How would you or maybe someone you know deal with guilt or forgiving themselves. I would like to hear (read) about different views or approaches on this subject.

What may work for someone may not work for another. Some of your answers may help me (or you) help someone going through this particular process. Getting over this massive hurdle will clear the persons mind. Doing so will help them to keep moving through life and not be jammed there.

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Where there is space to regret, there is space to feel guilt. Such space can only exists in life not lived fully, for life lived fully doesn't have any additional space for it. To live fully means to live without fears, and where there is no fear, there is no regret and also no guilt.

If you don't live up to the full potential of your life, you will always feel it. So get the pedal to the metal and live at full speed.

(29 May '12, 06:28) CalonLan
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I have had a lot of problems with guilt over the years, especially when I was younger.

I think it happens because when you have views that are not ones that are acceptable to those in the establishment (your parents, your school, your peers, your government, your society and definitely your religion), there are many ways - some overt, some covert - in which you are made to feel guilty about holding them. It's like a form of mind control where the prisoners keep each other in prison.

Until you reach a point where you truly do not care what another thinks about what you think, you are probably still going to be subject to guilt in some way for your actions or thoughts.

The most effective and quick guilt-cleansers I have personally come across are the energy therapies because they seem to get right to the heart of the emotional discomfort that guilt causes. Once the emotion of guilt is neutralized, everything else that is related seems to naturally come back into balance.

The most popular energy therapy right now, I think, is EFT which you can learn for free from YouTube in just a few minutes.

Also, ZPoint (especially with Erase The Tape) and Ho'oponopono are highly effective too. I've mentioned links to these in this previous answer.

And one final thing, start to make it acceptable to yourself to feel angry at times. Yes, society condemns anger but it's not about taking action when you are angry but about feeling that sense of self-empowerment that anger gives you. And anger is then the springboard to regaining that sense of self-confidence and self-stability in your life. Not allowing yourself to feel anger is a sure way to keep yourself feeling guilty. After a while, you may start to realize that anger is as natural as breathing.

This answer goes into the metaphysical use of anger to escape from guilt.


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Thanks for your answer stingray.

(22 Mar '10, 20:12) Frank 1

we certainly seem to be on the same wavelength

(14 Jan '11, 11:20) blubird two

Should anger be used only if you are on an lower emotion than anger, to escape from those emotions or can you also use anger even if you are feeling dissappointed or bored in a situation?

(22 Feb '11, 19:01) Nikki777

@Nikki - Yes, it only makes sense to use anger if you are lower than anger on the emotional scale...otherwise you are going downwards on the scale instead of upwards

(22 Feb '11, 21:00) Stingray
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Random thoughts about cages we build,

look inward at or on what the guilt is for or over;

who is to judge your impulsiveness;

has there been a lesson learned, am I different now (for it);

why is forgiveness so elusive,

isn't it OK to love yoursef again.

change the thought forms; away from dependence, onto selfadvancement and when strong enough service.


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I believe that I have finally learned to forgive myself. I had many regrets and I was my worst critic. However, after reading the Master Key System, I learned that forgiveness is the most beautiful gift we can give and receive. It took a lot of work but I finally accomplish it. One thing which helped me was to put myself on the shoes of the one person whom it was the hardest for me to forgive. It was through analyzing my feelings for the that particular person and the things he had done to me that I was able to let go of my gilt. If I could forgive him, I could forgive anybody, including me. Also, remembering that God remembers me only in love not resentment for whatever it was that I was feeling guilty about helped. I often hear people say "I can forgive but I can forget", my answer to them is, then you have not forgiven. Once you forgive anyone including yourself, it is like a thousand pounds of sand have been lifted of your shoulders. It is awesome. Keep working on it, you will get there. Remember, awareness, awareness, and you will get there.


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I like your answer Petra.

(23 Mar '10, 13:46) Frank 1

I find it similar to quitting smoking. I need to remind myself that I have forgiven myself and move on to now .What we are forgiving ourselves is in the past and it is done.



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I just cast it out in the name of Jesus and it is gone, not much of a problem really.


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Wade Casaldi

I have found that my guilt is at it's highest when I think about other's perception of the mistakes I have made. But then, I believe that if they were in the same spot in the universe (meaning that if they were basically me in that same instance in which the mistake was made) the mistake will still have been made by them (or me, as it were). The same could obviously be said were the tables turned. So what if all the mistakes that were made were made by all of us? So, perhaps, the reason we feel guilt is that we are letting down the rest of ourselves....? Or perhaps we are just perceiving others' perception of ourselves based off of our own judgments...

Sorry if this doesn't make sense... Then again, you would have typed exactly the same things that I am now typing were you in my position. That would include also having gone through every experience and facing it with all of the rationality and experiences that I have that have led me to be typing this this way. Does that make sense? Basically it's a longer way of saying, put yourself in other peoples shoes. Not in other peoples shoes with your brain, mind you. Your brain would have no place in my head, if that makes sense...

this is my first post... it's getting weird... haha

Anyways... What I am trying to say is, don't let yourself be judged, and also, recognize your inability to judge anyone else in the same sense.

This advice would hold more weight if I were able to take my own advice, but hopefully breaking it all down like this is going to allow me to better understand myself and grow from myself in the process.


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@Crives, I understand what you are saying here perfectly. Although, that may not be anything to brag about..... :) I'm working hard today to forgive myself for doing something stupid, and your post helped. Thank you.

(29 Jun '12, 18:36) Grace

I am very young, and most of my faults are so unheard of that some people would just send me to hell right now. I think though the only person who hasn't forgiven me, is me. I need to forgive, forget, and focus on my wonderful life right now.


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Acceptance. To accept imperfection you must acquire a philosophy that surrounds it. In Wade Casaldi's comment, she imagines herself casting out her emotional disturbance with the authority of Jesus Christ. In K.W.'s comment, he paranormalizes his emotional disambiguaity by imagining society to get rid of him altogether, as if his guilt has completely consumed him. His final admonition is to forgive, forget and focus, which are the qualities of acceptance. The pattern of guilt and acceptance continues to flow throughout each comment applied to your question. Regardless of your method to accept the emotion we call guilt you must separate yourself from the emotion by recognizing that the emotion will exist beyond your existence, as it has and will continue to exist. Partaking of the emotion is part of the experience we call life. The emotion itself is fundamental in the creation of all things. It can be harnessed for good or evil. It has the power to demobilize creation, hense the question "How does one get rid of guilt or forgive themselves?"


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