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Hi I thought I'd share this video with inward quest and I hope it does alot for someone. It sure turned my life around dramatically and it's a sure way to get your desires coming.

I understand the importance of surrendering and letting go but this is something different for people who want to make an impact now instead of waiting for inspired action. True inspired action will come to you eventually when applying these principles. This does require discipline which the law of attraction often dismisses. But everyone has there own rules for themselves right? Everyone has there own set of rules which become their reality. This is just a different approach to manifesting. It's very powerful and effective and gets quick if not immediate results. I've kicked out many bad habits using these principles.

I've tried this for a week and I can say that i'm very satisfied with the results. I hope that this video makes someones day like it did mine. Let me know what you think.

God Bless Thank you

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Jacob Ford

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Great video Jacob, thank you for posting it. I love the teacher in this video, you can see he is living in a high-flying vibration! He can't stop himself from smiling, even when he wants to make a serious point, he can't stop himself smiling. :)) A fine example, and a powerful message too. :)

(26 Jan '14, 09:19) Yes

@Jacob Ford I hope you don't mind the edit, I just made this into a question as IQ requires, and added spacing for easy reading. Loved the clip, thank you for sharing. :)

(26 Jan '14, 11:21) Grace

Your Welcome

(26 Jan '14, 12:18) Jacob Ford
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Love love love Pastor Joel. The most common criticism he gets is that he's just too happy, and how can anyone genuinely be that bleeping happy? He must be a fake! Lol! No, he is very genuine, and knows what he's doing.

I agree with you, this is another way of looking at manifesting. It's not necessarily the big things that make a difference, it's the little ones... Sounds familiar. :) For me, his messages easily translate into my spiritual beliefs about the Law of Attraction. Most loving Christian messages do, if you know what to look for. ;)

I enjoyed a belly laugh at the bit about Joyce Meyer and those flippin shopping carts! She is terrific too, and that message rings in my head every time I shop! (For me "obedience" translates to conscious awareness of and respect for my own inner guidance.)

Thank you for posting this and reminding me of these folks, and for the laugh!



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He is so happy! I noticed that straight away..high vibing! I think most people don't believe that it's possible to be this happy all the time because most haven't been that way since childhood. It's so simple though, just get in the Vortex, as Abraham would say :) :)

(26 Jan '14, 11:54) Yes

@Yes - I never really believed until I landed at IQ that you can actually choose. Choose your thoughts, choose to be happy. To be honest, for much of my life I thought happy was for people who just didn't know any better. Boy, did I ever get that backward lol!!! :D

(26 Jan '14, 12:22) Grace

Choosing thoughts, making a decision to feel good regardless :) It's so simple when it's pointed out. And boom, just like that, your life changes forever. :) Wonderful! :) :)

(26 Jan '14, 14:53) Yes

@Grace- I guess my days of leaving shopping carts in the parking lot are over....LOL! Bless you...Love you...♥

(26 Jan '14, 17:27) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah - Yes I believe so, and boy is it annoying! ;) The funniest thing is, if you see other tired-looking people grudgingly returning carts, look at them and ask... Joyce Meyer? People will often either nod and sort of growl or nod and burst out laughing!

(26 Jan '14, 21:30) Grace

@Grace I always looked for one of those shopping cart holsters in the lot someplace. That is what they are for, Jai said, "What are you walking way over there for, just leave it here for the next person to have a cart." The thing is I hate trying to park if a cart is too close and so do other people, so it is more an inconvenience for the next person really. But this time it was very cold and there wasn't many carts inside, so when I was done I put my cart inside where it is warm for the next.

(27 Jan '14, 00:41) Wade Casaldi

To be perfectly honest, though I may seem to be contradicting myself, sometimes that nudge I feel inside it to not return a cart. (Or do whatever it is that is judged "right" by our society in general.) Sometimes, I really feel that the person in need of kindness and consideration right now - is me! So I act on that feeling. :) I believe in the feeling, not the rule. To me, that is what is important...

(27 Jan '14, 01:30) Grace

...Also, casting another light on this, I sometimes have difficulty walking, and those carts help a lot! So if you leave yours way out in the parking lot, you will have helped me tremendously, though you did not follow the rule. :)

(27 Jan '14, 01:32) Grace

@Grace actuality as I think about it rules aside, those shopping cart holsters are always very far out of the way, no one gets a cart from them because they are so far from the stores. Then to top it off the guy that collects them and returns them to the store has a long walk to get them... So they seem to be an inconvenience to everyone actually, except maybe the guy that gets paid to move them! LOL

(27 Jan '14, 02:23) Wade Casaldi

@Grace you know if you manifest/expect parking spaces near the stores the problem of the carts is solved. Or move to Sweden we have to put a coin in the carts to use them. You don't get your coin back unless you return the cart. But I prefer expectations of the parking space.

(27 Jan '14, 17:27) ursixx

@ursixx - Yes! For some reason I lost that parking space knack for a while, and have only just recently got it back! :) ..... coins for carts? Wow, they're tough in Sweden!

(27 Jan '14, 20:59) Grace
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Sorry what ever happened to doing the right thing? To assign it to god and not take responsibility for your actions? You take the shopping cart back because it is the right thing to do! No test. You help others because it is the right thing to do. No test. And no expectation of reward . The reward is in the deed.
This same retorik is used in the strapping bombs on people " It is what god wants" .Sorry I will listen to my own higher self and do what is right before I do it because it's a test from god.


answered 27 Jan '14, 05:11

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"The reward is in the deed" - Heaven and Hell are in the moment

If a "I'm-being-tested" belief system helps you feel better then, by all means, use it for that purpose for now. But buying into the idea of "tests" from an external entity will prove ultimately self-disempowering as you try to figure out what is a test and what isn't. It'll have you chewing on spaghetti:)

(27 Jan '14, 09:01) Stingray

@ursixx - I agree with you. I think I may have a weird way of interpreting Christian messages, and the bible in general. I don't talk about it much, because I have never met anyone who shares this view, and it tends to lead only to misunderstanding. I spoke of it in my answer and comments. I would be interested to know if my "translation" make sense to you...

(27 Jan '14, 16:08) Grace

...The way I see it, it's all about Me. Everything. Because it's all about Me, not a judgmental god character, when I hear "Small Test", I think "subtle variations in my vibration"; inner prompting from Source, my higher self that can make all the difference in how high I can keep my vibes, and how successfully I can intentionally manifest...

(27 Jan '14, 16:08) Grace

...So "Are you passing the small tests?" turns into "Are you paying attention to your gut feelings, even the small stuff, and respecting this wisdom inside of you?" Look at our @Stingray's answer here: It's those little things. :)

Did I mention that I know I'm weird? ;)

(27 Jan '14, 16:08) Grace

@Grace I would call you aware not weird. And if you were sitting in that crowd how many of that crowd would hold the veiw you do? I think my answer is directed to those who are unaware. The journey of life is about finding those right small forward steps even when you have stumbled off the right path and are lost.

(27 Jan '14, 17:37) ursixx

'Because it's all about Me' We are ONE energy, so everyone is you. That's how I look at it. Helping others in small or large ways is expressing the love that we are. When we feel love dominantly we're in the vortex. So express love in small ways and you put yourself in the vortex more each time and then you get the 'reward' or 'stuff' that's in your vortex. That's how I interpreted Joel here. But, I love the fact that we will all get something different because we all have unique vibrations. :)

(27 Jan '14, 19:52) Yes

@ursixx - I see what you mean. There are certainly other ways to interpret this kind of message, not all of them are what I would think of as healthy.

(27 Jan '14, 20:49) Grace

@Yes - Yes, that's what I meant to express. It's all about me because it's all me. This has been explained to me many times here at IQ, and I'd read and basically understood this, but it's just lately that I'm finally beginning to internalize it. It is helping me to understand so much.

(27 Jan '14, 20:56) Grace

"beware the ides of march" ... bashar quote "the favorite trick of negative belief is "reward" ... :)

(31 Jan '14, 01:40) jaz
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Yes Joel Osteen is a gifted speaker, a great entertainer and well a known american preacher, televangelist, author of several books and a senior pastor of « lakewood » the largest church in the united states, He's nicknamed the « smiling teacher » and his broadcasts reach over 7 million people weekly and over 100 nations world wide, Many of the things he says i agree with ; use your heart to guide you rather than your head, « my mind is alert, my heart is receptive ».

However the key phrase that set the alarm bells ringing was when he said "before god will release big blessings he will give you small tests". In other words you will be blessed and rewarded by God for your «good» deeds or punished by God for being «bad», so it seems only logical that having lived in such an environment since childhood Joel has built a solid shield around himself giving the impression of a 100 % positive good image

alt text

This kind of shielding is based on fear (in this case fear of God) of an all powerful being capable of rewarding you when you're « good » and thus also capable of punishing you when you're « bad ». Fear based belief is always negative, here's a more detailed drawing of the negative based shield highlighting the different faces that it can show

alt text

Joel has most certainly learned these fear based beliefs during his childhood, his father was a pastor and founded « Lakewood Church » of which Joel is now a senior pastor,

All beliefs are self reinforcing. Genuine positive beliefs are expansive and allow freedom of choice to change that belief if you want. Negative beliefs don't allow themselves to be changed, if you want to survive you must continue believing in them. In other words you find yourself caught up in a double bind, a catch 22 situation. It reminds me as a child of playing the game of tossing a coin in the air and saying to your friend "heads i win, tails you lose" :) 

In the following video « Brick Wall Beliefs » Bashar explains in greater detail how both negative and positive beliefs work and how to detect and recognize them

Addendum; The best way to fight fire is to use fire;

For those of you that feel you're already entangled in such a situation here's an efficient tool you can use to free yourself

alt text

It's an "Eliminator of Harmful Influences" and will get rid of any influences that are disturbing your equilibrium.

Another tool you can use is the "Shield" which prevents you from being caught up in this kind of trap in the first place

alt text

It stimulates your automatic self-defense mechanisms and acts like a mirror sending back to it's source any harmful influences.

Both these methods should be used with precaution and precision.

You can draw them yourself or obtain them directly from Servranx, Belgium

ref "Eliminator of Harmful Influences" (no.44 Eliminateur de Rayonnements Nocifs)

ref "Shield" (no.15 Le Bouclier")

Whilst on the subject of fire fighting here's a bit of interesting reading

... have fun :)


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@jaz - Wonderful. Very clear explanation of where such a message goes wrong, and why.

(29 Jan '14, 10:00) Grace

For anyone interested in studying Bashar's structure of negative beliefs in more detail, there is more information in the comments to this answer:

(29 Jan '14, 16:00) Stingray

@Stingray thanks for the link my friend, useful stuff :)

(30 Jan '14, 10:49) jaz
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I watched the video. It affected me profoundly. Yes, I have been ignoring the small tests for the most part....The Spirit has been nagging me for days to clean out under my desk, which was a real mess. Shoes, clothing, spilled diabetic supplies, coins, wrappers, spilled Band-Aids, garbage, old mail, books, old papers I did need- etc. Now, I have been missing my Miraculous Mary Medallion for some time, and had no thought of it while cleaning. When I finally reached the carpeting, and things were getting clear, there, beneath everything, lay my Mary Medallion!!!

Joel was right. if we listen to the Spirit, we get blessed. It really works!

Have a headache, am going to lie down now, but had to post this. Hard to do- my eyesight is mostly gone from my headache. But Praise God!

Thank you!

Jai ♥♥♥♥


answered 26 Jan '14, 17:25

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Christians are told we are on this earth but not of this earth. We are ambassadors of Heaven. So we are here to represent heaven, how may we do so but by bringing some of that heaven to everyone else. As we bring the kingdom for everyone we as well bring the kingdom for ourselves. The way in which we treat others is based is belief of love and help a belief of consideration and compassion. As we live this for others it will be likewise reflected back upon us. We will be bringing his kingdom and preparing the way for his return. As we do this for others we do this for Jesus, he said as we treat each other we as well treat him. Also as we plant we harvest and so we experience this kingdom we represent by making it more and more a reality for all this of course includes the self.


answered 27 Jan '14, 01:06

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Wade Casaldi

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