I contemplate this question because in the past our reality of Earth was flat and we conducted our lives accordingly. In actuality it was round. How much of our beliefs are still based on reality instead of actuality? and which is more important?

asked 03 Apr '11, 19:49

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truth/reality is most important, though this present world blows it all off. you owe it to yourself to research a relative truth and see if, in deed, it can pass for reality

(04 Apr '11, 00:25) fred

yes it was flat because of belief. eventually the truth was know and it change.

(02 Sep '11, 18:46) white tiger
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I totally get where you are coming from RPuls...however I'd have to say that it is only our own reality that matters in each and every moment. The beliefs we hold in each and every moment are what determine the reality we are experiencing... so to each of us as individuals it really doesn't matter what is actual or absolute if our current belief system can't incorporate it.

Our own belief system is always what's most important because until we change that our reality is always fixed.


answered 03 Apr '11, 21:14

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My thoughts are the same. it is our reality that is the most important. regardless of our actuality, as time goes on and we come to understand what is actual, then and only then do we live in truth

(03 Apr '11, 23:42) RPuls

A wonderful award winning movie from 1997 Life is Beautiful where a father and son are in a Nazi concentration camp and the father makes their imprisonment into a game.
A must see.
Especially if you need a visualization/fable to answer your question RPuls.


answered 04 Apr '11, 11:46

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edited 02 Sep '11, 17:40

we may at times need to step away from our cultural norms,
particularly when 'the answer' just doesn't sit right.
who makes the scales on which judgement is measured?
spirit or matte, or somewhere in between for now


answered 02 Sep '11, 23:03

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reality is in the truth. how much of it do you see or how are you aware? experience and enjoy.


answered 02 Sep '11, 18:40

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white tiger

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