Using the table of correspondence based on the kabbala and the hebrew alphabet...a=1, b=2, c=20, d=4 etc. the phrase "i am happy" for example can be coded as 290.

All life forms as we know them emerge out of timeless geometric codes (sacred geometry)... mathematics is closer to the original creative force than our alphabet based which reaches deep into our souls is first and foremost a phenomena of nature, a result of the principles of physics and mathematics.

If i say "i love you", everyone who understands english knows what i'm saying...if i say to you 307, does this have a profound effect on you even though you may feel nothing?

In other words, can an idea expressed in numerical form, create a deep effect, does a number code contain more information than just the value of the individual digits?

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blubird two

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+1 for originality!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(24 Aug '11, 11:44) Jaianniah

@blubird two - a symbol, in this case a mathematical code, is "something that represents something else by association, resemblance or convention, especially a material object used to represent something invisible." In other words whatever code you believe in, will produce the corresponding vibration within you of what that code means to you ...

(28 Jan '14, 00:56) jaz
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If you are looking for correspondences between mathematics and language (I consider music to be a form of language also), you might like to check out the work of Stan Tenen and The Meru Foundation.

He has basically discovered that the structure of matter (and thereby mathematics also, you could say) is actually encoded into the shapes of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

In constructing Hebrew words then, one is actually expressing principles of Sacred Geometry in written and spoken form. It puts a new slant on that best-selling book known as "The Bible", which I believe was originally written a few years back in Hebrew.

According to Mr Tenen, the symbol pictured below is the key sacred geometrical shape underlying the Hebrew language.

Scared Geometry Hebrew Symbol

I've had suspicions for a long time (independent of Mr Tenen's work) that all language is ultimately mathematically based - or rather sacred-geometrically-based - and that we've just grown so used to the superficial agreed-upon meanings of words that we have forgotten from where they originated.

It has long been known by ancient mystics that certain vowel sounds intoned at particular frequencies activate certain vibrational centers within the human body. In speaking certain words like, say, Ra-Ma (with long drawn out vowels), you are actually stimulating vibrational energy within yourself (Ra) and then harmonizing it within yourself (Ma)

Or, ever noticed in English, how so many women's names end with a vowel sound (Anna, Roberta etc) while so many men's names end with hard consonants (Roger, Philip etc)...representative of the "hard" masculine vs "soft" feminity polarity i.e. the underlying duality of all creation in this universe.

I think many of the original holy songs, hymns etc were actually expressions of sacred geometrical concepts in language form but, over many millennia, the original meanings have been lost and we are left with the words without knowing what the words were originally symbolical of.

It's hardly surprising then that we get multiple dogmatic interpretations of passages in "holy books" because the original methods of interpretation of them that the ancient mystics used has been lost. Phrases that were originally representative of Universal Principles get twisted into, for example, how you should treat your neighbour's dog, or whatever :)

So does saying something like 307 have a profound effect upon you?

Quite possibly, but exactly what effect it has may have been long lost in the mists of time.


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@you have some very interesting points...ultimately there is no proof of anything. When i select my winning numbers for horse races using a pendulum, there is no proof or guarantee of anything, only practical experience and unadulterated results based on reality counts. The same is probably true here; a text destined for a manifestation box experiment 1, transformed into a four or five digit number would be a good test.

(26 Aug '11, 11:34) blubird two

If your question is simply, can we train ourselves to have an emotional reaction to the number 307 the same as if we heard the words, "I love you," then yes. Like Pavlov's dogs learned to drool at the sound of a bell. That is called conditioning. You could condition someone to respond to 307 the same as they would if they hear the words, "I love you."


answered 26 Aug '11, 11:57

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Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess-The basic idea here is to express a desire in a form that cannot be analysed by conscious thought, as in music, color...servranx often use geometric forms based on the golden ratio...when putting manifestation energy into motion, the thought intention is built into the physical representation, in this case it is present in the numerical code, however this thought energy remains unperceivable.

(26 Aug '11, 13:02) blubird two

I am a numbers person, but, you can get the same number by many different combinations, so the method you describe would not work to have any concrete meaning to each number. Aloha

(26 Aug '11, 13:38) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess-The table of correspondence proposed is based on the kabbala and hebrew alphabet...although it may be true that some phrases will reduce to the same number code, i can only repeat that the numbers will appear to be identical, the essential difference being in the unperceivable thought intention inherent in the number code.

(26 Aug '11, 14:35) blubird two

@Fairy Princess-it can be compared to magnetizing an object(in this case the number code) with a thought intention, or specific energy if you prefer.

(26 Aug '11, 14:42) blubird two

We respond to 9/11 and 911. Some people respond to 420 and 1337. My avatar has a number. So got to agree with you FP

(26 Aug '11, 23:13) ursixx

@ursixx-yes, 911 to a lot of people is associated with the sept 11 attacks, please forgive me for saying that 911 for some could be associated with porche 911-so there is also an emotional element attached to the number...this is the whole point of my question.

(29 Aug '11, 04:07) blubird two
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Unfortunately, blubird, humans are a species wired from birth to speak words. It is who and what we are as a species. Children, especially, learn language fast and furious- their brains are wired to learn as many words as possible as fast as they can- even multiple languages at the same time.

I was put into a pilot program in fourth grade to learn French. I ended up taking it all the way through college. To this day, I can recite the little first conversations I was taught way back when I was nine.There is a family in our church who has emigrated here (PA) from Haiti, and my French has come in handy in this case.

But it is more than that. There are words that mean different things when we stress them differently as we speak. Just saying a number would hardly allow for this possibility.

For example: I can say "i love you" and mean three different things, depending on how I say it.

"I love you."

"I love you!"

"I love you!

You see? Our speech does more than just communicate information. It also conveys rich meanings. Numbers and codes wouldn't work too well for everyday humans.



answered 24 Aug '11, 07:45

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@Jaianniah-thanks for expressing how you feel about this :)

(24 Aug '11, 09:51) blubird two

It is an interesting question...I am sure the Army could use what you have come up with!Love,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(24 Aug '11, 11:23) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah-perhaps a deep method of training for combat units.

(26 Aug '11, 04:50) blubird two

yes...i agree that your idea may have some uses...don't totally give up on it!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(27 Aug '11, 01:44) Jaianniah
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well your math could be defective for many words could have the same code and not mean the same thing. it is all ready like this with words each people understand some words differentely with different logic and emotion and sometime belief. example: if i write: i am the light of this world. some people will say to me you think you are jesus you think you are God. who do you think you are you blasphemus etc. but those people are good religious people that follow jesus teaching about not judging. and they believe. i smile and laugh what do you want me to say?

in truth we are god's all children of the all mighty. all the i am can be light. who is i am?

so no i do not think that it is more deeply effective then words.

and i think that to experience something is more deeps then words.

do you not experience this world? did you try to write down all what you experience each moment? can you describe in writing all what you feel and think right now in this second? can you describe what is from you what is not from you and why you perceive it this way?

can you write down what sound silence makes?

are you sure every one understand what you say when you write something?

experience and enjoy.


answered 26 Aug '11, 04:51

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white tiger

@white tiger-forget words my friend, the question is; can an idea expressed in a numerical form bypass consciousness and create a deep effect.

(26 Aug '11, 11:21) blubird two

well blue bird nothing can escape counscience. when someone is in front of you and say something and think something else. you know it. even if he talks in words or number. if you are able to get the though from people with out words or mathematic. is a numerical code deeper then a though i say no. can it escape counscience i say no. does it means that it is a deeper energy because it is number i say no. every code or encryption as a key. but once you have the key the code or encryption becomes absolete.

(26 Aug '11, 18:16) white tiger

i would also say that everything is know in the light nothing can be hiden so what does a numerical code becomes but absolete and only usefull for mortals that wants to play hide the information. so experience and enjoy.

(26 Aug '11, 18:23) white tiger

@white tiger-ok i get your point, but i am also just a common mortal :)

(26 Aug '11, 18:33) blubird two

well you are mortal but you are also i am and nothing is hiden in the light. if you want to experience hiding stuff in code go a head its your choice. but on your higher self i am it does not matter at all for your i am or the other i am or the i am of God.

(26 Aug '11, 18:42) white tiger

@white tiger-i think you must be more enlightened than most of us :)

(27 Aug '11, 06:32) blubird two

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

(28 Aug '11, 04:07) white tiger

@white tiger-thanks

(29 Aug '11, 04:08) blubird two
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I've studied these codes for years and feel a more superior code would be hexadecimal code because it would make every phrase unique as there would be no mixing of same numbers representing many different words.

The code you are speaking of is called Gematria and I believe as I said it is way outdated. It drove Crowly insane, finding out that words that should never be associated with each other came up the same number. If you would like proof of this I have the Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia.

There are some weird associations of things adding to the same numbers.

But if hexadecimal were used this eliminates that problem.

So we have A=1 B=2 C=3 D=4 E=5 F=6 G=7 H=8 I=9 J=A K=B L=C M=D N=E O=F P=10 Q=11 R=12 S=13 T=14 U=15 V=16 W=17 X=18 Y=19 Z=1A

So the word Love would be C-F-16-5 see only the word love would be C-F-16-5, just like only the word love is spelled L,O,V,E. "I love you" would be 9 C-F-16-5 19-F-15


answered 27 Aug '11, 04:39

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Wade Casaldi

edited 28 Jan '14, 01:56

@Wade-thanks for the info...with the hexadecimal code would it be possible to reduce a whole page of text into a "unique" four or five digit number?

(27 Aug '11, 06:41) blubird two

Maybe with an Octodecimal code you could? I really don't know enough on codes or these math languages. More old programmers would know better than I would. I am just observing and making suggestions on what may be practical.

(27 Aug '11, 12:53) Wade Casaldi

@Wade-yes i think you're probably all boils down to practical experience of actually using the codes...i must admit i don't have much experience in this area either.

(27 Aug '11, 14:40) blubird two

@Blubird you know I just had a laugh because if code experts read this or hex computer programmers they would get a laugh the blind leading the blind. But I must admit it is an interesting interesting topic to ponder. I know for me personally, I came up with a geometric symbolic binary code myself, so I could keep my SS# without fear of it being stolen. To average people it looks like some other worldly language.

(27 Aug '11, 15:22) Wade Casaldi

@Wade- i consider this question concerns metaphysics rather than pure mathematics...for me all things possess a virtual energy including numbers...true a lot of people make fun of this subject :)

(28 Aug '11, 06:46) blubird two

@Wade-i'd like add that this virtual energy can be "activated" by thought, in other words the digit can be a support for thought forms.

(28 Aug '11, 06:55) blubird two

Oh you are talking about the magic squares like in the lost books of Moses! I don't get into that stuff myself, but I know what you mean. These could be letters or numbers arranged in a square that supposedly has some kind of magical powers.

(28 Aug '11, 13:32) Wade Casaldi

@Wade-i know about nothing of magic squares, sounds interesting :)

(29 Aug '11, 03:57) blubird two


(29 Aug '11, 17:07) Wade Casaldi

@Blubird These are what I could find online Blubird to me it is all confusing and I don't see the point but if you want to study deeper these will help I believe

(29 Aug '11, 17:09) Wade Casaldi

@Wade-thanks for the references, however it's far too complicated for me, i'm just a tiny blubird with a bird brain, lol

(30 Aug '11, 04:21) blubird two

@Blubird HA I told you, yes I much agree, too complex for me too! lol I used to want to be able to do magickel things but now I see it as wasted time. It would just be really something to entertain myself anyway like an ego thing really.

(30 Aug '11, 05:22) Wade Casaldi

@Wade-magic can be so simple, it is the putting into motion of subtle not the manifestation box a good example? A thought puts subtle energies into motion...

(30 Aug '11, 16:07) blubird two

@Blubird No I am taking about the magick squares, cast a spell for this that and the other thing, to me it is a wast of my time to bother and besides I'd rather use prayer. It is so much better working with God than on our own anyway.

(30 Aug '11, 17:06) Wade Casaldi

Wade-thanks for clarifying :)

(31 Aug '11, 17:13) blubird two
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A mathematical code used in this way is acting as a symbol, and a symbol is something that represents something else by association. A symbol is always in vibrational resonance with what it signifies, always imbued with the idea that the person intended at the time it was conceived, it is the secret language of magicians, an amulet has real vibrational power, a consecrated object has real power by virtue that it provides a direct link, a doorway into the subconscious. It has a precise pattern that acts as a sort of identifying bar code, it has an accredited purpose. Using a symbol in such a fashion allows you to tune into whatever you wish and get all the relevant information that you desire.

Remote viewing procedures that were originally developed in laboratories funded by the US military use the process of assigning an arbitrary code to the target, and in the following video the code D8F3-T9G2 was randomly selected. As is shown in the video the remote viewer starts by informing his subconscious that the access code is D8F3-T9G2, his subconscious immediately accepts the orders coming from his consciousness and without delay enters into resonance with the target and starts to provide the viewer with information about the target through the viewer's autonomic nervous system

So the form, the pattern of a mathematical code acts as a matrix womb, mother form and matrix wombs and mother forms are very numerous, a matrix is a surrounding substance within which something else originates, develops or is contained, a womb is the place in which things are formed.

Here are some examples of such forms

  • numbers and letters of alphabets especially ancient
  • geometric forms, flat or solid
  • ideograms
  • religious symbols
  • magic and gnostic symbols
  • works of art
  • musical instruments especially primitive ones
  • monuments
  • tarot and playing cards
  • traditional domestic instruments and tools
  • etc ...

and here are some of the matrixes most often used in subtle energy work

alt text

We live in a world of forms ... L&l


answered 02 Apr '14, 03:01

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Can an idea be expressed in numerical form? The simple way to answer that is for you to look to how this has already being done by the Chinese and plays some part in their culture!


answered 02 Apr '14, 09:16

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yes @i4cim2b the chinese culture is overflowing with subtle energy science, the language itself is rich with ideograms, mysterious chinese medecines ... and i love the bagua a beautifully balanced doorway into multidimensionality

(03 Apr '14, 04:09) jaz

True. However, I was refering to their use of number coded phrases, like the following. .

(03 Apr '14, 05:50) i4cim2b

(5366)I want to have a chat. (847)Don't be angry. (520)I love you (1314)For one's whole life (4242)Yes,yes (555) sound of crying (7456) you upset me (748)Go to hell! (88)Bye-bye (9494)Exactly right (918)Cheer up! (25184) love me a lifetime (770)Kiss you. (53719)I still have deep love for you. (246437)Love is so magical. (0594184)You and me together for a lifetime.(360)[I]missyou
(94)"That's exactly right! (20863)Love you until the nextlife.(52)'I love pets' (3Q) Thanks

(03 Apr '14, 05:51) i4cim2b

thanks for the info ... 520 :)

(03 Apr '14, 06:08) jaz
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