer, my own choice of projects, my own working hours, decent money, good amount of International paid travel etc. All the good stuff...and I am very happy doing this...

..Last 3-4 days, there have been two new developments:

(a) I am on the verge of signing up a new freelance project which will be life changer for me in short term. It'll be a long time dream come true and I might become famous in certain field BUT to execute this, it'll take me two years with lesser pay in SHORT TERM and higher back-end payout! This will also set up my own brand equity in my field. Very important for an individual driven field. A professional name so to speak. but, there is still uncertainity with this one...its a promise of light at the end of the tunnel as compared to...

(b) A Job offer:) I received just this morning. Although not exactly what I was going for with my freelancing efforts, this is related to it. A global company, position will be one of the only 6 in top Management, huge annual salary package and within 5 years I may become CEO of this company. No hustling as in freelancing..steady, steady, more steady money, but lesser freedom and independence. Almost no individual recognition...

The second opportunity simply fell into my lap. I was not even looking for a full time job. LOA rocks if anyone was doubtful:)

Now, I am honestly okay with either one. Problem is, both feel equally right:(

I cannot do both at the same time. If I choose one I have to give up the other. The job makes sense only if I stick to it for atleast 5 -6 years but then I have to shut shop on the other endeavour:(

I know ultimately, it has to be my choice and that I should go with what my heart says etc. But, there must be some way of knowing what would be the better choice (Better for me in the long run as i don't know what happens next, not necessarily more money, fame, travel etc.)

But the distinction is almost like being a GOLFER (individual) and lets say the 6th player in a BASKETBALL (group)team. Sure, even part of the team one can be a superstar, but you know, ...aghhh...

Here's my question: Since the second one was not planned, expected or even contemplated, can this be God's will? I ask, because, even before I knew it in exact words, I was always following 'God, let your plan be my plan' philosophy. But since a month or so, I have been praying to God for help in my professional life (reflected in almost all my questions on IQ so far:) Is this God/Higher source responding? Should I trust and jump into this?

I know it is a difficult to answer precisely, but any help, guidance, suggestions would be welcome. Any tricks & tips to go deeper into myself and find out?

Also, if someone reading this has faced similar crossroads maybe they can input what they did, a sort of professional-spiritual advice:)...@Stingray, I have a feeling your answer to this one would be invaluable as, maybe I read it in one of your answers that you probably went through something similar:)

I have selfishly used many answers on this site to make myself feel good and reading this, one may feel, what a narcissistic guy, all me-me-me...but this happy feeling contribution is my way of saying thank you to you all:) I cannot describe how excited I am today. It's been 6-7 hours since I met the job people and I am still feeling accomplished. Nothing has even happened yet, really, but it's like I have already experienced the best of it. Even if I do not end up taking the job, I will now have this feeling to come back to whenever.

Usually we all (at one point or other) come to the site and post our questions and queries...all jumbled up in head, all systems down sometimes, looking for a booster...so..

...so my intention with posting this is also to encourage people to believe and to allow. I SWEAR, you never know what GOOD is lurking next morning, next day, next week, next moment. LOA or Whatever you want to call it, it works:) Just let it all come to you:)

God Bless ~ Xoomaville

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All that chasing money, fame, status, free time, independence falls apart in front of an opportunity to fulfill one's godliness. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as whatever you do gives you such opportunity. Pick that which provides you with an opportunity to become what you were all along even though you might have not realized it - god.

(29 Jun '12, 11:24) CalonLan

@Xoomaville-Congratulations,your on a roll:)

(29 Jun '12, 11:39) Satori

@Satori, thank you, thank you:) @CalonLan , I understand what you are saying, I also agree with you. I don't look at it as a WAY TO happiness or who I am, I see it AS A RESULT of me being happy and of who I am:) I also, now (after being on IQ) understand that what I do in professional life doesn't define who really I AM, but I have to do something right, we all have to, so might as well do the best option:) the question arises from that perspective:) Thanks for reminding me the truth though:)

(29 Jun '12, 11:46) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville-I'm sure you will make the right decision, and will get some great advice on here but ultimately nobody knows your situation better than you, trust yourself.They say great things come in threes, maybe there is some other great thing around the corner;)

(29 Jun '12, 12:38) Satori

@Satori, yep, one never knows, maybe there is a third thing coming up:) I thought a lot before posting the question (otherwise would have posted it right after my meeting...was so excited) and it is a difficult one for anyone to even give advice on such matters, It is a personal choice, but thought I should try...lots of experienced people here:) Maybe I'll learn some other good thing in the process:) Thanks for being positive:)

(29 Jun '12, 12:55) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville - nice posting. I note that several people are using a colon with a bracket after it as you do in this question - what does that mean? I'm assuming it is some kind of text thing?

(01 Jul '12, 05:37) Catherine

@Catherine, so sweet...you mean this ---> :)? ...yeah, it means a smile. It originates from online/mobile chatting/texting/sms. These are called emoticons (icons with emotions), more popularly knwn as 'Smileys':)

:) or :-) = Smile (it looks like smiling human face)

:( or :-( = Sad

;) or ;-) = Wink

:-| = Neutral

:-\ = smirk/confused

They've evolved a lot. You can read more about them here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_emoticons

(01 Jul '12, 07:15) Xoomaville

you'll also come across 'lol' or 'LOL' it means Laugh Out Loud :)

(01 Jul '12, 07:19) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville - I geddit now - thankyou very much for clarifying. I have since mentioned it to a few people and of course they all knew about it already! You can expect to see me using them from this moment on ...

(02 Jul '12, 06:03) Catherine

@Catherine, this one is a fave :P = kinda like when I say Ptttthhhht. Like blowing a raspberry. LOL!

(10 Jul '12, 14:01) Grace

Hi, Congratulations!!! it made me so happy to read your question and the excitement that i could feel coming off it. One question though, i read your question (http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/52163/i-feel-that-everything-comes-undone-during-the-last-mile-execution-what-am-i-missing-in-my-efforts-to-manifest-things) that was in May end and look at you asking this in June end!!! how did you do it, turn around things so fast? Please pardon me an asking asking as i want.....

(10 Jul '12, 14:28) dreamersmiles

to get out of this sad boring place and be excited and expectant and happy. I ask you as you have recently done it so you could tell me how you brought it around, as in what processes you did what was your mindset etc etc. You have given me so much hope like so many people here and pointers would be great. thanks :)

(10 Jul '12, 14:30) dreamersmiles

@dreamersmiles, I have posted a detail answer to one of your own question which answers what you are asking here. Here's the link: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/54503/suggestions-for-baby-steps-to-exercise-manifestation-muscles-and-build-up-knowing/54778

(15 Jul '12, 04:01) Xoomaville

OH MY GOD XOOMY YAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! I am soooooo happy for you! I am so proud of you! I soooo am going to read all of your advice again LOL cuz YOU DID IT!!!!! Way to go, @Xoomaville! No one deserves this success more than you. ...snif... ok I'll stop now. (so proud of you) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

(28 Jul '12, 04:03) Grace

@Grace, Awwwww....:) you keep sending so many positive vibes my way, there was no way it wouldn't have happened:)) and a big thank you and an IQ hug and reverting with more positive vibes towards you...thank you..and its not even about success anymore as Mr. @Stingray says 'extreme sports'...its just fun...a re-enforcing fun....I really want to dance to 'you can't touch this'...(although its not gonna stop me from asking silly questions here:)))....lol

(28 Jul '12, 04:25) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville - Thanks for the update. Great to hear. Many congratulations :)

(28 Jul '12, 04:28) Stingray

@Stingray, Your answer/advice was spot on and I know when you answer on IQ you are not answering only to Xoomaville but to everyone, I personally want to say big thank you to you and not only for this question....oh, before I go on long blabber-on, just accept the thank you's:)

(28 Jul '12, 04:53) Xoomaville

Congrats Xoomaville , shining example of the Awesome Power of LOA , doing the happy dance for you ♥♥♥

(28 Jul '12, 08:27) Starlight


(28 Jul '12, 08:27) Fairy Princess

Congratulations Xoomo:) Wishing you great success:)

(28 Jul '12, 10:11) Satori
(29 Jul '12, 01:09) Xoomaville
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Wise advice already here, and worth listening to.

Since you're asking for my opinion, I'll give it to you but it's probably not going to be the satisfying "do this" answer you are looking for :) As Satori says, only you can know what's right for you.

In my view, if it's not obvious to you which way to go then it really doesn't matter which one you choose. More information at When the heart and mind say different things which direction should you choose?

In fact, I would even say that you might be pushing up against a limiting belief if you feel that choosing one option would automatically deny all opportunities from the other option. It seems to imply an underlying fear of missing an opportunity.

The Universe doesn't really work in a "you have to choose either this or that and nothing else" way. It can bring you everything in a better way than you expect but your part of the deal is not to limit it. The reason for this is that you are creating what you want (vibrationally) in an incremental fashion so, from a physical perspective, you might not even be able to see what's really lined up for you...it may be far better than you can even imagine now.

And finally - this is optional if it scares you :) - don't even be afraid to deliberately choose the wrong thing and watch the Universe magically make it the right thing :)

That kind of "extreme sports" approach to Law of Attraction can really build up your confidence in Universal Forces because it can help you internalize deeply that you really can do no wrong if you keep yourself in a good feeling place regardless of how physical circumstances appear.

There is more information on making it "hard" for the universe to deliver in How do I differentiate between inspired action and things that I do because it came across my mind?

Some additional (possibly controversial) thoughts for you there, Xoomaville :)


answered 30 Jun '12, 06:01

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@Stingray, as usual a very well articulated and helpful answer:) Sorry, didn't mean to put pressure on you by tagging you, I do realize that the decision is solely mine. But, the way you have explained it here is very life affirming so thank you. I probably know/knew the answer deep down but at times it helps a third person's view point:)

(30 Jun '12, 08:45) Xoomaville

...and I guess I wanted to hear something encouraging, I wanted to hear this: "don't even be afraid to deliberately choose the wrong thing and watch the Universe magically make it the right thing :)...it may be far better than you can even imagine now" --Beautiful:) If there was even a tiny fear of missed opportunity, its gone now...no, really, gone. That's all it takes for me. Big thanks again:)

(30 Jun '12, 08:48) Xoomaville

You're welcome, @Xoomaville. I'm glad you got something of value out of it :)

(01 Jul '12, 00:40) Stingray

Wonderful clasic Stingray. Thanks.

(01 Jul '12, 11:50) Paulina 1
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Flip a coin... Ok, which one did you get? How do you feel about that? There is your answer. If you feel disappointed, go with the other one, if you are excited, stick with the one you flipped for.


answered 30 Jun '12, 08:09

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Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess :) yep, it is like flipping a coin...equal chance:)

(30 Jun '12, 08:53) Xoomaville

Which one did you get with the coin?

(30 Jun '12, 09:19) Fairy Princess

ha ha...I still have over the weekend to do that. Will post it here:)

(30 Jun '12, 09:44) Xoomaville

So what did you decide? and how did you decide?

(10 Jul '12, 13:46) Fairy Princess
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Wheeee! Very glad to see you on top of the world! Good for you!

As to your question, I think Satori has your answer, trust yourself.

I just wanted to let you know that reading your question reminded me of listening to an Abraham-Hicks Q & A recording the other day.

The first part (a), I felt your excitement going up, up, up, up UP!!! The second part (b), down, down, down, down, down....

It was like watching someone swirl around madly in the Vortex, and then fly out again.



answered 29 Jun '12, 13:10

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@Grace...it makes me happy that you feel happy for me being happy:)) But seriously, you felt my excitement dip with second job option? Not trying to dig too much or getting panicky, just asking. Since the job literally came out of nowhere, I am still processing it I guess, but this kind of offer doesn't come everyday that's for sure.Another thing as you rightly pointed, probably first time I sensed completely being in Vortex...I mean felt!!! Like total abandonment of my physical self...

(29 Jun '12, 13:39) Xoomaville

...and nothing really has happened yet in physical World:)

(29 Jun '12, 13:40) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville, I understand what you are saying - If it just seemed to drop out of the sky, I wonder if it's Meant To Be? I don't blame you, I would feel that way too. Just wanted to give you my impression of how you expressed yourself.

If you follow the path of each choice in your imagination, really just ride a fantasy about each one in turn, and follow your own story for a year... I wonder what you would see? That might help you find your answer.

(29 Jun '12, 13:52) Grace

Keep in mind, friend - what I "felt" is neither here nor there. It's what you feel about it that matters. :)

(29 Jun '12, 14:08) Grace

Of course I realize that. I am not putting any pressure on you or putting anyone on spot here:)

(29 Jun '12, 14:40) Xoomaville

yes, yes, sooner or later we shall find out:))

(29 Jun '12, 15:31) Xoomaville
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Yep Feelings the way to go , when you feel good , as wayne dwyer says , you feel God and even though you said they both feel good ,I bet without super analysing it , one has just a smidgeon more over the other .

I wish you the most awesome time on this new adventure whichever path you ultimately choose


answered 30 Jun '12, 01:52

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Thank you @Starlight. Thanks for your wonderful wishes. I have the weekend to figure it but I think I am starting to think little different. just to suit me, I have decided that neither one is a wrong decision:)) ...and let me use this opportunity to welcome you to IQ:)

(30 Jun '12, 03:01) Xoomaville

Thank you , I am enjoying IQ tremendously

(30 Jun '12, 11:47) Starlight

Wonderful, wonderful, you in your happiness have given many I Q followers great hope that LOA works. Go with the flow and whatever you choose it will be the best thing for you and if not than so what? you will allways manifest something else thats equaly wonderful.

Just in case you want the old fashioned do this and get an answer to what is best response here is one to try.

  1. Relax as in meditation. 2. Immagine you choose the Job....How do you feel? Are there any tense muscles in your body or is maybe your jaw tense. If so that is not the right one to choose.

do the same with the other choice and choose the one you feel more comfortable and happy with.


answered 01 Jul '12, 11:59

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Paulina 1

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@Paulina 1, thank you. I felt kind of narcissistic while posing this question, but then I thought, let it be also a sharing of LOA success. I feel good if someone feels encouraged by reading it, if it brings a smile to someone...sort of going a step further on IQ...beyond just reading about how to be happy, how to be always feeling good to read, and actually feel happy and feel good:)

(01 Jul '12, 15:09) Xoomaville
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