Let's assume we are all channelers, though not all aware of it. And each time we pray to our deity we are actually speaking to them, they're hearing us.

If we are praying to our deity always asking for something, or always sharing our misdeeds and acts, would we be dumping our evil or desires on a possibly undesiring individual who only wants our friendship, NOT our demands or mistakes?

I keep thinking about my belief that Jesus attempted to tell everyone they were attempting to buy salvation from religions for souls we'd never lost in the first place. I believe the only thing God, or Christ, or any other 'deity' has only ever and would only ever desire our love. Do they want the other things as well? When we place our misdeeds out there in prayer are we putting the weight of our actions on someone else, expecting them to experience the penance (if there is any to be had) for what we have done?

Or does asking to be forgiven simply make us forgiven because our deity allows it, and there are no repercussions other than immediate gratification of being saved or forgiven or blessed or whatever else we are wishing for from our deity?

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yea, I guess! haha


(14 May '13, 04:44) CalonLan

you ask the wronged person for forgiveness for said act of impulse. no diety washes away the karma set in motion only your future deeds

(15 May '13, 20:52) fred
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"I am like God and God like me. I am as Large as God, He is as small as I. He cannot above me, nor I beneath him be." Angelus Silesius

Since I believe that God is nothing but the unlimited and non-physical equivalent of me (or you), he doesn't want anything from me (or you).

He is unlimited and has all the love in the universe. Therefore he doesn't depend on anything I could give him. He loves unconditionally because he doesn't depend on any earthly conditions.

So I could throw at him (who is actually me) all swear words that I know and do the "worst" things in the world... and he would still love me unconditionally.

Okay, but then why pray when god cannot punish and judge me? Isn't it a waste of time when I don't have to fear hell or punishment?

Praying for forgiveness is for me because I actually forgive myself by praying. By doing so, something happens emotionally in that moment within me. I feel relief and I come closer to the state that god is in permanently. It's a state of unconditional love.

A good example for this is the hawaiian prayer Ho'oponopono. You pray for forgiveness and you forgive yourself. Thus you feel relief and love (god mode). And when you are in the same state/vibration as god, you can now recieve information from god. And sometimes miraculous things can happen. You recieve messages, get inspired to do the right things etc.

So god doesn't want anything at all...people do!

alt text


answered 12 May '13, 21:37

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Love the last sentence :)

(12 May '13, 22:21) Michaela

Great answer Monty Riviera!! Couldn't agree with you more.

(16 May '13, 09:00) crosby

Im not sure praying for forgiveness is actually very biblical.

Im also not sure where the bible says to pray "for" forgiveness.

If it did say you have to pray for forgiveness, couldnt you just pray once, very early in your life for god to forgive you of All your sines, past present and future and then believe youve received that (now believing you HAVE received something is VERY biblical ) and get on with your life.

No. My answer would be that Jesus or God wouldnt want that at all. But im sure there are millions of people who do believe it is, and im sure there are millions of prayers offered every day to that effect.

Personally im not spending or wasting time praying to an outside deity, who doesnt exist, asking him for something that i dont and never did need.


answered 15 May '13, 09:45

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Monty Riviera


I mean, it wouldn't make any sense. The moment you were born you didn't even had time to do any sins and right off the bat you should start praying for forgiveness? What?

Unless, of course being born is a sin then being born is like souls escaping from source to physical dimension. Which would beg a question, why they feel the need to escape in the first place.

And praying for past life sins, I'm sure you prayed in the past life and were forgiven in the past life. It just doesn't add up.

(15 May '13, 11:03) CalonLan

And what if the source is evil, and all these people telling you you go to heaven after you die are actually evil agents that source has put amongst us hoping you would believe it as all your memory sorts of resets when you are born and counting on that you wouldn't remember. All these things and people that lull you to sleep so you don't actually realize that THIS is the heaven, the paradise you tried and managed to escape to...and everything around that is the hell. Wicked!

(15 May '13, 11:07) CalonLan

=) Love the interpretation Calon. Your last sentence I've always believed, this is Eden, or Heaven, and the world is as perfect as it can be without removing free will, which is the whole point of this experience in the first place.

@Monty, thanks for sharing. Your answer definitely resonates with me strongly, as it is why I believe Jesus was unappreciated by the Church. He tried to tell people they were trying to redeem souls never damned in the first place.

(15 May '13, 11:39) Snow

I agree Snow, your absolutely right. Our spirit never was damned in the first place. Were already perfected, pure, spotless and acceptable . We were never less than perfect, and we never will be less than perfect. We are part of a timeless consciousness,needing nothing, lacking nothing, seperated from nothing.

(15 May '13, 12:08) Monty Riviera
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If you offended me, why would you ask for forgiveness from a man-made deity? If you harmed me, then it is I whom you need to ask for forgiveness.

Prayer is when you do all the talking. Meditation is when you do the listening. Judging from the disgusting mess this world is in, maybe it's time we all ST_U and start listening.


answered 13 May '13, 15:55

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What mess? You mean that bitter sweet show full of love and hate? C'mon it's lovely.

And listen to whom. No living thing is worth listening to, it's only worth listening to the dead. Do you hear them? Me neither.

(14 May '13, 04:49) CalonLan

This is a good question and deserves some level of clarity.

To answer this question we can think of having a friend that is guilt ridden over his past. Now you know he would feel better and maybe relieved if he would just open up and talk with you about it so you could give an answer.

Would you rather just have his friendship and not bother you with how he is feeling? Or would you want him to come to you if he is hurting, especially when you know if he did he would feel better, because he is your friend?

If you loved someone so much that you couldn't stand to see that person needlessly suffer, would you take that person's suffering and pain on yourself instead?

If you would and you are not perfect then why wouldn't God who loves us far more than we could imagine?


answered 13 May '13, 17:34

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Wade Casaldi

Excellent explanation. I was asking this expecting no possible interpretation actually making sense and feeling valid.

Thanks for sharing.

(15 May '13, 01:32) Snow


You don't have to pray for forgiveness because there is nothing to forgive.

EVERYTHING that is done serves as a lesson for self and others to learn. If you make 'mistakes' , those were really mistakes, but keys allowing you to open doors to learn new lessons.

You are WHOLE. You are PERFECT.

You are Existence (Reality - Truth - God, whatever word you want to use). You exist as yourself... therefore you are perfect because you are always being yourself 100%

Even in the times when you are pretending to be someone else... Or you are limiting your happiness...

It is you who is doing so, so you are always perfect at being you.


answered 17 May '13, 22:11

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Beautiful arpgme!!! I don't find all that many people who think like I do, but today, I found one - YOU!! I often look in the mirror and say: "I am perfect just the way I am." How can I not be? I am a part of my Divine Creator; therefore, I am of equal kind and quality. The only possible difference there can be, is one of degree.

(17 May '13, 23:53) crosby
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