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(As my previous question Imagine you had the power to make people in your direct environment do whatever you wanted them to. What would you try? has led to misunderstandings, I'm refining it here.)

If you had the ability to influence people in your environment to such a high degree that you could virtually make them do* what you wanted them to, how would you use this ability? Where would you stop?

To avoid further misunderstandings: "people" means neither "the people" nor "all people" as everybody has their free will - it refers to people who are susceptible to your ability.

Just a few "ordinary" examples of influencing people by bypassing their conscious awareness:

  • knowledge of or "feel" for instinctive reactions, needs, emotions and desires - addressing, expanding on and using these (fears, dreams, ego-traps,...)
  • choosing words, sounds and visuals ("hypnotic" speech and writing, subliminal messages like sound, colour, shapes, NLP,...) to get the message across
  • exploiting "crowd" reactions (including when there are only two or three people involved)

Professionals who do so are for instance journalists and media presenters, politicians, doctors, healers, advertisers and other salespersons, lawyers, public speakers and leaders (spiritual or not), musicians, writers, painters,...

edit: *do: think, feel, do, become

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Maria 3

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Barry Allen ♦♦

That power is a violation. Some people have the power of influence and it will always result in a bad outcome. It is a double edged sword, even if the intent is for good. It is an extension of ones ego and should be avoided.


answered 14 Aug '11, 20:32

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The Knights Alchemy

I fully agree :)

(14 Aug '11, 23:58) Michaela

@The knights Alchemy-power is potential energy and is neutral, like electricity it depends how we use it.

(15 Aug '11, 04:18) blubird two

That, basically, is my question: When is using one's abilities an extension of one's ego? Are teachers egoistic because they teach; healers because they heal?

(15 Aug '11, 06:26) Maria 3

Certain types of power can be extremely dangerous without the discipline of extensive training. Fire, in the hands of a small child could be disastrous. Fire, under a trained professional can be used for a lesson in safety. The same with people. This type of power requires the teacher to teach how to separate from the connection. By the time you get to this level, you will not care where the break point is. You become the break point itself and you will know your limit automatically.

(15 Aug '11, 22:26) The Knights Alchemy

Very good explanation, thank you!

(17 Aug '11, 14:06) Maria 3

i agree every one as free will. you can only guide them on the path and help them when you can to not violate their free will. it is not because you have power that you do not have responsibility. the more power you have the bigger is the responsability that you have. experience and enjoy.

(15 Sep '11, 01:30) white tiger

it is said built your house on the rock.

(15 Sep '11, 01:38) white tiger
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For me this question still implies disruption of harmony...i understand this question as stating "if i had power over certain people to what extent would i use this power?

If i was really conscious of possessing this power, i would possess enough power over myself so as not to need to influence others using power.

Those politicians, artists, lawyers...who seem to have power over certain other people by bypassing the conscious awareness of these people are either not fully conscious of their influential capacities or they use it consciously at their own detriment.


answered 14 Aug '11, 08:30

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blubird two

How about a beautiful poem, painting or piece of music which helps people to relax or even makes them happy for a while? How about inspirational quotes?

(14 Aug '11, 13:28) Maria 3

@Maria-i think our definition of power is different, power and influence can be used to put pressure on people against their will, a beautiful work of art wakes up the emotions of pleasure from within the individual, the person becomes more conscious.

(14 Aug '11, 15:28) blubird two

Yes, I suppose our definitions of power are different. To me, gentleness, kindness, beauty, patience and endurance are more powerful than pressure and control.

(14 Aug '11, 17:17) Maria 3

@Maria-agreed, the kind of 'power' in gentleness, me is a tuning in of vibration, an exchange of energy...the effect of which is powerful. The person instigating this exchange is a channel for energy, the influence in a work of art comes from elsewhere.

(14 Aug '11, 17:48) blubird two

yes i agree i would use those power only to maintain the balence and preserve peace and life.

(14 Aug '11, 17:58) white tiger

what you do to other will be done back to you so be carefull what you do or wish for bluebird.

(14 Aug '11, 17:59) white tiger

@white tiger-agreed...

(14 Aug '11, 18:36) blubird two
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Well I would write a book of rules and parables. That were easily misinterpreted and would cause conflict between people .I would have buildings built in every village , town and city just so people could go to them and tell me how AWESOME I was. AND everyone would wear jumpsuits and flowerpots on there head alt text

I really work on being nonjudgmental. And to exercise my will upon other would go completely in the opposite direction.
My wife and kids love me and I them.I have no one I consider my enemy. So I would pass on the offer.
Besides I get coffee often served to me in bed what more does one need?


answered 15 Aug '11, 08:34

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@ursixx-love it, so we're all nuts...:)

(15 Aug '11, 12:52) blubird two

@ursixx: great photo - lol!

(17 Aug '11, 14:05) Maria 3

I find this to be a very interesting question, but I really think that you are talking about persuasion not influence.

Persuasion is when you use a set of tactics to gaim compliance from someone or get them to do what you want them to. Compliance means that you affect the thought process but not the belief system.

Influence is a state of your identity. It's your presence and who you are. When you become influential, you gain conversion. Conversion completely changes someone's beliefs and you become a symbol for what they agree and identify with.

I do not think that persuasion is innately "wrong" or "bad" and at times, may actually be a positive thing. If you are in business for yourself or in some sort of leadership position, then you will have to use persuasion at some point. We often persuade our children also and we are definitely bombarded with persuasive messages all the time through advertisements.

For me personally, doing anything that does does not honor the other person or preys upon a fear would not agree with my higher self and values. Sadly, there are a lot of people who are not in touch with themselves on a level where they will act the same way and there are a lot of people that can be persuaded and even influenced based on their beliefs and fears.


answered 14 Sep '11, 10:05

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well aka vienne often those people in power or business owner have forgot something crucial they need to set example to keep their power or business. example a boss that arrives late often cannot blame employe that arrive late because he does it him self. so even if they influence other for a little while they will be like someone that built their house on sand the storm came and the house fall on them.

(15 Sep '11, 01:37) white tiger

it is said built your house on the rock.

(15 Sep '11, 01:39) white tiger

@ akaVienne: Your explanation of persuasion and compliance is very interesting. Yet, aren't they part of or expressions of "influence"?

When I'm happy and at peace with myself I'm sending out happy and peaceful vibrations, and others pick up on them, noticeably. When I consciously focus on sending out these vibrations, what am I doing then, persuading or influencing them? Are we allowed to do so, intentionally?

Thank you for your comment :)

(04 Oct '11, 06:12) Maria 3
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You already possess this power.

Most of us use it to mess our lives through others.

Observe the nature of your "living picture" of consciousness.

You will get it.


answered 15 Sep '11, 22:03

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The Traveller

Everybody possesses this power :)

(04 Oct '11, 06:13) Maria 3
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