People from every culture like listening to some kind of music, so it seems that it is something that is wired into us. Is there an evolutionary advantage to liking music?

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I'm not sure there is an evolutionary advantage to liking music but I do think it is a universal language that transcends cultural,religious and political differences. It speaks to the soul in a way that words alone can't and for the individual,who is musically talented, it is an implement for expressing their deep seated emotions.


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It is to do with the effect that the vibrations have upon our subtle bodies. Not only do our subtle bodies resonate at different rates, body parts have their own signature resonance also. Hence the effectiveness of Sound Healing and Homeopathy, singing bowls, tibetan gongs etc etc

Some one finely attuned will not appreciate Heavy Metal music - it can actually harm them.

Some one grossly attuned cannot appreciate the more refined vibrations of a symphony etc... but one could argue that continued exposure will have a refining influence, even if small.

Most music falls within an appreciable range on the whole and our bodies resonate with it.

Why does High C excite us so much.. ?? :)


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Rhythm is deeply seeded within the brain. For example, an an old Popular Science magazine a studie showed that if there is a steady, constant taping or clicking noise while studying you will retain more information.


answered 03 Mar '10, 00:06

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