I came across this site and through this to Abraham's teaching recently and this stuff is brilliant (along with Stingray's posts). I spent about three years with EFT and Sedona Method and never understoof the principles of manifestation so well as I do now (also reading The Master Key System by Haanel).

I read about the manifesting experiments, and I was curious to how does the "Manifestation Box" method (which is also a process in the book "Ask and it is Given" by Abraham) helps us achieve step 3 of the manifestation, getting into vibrational alignement with what we want?

I certainly understand how it's achieved with the other manifesting experiments. I mean, let's say I want to new car - then instantly the car is created in my vortex and what I need is to only allow it. Since our vibration about a subject is always where we last left it (Abraham's words), and the last place we left it isn't matching what we want - how does putting it in a box and forgetting in helps the manifestation?

I apologize if I missed something. Thanks.

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For those who don't know what "Step 3" refers to, look at: What should we imagine, visualize or believe?

Since our vibration about a subject is always where we last left it (Abraham's words), and the last place we left it isn't matching what we want - how does putting it in a box and forgetting in helps the manifestation?

Regarding your question, if you do the Manifesting Experiment 1 process correctly, ...the last place you leave your vibration on the subject IS matching what you want.

Read through the process again carefully and you'll see it clearly.

You must release the request with an attitude of expectation that it is on the way or being taken care of by someone else.

The box in the experiment acts a symbolic device that indicates to yourself that it's time to let go of the request. In other words, you've put your vibration regarding what you want into an expectant state and now you are going to leave it alone.

We use symbolic devices all the time in our lives.

For example:

  • Some religions insist that people wash their hands before praying - it just makes them feel they are now in a non-everyday mental state of clarity and purity.

  • Signing your name on a paper contract is symbolic that the deal is now done and everyone involved now feels they can't change it so all the negotiations stop.

  • In some military organizations, soldiers out in the field who cannot wash or have basic hygiene are instructed to brush their teeth. That simple act makes them feel clean even if physically they are not.

The box is another symbolic device. It makes you feel like you've done everything you can about what you want and it's time to let it all go and not keep messing with that expectant vibration you are now emanating.

So, if you think about it, the Manifesting Box Experiment contains both Step 1 activities and Step 3 activities.

In thinking clearly about what you really want (usually for the first time), you clarify and automatically launch desire (Step 1) and then writing it down with a feeling of expectation that it is coming causes the alignment to happen (Step 3).

You then get out of the way before you mess up the vibrational alignment that you have carefully crafted into place.

By the way, the "Magical Creation Box" method you are referring to in Ask & It Is Given is a different method if you examine it carefully. Yes, it uses a box but it's a much lighter, casual approach which is used much higher up the emotional scale than Manifesting Experiment 1 - it's a much less head-on approach.

Hope that answers your question.


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There are as many methods to manifesting as there are needed for people to get into vibrational alignment with their desires. We are always manifesting our vibrational matches. The trick is to match our vibration with our desire. Different people require different methods to acheive this vibration. Some people are able to raise their vibration to match their targets, by putting them in a box. So, depending on your underlying beliefs, limiting beliefs, fears, etc... you manifest accordingly. You can just practice being happy where you are, and loving others, and you will find that you are attracting good things, the desires of your heart.


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Fairy Princess

Actually there is no secret to manifesting your desire, and using the box. As you believe, so you shall conceive!


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