It appears to me, at least, that this saying is based in truth.

I am sure, through my ordeal of withdrawal, that I am truly reaping the results of all my years of using pain medication. (This ordeal is what made me think of this question...:()But does it hold true in all cases? It comes from the Bible, I know, so the saying is as old as the hills. But does it stand as a Universal Truth?

Where does forgiveness fit into this Truth? What about prayer?

I know I am asking a lot in a short space- I hope all of you will try to hit all of these points for me. Thanks!

Blessings, Jai

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it is a universal truth and more ancient than those of our bible, not easily understood since it does not alone by itself. when coupled with reincarnation it represents universal morality and perfected justice,
so briefly, ones chosen actions are in or out of alignment with the natural plan,
if out of alignment, there will be consequences to return to harmony (balance),
which may take more than one of our lifetimes to complete the process of compensation


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Thank you, Fred. May I ask what religion you are? I have always wondered if you are Hindu. Thanks!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(10 Aug '11, 21:20) Jaianniah

Jaianniah, no religion at this time, have found comfort and logical answers to questions that my catholic upbringing did not provide when i began delving into theosophy

(11 Aug '11, 09:35) fred
  1. "You will reap what you sow" is one aspect of what is called the Law of Attraction.

It seems to me that the LoA is often seen as a sort of magic tool to fulfill materialistic or egoic desires. But it goes much further: When we create a certain vibration, this vibration is picked up by others, and they "act" accordingly, which in turn we perceive. We'll find ourselves in company of people who vibrate similarly. We are looking for an environment which supports and mirrors how we feel, and we think and act according to how we feel.

When we are generous, people will be generous to us, when we try to manipulate, people will manipulate us. When we manage to remain calm despite our environment being fearful, we help others to deal with their fears.

  1. We create our own challenges (= problems) according to what we need to learn. There are many ways to learn one and the same, for instance compassion or kindness or how to overcome fear. Whatever we have learned at some point will be helpful some other time at a different level. "The path is the goal" emphasises the process of finding one's own way, not the results.

  2. Forgiveness, kindness, prayer are practical ways to change our own vibrations. They will be perceived by others as they are given. This is why truth is so important: No matter what we are, superficially, doing or saying, our true intention is part of the vibrations we emit.


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Maria 3

hi, Maria- be sure to check out the "mob rule" question...Great answer here! Thanks>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(11 Aug '11, 04:45) Jaianniah

Thank you, Jai :)

(11 Aug '11, 06:22) Maria 3

The law of attraction is exactly reaping what we sow, it is the most powerful law of the universe.


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blubird two

well jai it is true you can see it in action each day. example: someone is not in harmony with him self or other and something happens to that person well he as reap what he as sow. i know at is level of understanding he will try to blame someone or something else. but if he was stress and hiting the nail with hammer with full force and little care he cannot blame the hammer or the nail if he hit is hand or finger he is in control no one else. with someone else in relationship if you treat the other person badly can you blame the other person to not wanting to see you or to have punch you? you reap what you sow.

experience and enjoy.


answered 11 Aug '11, 03:36

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