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Some weeks ago, a man launched himself skywards in a rocket to check whether the Earth is actually flat or a globe.

Now whether "Mad Mike" Hughes really did it to check whether the Earth was flat or did it for personal worldwide publicity is another question for another time :)

But since I've been increasingly encountering "Flat Earth" people (online only) over the past few months, I thought I would try a experiment.

I would take something that I completely believe in - Earth is a globe - and try to "wear" the belief system of a Flat Earther for a while i.e. really try to understand why they believe what they do.

So I spent a portion of some days watching Flat Earth "proof" videos on YouTube

So day after day, I would deliberately watch videos of Flat Earth believers...and it was quite eye-opening because despite me thinking I believed strongly in a globe-based Earth, I found my viewpoint shifting so easily beneath my feet :)

Some days, I would literally be staring at the horizon really trying to figure out if things disappeared in the far distance because they were reaching beyond the curvature of the Earth's horizon or, as Flat Earthers believe, it's just an illusion of perspective.

Yes, on some days, I found myself really believing that we live on a Flat Earth :)

So what's the point of all this rambling?

There's a few things I noticed while doing this...

  • It seems to me that, these days especially, it's far easier to shift belief systems than ever before
  • It seems to me that, these days especially, it's far easier for completely opposite belief systems ("alternate realities") to co-exist in the same physical space
  • It seems to me that, these days especially, physical reality feels far more fluid than it ever has done before

You might even like to try this belief-change exercise out for yourself and see what happens :)

Me, I'm now booking my ticket to the Great Ice Wall at the South Pole that stops us falling off the Earth's edge ...or maybe not :)

Just throwing some thoughts out there :)

Oh, and if you don't where to start your journey to the center, errr...I mean edge, of the Earth, you could start with the following video :)


Just in case anyone is still far as I'm concerned, the following video ends all the arguments once and for all. You can clearly see for yourself that the earth is not flat :)

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Looks like Bashar will be doing a discussion on this in June this year.

(21 Apr '18, 08:19) Nikulas

@Stingray "There's a few things I noticed while doing this... It seems to me that, these days especially, it's far easier to shift belief systems than ever before It seems to me that, these days especially, it's far easier for completely opposite belief systems ("alternate realities") to co-exist in the same physical space It seems to me that, these days especially, physical reality feels far more fluid than it ever has done before"

Can you elaborate, please? Maybe you just resonate greatly..

(21 Apr '18, 10:36) Marin

..with Flat Earth theory.

(21 Apr '18, 10:37) Marin

@Stingray - I love this question. The first thing that came to mind was slavery. How otherwise reasonable and intelligent people lived with something so base and inhumane - because it was accepted by society? because it was easy? I've often wondered what kind of mental gymnastics it must have taken for a slave owner to sleep at night...

(22 Apr '18, 10:18) Grace

...However, this thought doesn't fit in with our times moving faster, and opposite belief systems coexisting in the same space or shifting fluidly, although I did feel the truth of that as well. Hmmmm... I suppose if the motivation is powerful enough, people compartmentalize as needed.

(22 Apr '18, 10:19) Grace

@Nikulas - "Looks like Bashar will be doing a discussion" - Most interesting indeed - I look forward to hearing what he/it has to say :) I did have a search around a few weeks ago whether Abraham had ever commented on this Flat Earth stuff but couldn't find anything.

(26 Apr '18, 03:19) Stingray

@Marin - "Can you elaborate, please?" - It seems that the "extremes" of polarity are becoming more obvious everywhere...when a light shines brighter, the shadows appear darker.

(26 Apr '18, 03:22) Stingray

@Grace - "I suppose if the motivation is powerful enough, people compartmentalize as needed" - Definitely so :)

(26 Apr '18, 03:25) Stingray

(30 Apr '18, 00:47) Grace

(30 Apr '18, 02:53) Stingray
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I would take something that I completely believe in - Earth is a globe - and try to "wear" the belief system of a Flat Earther for a while i.e. really try to understand why they believe what they do.

Interestingly enough, this is what I've been doing too since I noticed that things get more and more intense and polarized (in positive and negative ways) these days.

And I agree that it's fascinating to take something you absolutely believe in and deliberately try to find proof for the opposite of what you believe in. This is a practical way to show yourself how the Law of Attraction works and that you can change reality before your eyes even if it's something that seems unchangeable - something that seems like a simple fact of life.

As I mentioned here in the comments before, the flat earth theory is particularly interesting because it is so deeply ingrained in today's society.

It seems to me that, these days especially, it's far easier to shift belief systems than ever before

Yes, it seems that it's particularly easy to change beliefs if you are open to change AND that it's increasingly painful to hold on to some beliefs because you'll encounter much more people than before who believe in the complete opposite of what you believe in.

I think it's because things are evolving so fast that some people adopt new beliefs while others hold on to them to keep things safe and stay in their comfort zones. This leads to more and more debates on "right" and "wrong".

Here are some examples of these societal polar opposites that I've observed in the past few years that build up more and more tension as time goes by:

  • Group A absolutely believes in political candidate X and thinks that he/she is good, a super hero and a saint. At the same time, Group A also believes that candidate Y is bad, the evil and a fraud.

  • Group B believes in candidate Y and thinks that he/she is good, a super hero and a saint. At the same time, group B also believes that candidate X is bad, the evil and a fraud.

  • Group A absolutely believes that being a spiritual person, meditating all day long and doing yoga exercises at the beach is the most important aspect of life while group A also believes that earning more money and working hard to gather more financial assets in a polluted city is absolutely wrong.

  • Group B absolutely believes that being rich, and gathering more financial assets in a big city is the absolute right way to live while Group B also believes that being a spiritual person, meditating and doing yoga exercises at the beach is totally stupid.

  • Group A believes that eating organic vegetables is the absolute right way to live while Group A also believes that eating fast food and meat is the absolute wrong way to live.

  • Group B believes that eating meat only is the absolute right way to live while Group B also believes that eating vegetables and grains is the absolute wrong way to live

  • Group A believes that science is the only answer and that religion is absolutely stupid.

  • Group B believes that religion is the only answer and that science is absolutely stupid.

There are many more examples I could come up with. However, I think you get my point :).

And what I also noticed is that whenever two extremes clash together, there seems to emerge some new idea after some time that is even better than both of the original ideas :). However, it doesn't mean that those previous ideas don't exist anymore. They have just become more of what they are.

It's as if yin and yang emerge into something new that has never been before. A new entity emerges or a new paradigm gets created out of thin air. And it's more leading edge and better than what it was before.

For example:

  • Atoms emerge into a molecule
  • Man and woman emerge into something called a relationship
  • A group of people emerges into something called society

  • Political view A and political view B emerge into political view C

  • Vegetable eaters and meat eaters emerge into something that encompasses vegetables and meat
  • Science and religion emerge into a new paradigm that needs both of them to exist
  • ...

And because everything is constantly evolving and emerging into new paradigms, I keep playing with both sides whenever I encounter two polar opposites in life. It's fun and it creates new paradigms in my mind that I quite enjoy.

Also I noticed that whenever I absolutely insist that some thing is absolutely true and the other is wrong, life forces me to accept that the "wrong" thing can also be true. And then it's often a very painful experience. So it's easier in my experience to just try to stay in the midle of the scale of two extremes :) because sooner or later, those extremes will emerge into a new paradigm anyway.

So I wouldn't be surprised if the polar opposites of Flat-Earthers vs. Round Earthers emerge into a completely new paradigm after a while. This seems to be the natural way how things evolve in life.


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@releaser99 - "It's as if yin and yang emerge into something new that has never been before." Well said. I too have found myself perched in the middle of two extremes for this reason, sometimes infuriating others with my willingness to stay "on the fence". I'd never thought of it as evolution at work. :)

(22 Apr '18, 10:05) Grace

@releaser99 - I keep finding myself getting really anxious and weird about people having intense strong disagreements like this. It's a major annoying growth opportunity for me at the moment. It often makes me feel very lonely to think something like "Well, this group of people feels fearful, so they're attacking this other group of people that also feels fearful, so they're attacking the first group". A lot of my beliefs seem to be evaporating and not leaving much behind.

(23 Apr '18, 17:43) corduroypower

@releaser99 - Nicely said. I think also that what is defined as the "extremes" also changes over time which, like you imply, suggests a new paradigm has emerged.

Regarding finding the balancing point of "extremes", I'm reminded of a comedic sketch by the late Bill Hicks (Warning: Bad Language)....

(26 Apr '18, 03:44) Stingray
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I think that the Flat Earth or Round Earth exercise is not really about belief change, but it is a good demonstration of how belief systems work. If you think about it, whether the Earth is flat or the Earth is round, both of these views are actually right depending on which perspective you are looking from. For me personally, the Earth is both round and flat at the same time and both of these views are correct.

The same goes for belief systems, an event or situation may have completely 2 different interpretations by 2 different persons depending on their current belief systems. An event is completely neutral, yet someone who is more positive would be able to draw positive conclusions from it, while another who is more negative might draw negative conclusions from it.


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Great comment!!

(30 Apr '18, 15:33) nbd028

Here I am at the current tail end of thread with my favorite one-liner on this topic... "If the earth was flat, cats would have pushed everything off it by now." :)


answered 30 Apr '18, 06:23

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LOLOLOL!!!!! Of course they would! :D

(30 Apr '18, 21:27) Grace

flat line or linear
thinking shows impurities
when describing a living
organism, all that not seen


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If this guy is right, here is an easy way to prove it....

Get a very powerful telescope and zoom in on the Space Needle, then look for the Eiffel Tower, if you can see the surface of the moon with a powerful telescope then you should be able to see the entire Earth every place on Earth with a powerful telescope if the Earth is flat.


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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi - From what I understand, the Flat Earthers say that atmospheric distortions and perspective effects get in the way of viewing far-off locations.

Personally, I think a video like this is strong evidence for an anti-Flat Earth viewpoint...holding a ruler up to your computer screen when the rocket has reached maximum height demonstrates curvature (to me, at least):

Enhanced screenshot here:

(28 Apr '18, 07:34) Stingray

This question made me SO happy! Thank you for it!

I have always believed that anything we can imagine must exist somewhere (if I exist, how can I rule out another things’ existence? Seems pompous to me), and so have always believed in various flat “Earths”- such as Narnia - and they have always fascinated and delighted me!! But the idea of this Earth being a globe was so well established in my life I never considered it an option to think otherwise! But now that I know we are (according to Bashar, billions of times per second) literally shifting realities as we align with different beliefs about reality, I know which one I prefer- and that I can choose to align with it, lol!

Since we are all “God” perceiving our version of reality “as we create it to be” (but really, attract it to be), whatever we attract “is” to us, and whatever is perceived to be reality you will be trying to understand and as you try to understand something you will (by focusing and therefor attracting) “create” a way to understand it. We’ve all found that you can delve infinitely into any subject- the depth to which you explore anything is only limited by your own ability to continue focusing on that subject- even when you reach the limit of accepted understanding on that subject, as long as the desire for More is there, the discovery of it is inevitable- your “imagination” will begin presenting the More to you that is there. We “create” science. Discovery is “creation”. And you truly become God (Your “godself”) when you’re accepting and therefor “creating” All, equally (and as Your equal). Then you’ve discovered the experience of the More within yourself, and accepted it for All That It Is. Because that’s what you truly are- All That You Are; I Am That I Am.

You accept that You are God and that “God” simply means that you are the perceiver of the reality you choose to perceive, and that All are “God”.

So~ back to the subject at hand. People who truly believe themselves to be on a globe Earth (or don’t believe one way or the other, so it’s a coin toss and then whichever it lands on tells you what you really want and then you get the option to shift to that choice- like I just did!) will then spend their time trying to understand how that “works” in relation to what else they perceive to “be”. And as much as we explore alternatives, we bridge with our overall understanding that it All exists, and there’s just More than you thought. It would be the same in a reality wherein people perceived the world to be flat- the perceivers would then devote themselves to understanding how that works- and as you “seek” “ye shall find”.


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@flame-eternal - Discovery is “creation” - Nice insight. I was listening to an Abraham recording recently where someone asked something along the lines of how big the Universe is. And the answer was that you are creating it as you perceive it.

I have been convinced for a long time (and even more so now) that there is no such thing as a work of fiction. The more that people focus on it, the more bring it into being. Science fiction works are especially good at this...the Flat Earth exists :)

(16 Feb '19, 04:48) Stingray

Lol Flat Earthers! I thought this theory was debunked in 350 B.C. with Aristotle proving that different constellations are visible from different latitudes. For example the Big Dipper is always visible at latitudes of 41 degrees north or higher and below 25 degrees or lower the Big Dipper is no longer visible. The only way to make sense of this is if the Earth itself was spherical or in a shape of a Globe otherwise we would be able to see the Big Dipper no matter what degrees of latitude we live in.

Another Great way to debunk the Flat Earth theory is to stand by the ocean or a large body of water and observe a sailboat leaving port. We do not see the sailboat getting smaller and smaller until it completely disappears but what we do see as the sailboat sails away from us is the hull of the sailboat disappearing 1st then the mast disappearing as the sailboat dips below the curvature of the Earth even while observing this experiment with high end binoculars or telescopes with vision enhancement. For those who defend the Flat Earthers theory that the eventual disappearance of the sailboat "is simply an illusion brought on by perspective" it does not explain as to why the bottom of a sailboat disappears before the top and the reverse when the sailboat is returning with the mast appearing 1st then the hull. I have a neighbor who worked on tugboats and on large ships and he would confirm this without a doubt and so would any co-worker of his or sailors or in fact any human who has traveled by sailboat or on any large ship on any Ocean that the Earth is indeed spherical with a curvature and not flat like our ancestors of days long long past before the days of Aristotle would have believed.

I could go on and on and on proving to any Flat Earthers that the world is indeed spherical and not flat but I believe what you are trying to prove here by this exercise/experiment is how one's perception of truth can be easily influenced by others hence making one doubt by questioning their initial belief systems. Pretty clever!!! I just wasted 2 paragraphs defending a truth which has been debunked 350 B.C. by Aristotle himself. lmao

It reminds me of a social experiment I did in the past when I was younger by sharing a thought with someone where they believed it to be truth. Then the one person told others until the mass in my circle believed it to be true therefore manifesting that truth into creation/existence. I was utterly amazed and quite shocked by this simple experiment. Thank goodness I am a humble person otherwise I could have anything I desired in this world. I remember my grandmother telling me back in the times of the Great Depression when the mass of the World were struggling to get by and the mass of the population believed the only way out of that situation was a Great War and the more people talked about it eventually that thought became creation therefore World War 1 was manifested.

A thought is just a thought until the mass believes in that thought then it becomes manifested into peoples lives and becomes a way of life. Our forefathers and leaders of the World knew of this technique and used media such as newspapers, news channels on tv, books, religions, schools and still do today by also using social media to manifest things into our lives that we do not question because we trust in our Leaders to Guide us, until it becomes a new way of living eventhough it may be wrong by Human standards or right by those who control the all in all. There is such a fine line into manifesting our own desires and can be very addictive which is why I remain humble and stay away from such things as LOA. For some it is a way of life and don't see any harm into what they are doing. For others it is nothing more than greed and personal power. Hmmm which side of the fence should I stand on? Maybe it is time to stop being so humble and to start getting what I truly desire .... because LOA is really not that hard to accomplish if one truly believes and I know it works I have used it in the past when I was desperate with success everytime I tried that technique but it was called something else back then before the internet was created. I believe it was simply called "Mind Power". But to remain humble and to use LOA to help me enrich my personal life without creating harm to others is something I may consider. Or maybe not! lol :)

Peace Love n Light.


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