Hi I.Q ers. For the past few years I have kept on desiring if only I have the capital to start my own business. Thanks God the means of getting the capital has manifested itself, but now...I'm in a position of what to start. I live in South Africa and am 29 years old. I have a passion for people and anything that uplifts other people in one way or other ways. How do I discover what business is good for me...please contribute on this.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I guess we could all give you our own piece of advice but we couldn't possibly choose the best option for you.

Everything in your life is a manifestation. You are in a great position - you proved to yourself that you can manifest money in your life, so you have momentum and your level of faith is higher. Just like you created the money, align with the vibration of discovering the best business option for you, and it must come. Ask and it is given.:)


answered 10 Oct '11, 14:01

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Thanks for the reminder..." Ask and its given..."

(11 Oct '11, 12:33) hanico

Take that passion for helping people and hold onto for as long as you can throughout the day. Think and most especially feel the joy in your heart of what it feels like to help others. Picture them responding to you in positive ways and thanking you for all the great guidance you have shared with them. Truly feel that rush of happiness as if it has already happened.

As Benjamin stated already, ask for what you want and the universe will take care of how and when it gets to you. If you truly vibrate on a regular basis throughout the day your passions, desires, joys, and excitements, then all that is has no choice but to give lead you down the path of what you were put on this earth to do.

Don't put limits yourself either. Whatever you can think up in your mind is absolutely possible to achieve. The only things that limit what we want to do in our lives, are the limits we put on ourselves.


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Good answer Cory.

(11 Oct '11, 06:44) Paulina 1

Thanks, much love

(11 Oct '11, 12:33) hanico

Hello Hanico, It is my pleasure to be able to advise a fellow South African. Do what you love and you will love what you do. If you love uplifting people there are many different oportunities like becoming a life coach or a healer or a party planner or even turism is a good option for you. Of course no one can decide for you but before you decide make sure that whatever you do you love doing it and all will go right. Congratulations and good for you.


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Paulina 1

:-) Thanks Paulina. everything you have mentioned sound very me and things that I would so much enjoy. But I feel I need to develop the skills to be able to do them professorially and for this reasons I am starting physiology at unisa this year. But that is going to be my mid term plan...as I still have to equip myself. Thanks a lot. Much love

(11 Oct '11, 12:31) hanico

professionally I meant

(11 Oct '11, 12:32) hanico
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