Hello InwardQuest,

I'll start off by saying that I'm a male (my username suggests otherwise lol).

Here's the story: I am going to a competition in a few weeks. I am confident that I will win this competition. At the end of the competition, the winners are invited up on stage to receive their awards.

I have a very strong belief that I will be up there as a 1st place winner (as a matter of fact, I KNOW that will be the case).

Here's the problem. Whenever I visualize myself walking up to receive my award, I get a little anxious emotion in me. A bit of that "nervousness".

The reason I've brought this up is because this nervousness doesn't feel good. It is very different from my feeling of joy and excitement (I know, because I have noticed that this feeling has been bringing my vibration down in the last couple of days).

Then again, if this is how I will actually feel the day of the event, wouldn't that put me in vibrational alignment with my desire (which is going up and receiving the award)?

And if so, how will this nervous feeling affect everything else in my vibrational escrow (Abraham term)?

Oh, and if anyone has any idea how I should deal with this, I'm all ears :)

asked 13 Nov '13, 20:26

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one way to look at is ---- just focus on being #1 the aspect where you are really confident and that you win as you already stated you are able to think that... you don't need to visualize receiving the award. Just focus on winning it and leave out the receiving award part..... as always enjoy the journey of you doing your best ever... don't create too much attachment with placing 1st. Place more emphasis on how you love whatever activity you are competing in.... not on the result...

(14 Nov '13, 18:27) abrahamloa
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if this is how I will actually feel the day of the event, wouldn't that put me in vibrational alignment with my desire (which is going up and receiving the award)?

If you are visualizing yourself doing the things you need to do to win the competition and you have this feeling of true knowing that you will win, then it means you are pretty much aligned with your desire. Congratulations!

From what you've written above, it seems that your resistance is not about the competition itself, but about walking up in front of the audience and receiving the award. It may or may not be a fear-of-public-speaking-like anxiety.

And it doesn't really matter in regard to the competition itself.

However, why not neutralize that nervousness anyway?

Here are some methods that are quick and easy.

First visualize yourself walking up to receive your award. Feel that nervousness. Don't push it away. Now you can use one of these methods.

  • Tap along with Robert Smith http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAhNSHNyGd4
  • Or ask yourself these four questions and answer the first three questions with yes or no. It doesn't matter what your answer is. It's just important that you answer them at all. 1.Could I allow myself to welcome this nervousness? Yes/No 2. Could I let go of this nervousness? Yes/No 3. Would I let go of this nervousness? Yes/No 4. When would I let go of this nervousness? Ask those questions as often as you like until that nervousness is completely gone.
  • Or use this meditation technique to neutralize that nervousness.

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@releaser99- Great advice here Releaser. You are definitely worthy of that user name ;)

(14 Nov '13, 11:24) Satori
(14 Nov '13, 16:34) releaser99

@releaser99 Awesome tip too! This stuff is so great it can't be kept secret any longer - sorry -- got to do what I have to do..


(14 Nov '13, 18:09) ele

@ele No need to feel sorry. You did the right thing for humanity :). No one should ever travel without wrinkle releaser spray :).

(14 Nov '13, 18:35) releaser99
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my answer is that you make to much a big deal about winning. some time you win and lose and sometime you loose and win. if you are able to do both of those and enjoy your self you will have a great time that you loose or win.

Let there be light , be the light that you can be experience and enjoy.


answered 14 Nov '13, 20:04

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white tiger

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