Hello again Inward Quest.

I've noticed about the past month or so that I tend to naturally avoid movies that are a bit sad, dramatic, serious, scary, violent or intense. It's not that my tastes have completely changed, it's simply to say that I feel extremely in a low place whenever I attatch myself to films like such anymore.

I've always had an eager encyclopedia for my passionate delicasy of cinema, or all fiction for that manner. These days, I only watch childrens, light-hearted or comedy films.

Now what is the reason for this question?

I've been quite scheduled in vibrational workings for 2 months or so now. I needed to get other peoples take on this- is my new, automatic negletance for serious films a reflection that I am more sensitive? Is this necessarily a ramification of the vibrational work or simply a human beings natural ebb and flow of art?

My new tastes are having effects themselves- for example, whenever the family has dinner, if I know the movie is going to be more 'adult' in nature (even if it's one awards and people say "it's good") I refuse to be there. I cannot go to the movies as much as I used to with my crowd of friends that are appauled by childrens films.

In other words, these new perceptions of film are starting to effect my life in a way that insn't so harmonious with other people. Is this just a path that Abraham may say, "When you begin raising your vibration all hell breaks loose."

asked 26 Nov '11, 14:08

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thankyou. I'm not sure if i explained myself correctly, so, providing you have the power to do so, feel free to edit this question so it may make more sense. Thankyou members that keep IQ running smoothly, Barry Allen.

(26 Nov '11, 14:09) Nikulas
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well nikulas i will say this maybe you are starting to change your alignement and level of awareness. but i will tell you this there is good in everything one just need to find it do not limit and stuck your self in this kind is good this kind is not attitude. or maybe you just falled on some movie that where empty compare to some other. or maybe what they convey has message did not ring right with you. but only you can be the best one to notice that and know what it is exactely. experience and enjoy.


answered 26 Nov '11, 14:40

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white tiger

@white tiger - yes i agree, there is good in everything, there is always a lesson that helps us :)

(29 Feb '12, 00:00) blubird two

Hiya, Nik! This is too funny--I have the same trouble, only I cannot watch silly movies, badly-written movies, and I am starting to object to swearing, especially if it is just swearing for the effect. I cannot watch a comedy unless it has a point and is well-written. Stuff like the old movie, "Ruthless People" is good- movies like "Austin Powers" are bad...I cannot watch anything that is "low" (forgive me, Stephen King). By "low", I mean substandard or even insulting, either to the people in the movie, or to the audience.

I personally never liked children's cartoon movies very much (here I am referring to Disney, I guess...I guess I am not "young at heart, and never was...I hated "Pinocchio" and I saw it when I was five...yuck...kids turning into donkeys was "low"). But I am finding Christian and Inspirational movies helpful...try "Fireproof" if you have a girl, or want one...It speaks about the power of Christ to change us in our relationships.

Thanks for this great question; and yes, I am a movie buff; and yes, when your vibrations go up, "all Hell breaks loose"- I have lost my entire family!

Blessings and Peace and Laughter to you,



answered 26 Nov '11, 16:48

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I'm also one to really, really, REALLY become turned off by swearing (ever since starting vibrational work).

Will watch fireproof Jai; you know all I want is a girl haha :)

(27 Nov '11, 10:08) Nikulas

Hi Nikulas, Yes you are changing and becoming more selective about what you allow into your mind. This is good as long as you don't become judgmental about other people and think yourself on a higher vibration than they are and therefore think yourself superior. Other than that whatever you have a preferance for is OK.

You will notice that life does change as we evolve and sometimes that means we no longer resonate with certain people. Thats OK too for life must go forward. Dont however miss out on family fun and to sometimes suffer the movie or whatever you dont have apreferance for as family fun is important as well.

We can't allways like or please everybody but we can be grown up enough to give of our time and ourselves for the sake of others. Enjoy whatever you enjoy but enjoy your family and friends too.


answered 27 Nov '11, 06:47

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Paulina 1

i like how you mention that certain people flow out of your life once you no longer vibrate with them. This is ever so true, but a difficult preceipt of life- as I am similar to Jai here- I have left half of my family and all of my (once) best friends....Very hard, but the pros highly outweigh the cons.

(27 Nov '11, 10:10) Nikulas
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