Often during my daily predictions and searches for the winning combinations in horseracing , the same problem comes up time and time again, how to separate the numbers ?

Let me explain...some days the numbers come out crystal clear, otherdays the numbers seem to stick together. The most difficult numbers to separate are the 1, 10 and 11; often they appear disguised as 2, 12, 3, 13 etc.

The same can be true of any number, or any combination of numbers. For example the number 2 followed by the number 14 can add together and appear as 16 or separate out and become 2 followed by 1 followed by 4

Does anyone have a solution?

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blubird two

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This isnt an answer Blubird more of a question.

Do you always bet using a number system OR do you study form as well. Or perhaps mix the two systems.

Ive always found the subject interesting and suppose it leads me to think, could you use a numerical system to do the ultimate in gambling ( to me anyway ) and win the lottery.

I always pick the same numbers and hope to attract the balls to the numbers. Perhaps others try to attract the right numbers.

I would be interested to know a little about the system or at least the rationale behind it.



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Monty Riviera

Graham, because of the way Inward Quest questions/answers are structured, it would be better for you to create a new question for this (and then reference this question from there) rather than build a separate thread inside this question

(12 Jan '11, 11:10) Barry Allen ♦♦

Your right of course Barry. Its not something i would normally ask thou. Its not quite what this site is about BUT i must admit ,it is an area that fascinates me.Im hopeing Blubird will shed some light on it for me.

(12 Jan '11, 12:05) Monty Riviera

pleased to learn that you're interested graham , there just isn't enough space here to explain it , i'll give you all the information you want , my email's in my profile

(12 Jan '11, 16:30) blubird two
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Here is a method based on the dynamic visualization technics of Uri Geller ... i particularly like when he talks of basketball "i could produce fantastic hook shots by concentrating on the ball and making it go straight into the basket ... it was done with sheer willpower and visualization. i was able to grab the ball with my psychic energy and deliver it into the basket" ... and i am also inspired by the extraordinary visualization and telepathic abilities of aborigines, they too can probably deviate their boomerangs in a similar fashion ... here is a short article about aborigines;


Applying similar principles to horse race predictions ... principles that i like to think of as being a kind of exteriorization of thought energy ... of creating in the mind the result of a real action during or before it actually takes place ... the following method gives very satisfactory results and has the advantage of being simple ... sit quietly as in meditation watching in real time the horse race in question on direct tv and just a few minutes before the horse race actually starts, mentally project the numbers onto an imaginary screen, as you would actually see them on the tv screen ... when the numbers are correct there is accord and the pendulum will indicate "positive" ... the pendulum acts as an energy amplifier ... with practice it should be possible to simply feel the response without the aid of an amplifying instrument.


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blubird two

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I always think myself as a very good 'thrower'. When I want to dispose of a can of soda, I always hit the bin. One day it hit me that I actually throw very accurately, so I began to wonder why I'm so accurate, and then I realised, before I throw something, I visualize the state of all objects related to the throw as I want them to be (can in the bin, me happy) so what I do is, I see the bin with my can of soda in it, and me cheering cause I hit the bin. And because trash bins usually arnt very far away, I do not try something my subconsiouss cannot comprehend. Or am I just a good thrower.....?

(11 Dec '11, 23:25) Spirituoso

Hi Spirituoso - for me it's a kind of exteriorization of thought energy ... i've just modified my text in an attempt to explain ... have a great day :)

(12 Dec '11, 13:34) blubird two

feel the whole event, emotionally live the horse race from start to finish, feel the excitement of the race, feel the tension as the horses approach the finishing line, feel the relaxed and knowing feeling of seeing the winning numbers appear, I fix this moment in my mind like the image of a photo finish and in conjunction I use a pendulum and a specific graph with numbers ... the whole physical apparatus (including myself) lined up with magnetic north and thus in tune with the entire globe

(11 Apr '21, 04:17) jaz
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In my audience sat a man who, by his confession, was broke. He had read the same book, but he suddenly realized he had done nothing with the use of his imagination to solve his financial problem.

He decided he would try to imagine himself as the winner of the 5-10 pool at Caliente Race Track. In his words: "In this pool, one attempts to pick winners in the fifth through the tenth races. So this is what I did: In my imagination I stood, sorting my tickets and feeling as I did so, that I had each of the six winners. I enacted this scene over and over in my imagination, until I actually felt 'goose pimples'. Then I 'saw' the cashier giving me a large sum of money which I placed beneath my imaginary shirt.

This was my entire imaginal drama; and for three weeks, night after night, I enacted this scene and fell asleep in the action.

"After three weeks I traveled physically to the Caliente Race Track, and on that day every detail of my imaginative play was actually realized. The only change in the scene was that the cashier gave me a check for a total of $84,000.00 instead of currency." ...T.K.

After my lecture the night this story was told, a man in the audience asked me if I thought it possible for him to duplicate T.K.'s experience. I told him he must decide the circumstances of his imaginal scene himself but that whatever scene he chose, he must create a drama he could make natural to himself and imagine the end intently with all the feeling he could muster; he must not labor for the means to the end but live imaginatively in the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

One month later he showed me a check for $16,000.00 which he had won in another 5-10 pool at the same Caliente Race Track the previous day.

This man had a sequel to his most interesting duplication of T.K.'s good fortune. His first win took care of his immediate financial difficulties although he wanted more money for future family security. Also, and more important to him, he wanted to prove that this had not been an "accident". He reasoned that if his good luck could happen a second time in succession, the so-called "law of percentages" would give way to proof for him that his imaginal structures were actually producing this miraculous "reality". And so he dared to put his imagination to a second test. He continues:

"I wanted a sizeable bank account and this, to me, meant 'seeing' a large balance on my bank statements. Therefore, in my imagination I enacted a scene which took me into two banks. In each bank I would 'see' an appreciative smile meant for me from the bank manager as I walked into his establishment and I would 'hear' the teller's cordial greeting. I would ask to see my statement. In one bank I 'saw' a balance of $10,000.00. In the other bank I 'saw' a balance of $15,000.00.

"My imaginal scene did not end there. Immediately after seeing my bank balances I would turn my attention to my horse racing system which, through a progression of ten steps, would bring my winnings to $11,533.00 with a starting capital of $200.00.

"I would divide the winnings into twelve piles on my desk. Counting the money in my imaginary hands I would put $1,000.00 in each of eleven piles and the remaining five-hundred thirty-three dollars in the last pile. My 'imaginative accounting' would amount to $36,533.00 including my bank balances.

"I enacted this entire imaginative scene each morning, afternoon and night for less than one month, and, on March second, I went to the Caliente track again. I made out my tickets, but strangely enough and not knowing why I did so, I duplicated six more tickets exactly like the six already made out but in the tenth selection I made a 'mistake' and copied two tickets twice. As the winners came in, I held two of them -- each paying $16,423.50. I also had six consolation tickets, each paying $656.80. The combined total amounted to $36,788.00. My imaginary accounting one month before had totaled $36,533.00. Two points of interest, most profound to me, were that by seeming accident I had marked two winning tickets identically and also, that at the end of the ninth race (which was one of the major winners) the trainer attempted to 'scratch' the horse, but the Stewards denied the trainer's request." ...A.J.F.

How subtle were the threads that led to his goal? Results must testify to our imagining or we really are not imagining the end at all. A.J.F. faithfully imagined the end, and all things conspired to aid his harvesting. His "mistake" in copying a winning ticket twice, and the Steward's refusal to allow the trainer's request were events created by the imaginal drama to move the plan of things forward to its goal.

"Chance", wrote Belfort Bax, "may be defined as that element in the reality change --that is, in the flowing synthesis of events -- which is irreducible to law or the causal category."

To live wisely we must be aware of our imaginal activities or, at any rate, of the end which they are tending. We must see to it that it is the end we desire. Wise imagining identifies itself only with such activities that are of value or promise well.

However much man seems to be dealing with a material world, he is actually living in a world of imagination.

This answer is marked "community wiki".

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"he must not labor for the means to the end but live imaginatively in the feeling of the wish fulfilled." In other words, do not attempt to predict the numbers, attempt to predict the actual winning. If you insist on figuring out "the numbers", simply pick a combination that seems natural to you and be loyal to it in your imagination and they will become the right the numbers.

(23 Nov '13, 11:21) flowsurfer

yes @flowsurfer, thanks for the enlightenment ... and by the way there's a very simple way of separating 1,10 and 11 ... only choose horse races with 9 or less runners!

(04 Apr '21, 05:02) jaz

It's all about feeling the flow of energies and arranging the various influences until they fit in nicely together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Rather than centering your attention on the vibrational pattern of the numbers center your attention on the vibrational pattern of the winning horse.

So first of all create the vibrational pattern of the winning horse, there are many ways of doing it, the method I prefer is to use a decagon. With the vibrational pattern of the winning horse as my central theme I now test each number using a pendulum until there is the exact vibrational match, to do this I use a graduated vibration separator disk.

It's great fun :)


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Horse whisperer :). That makes sense.

I was watching the Olympics and I predicted with near 100% accuracy who was going to fall during the skating and sledding events yesterday :D

(06 Feb '22, 19:33) ele

100% accuracy that's brilliant @ele ... gently swinging a pendulum too silent to be real was often considered as witchcraft in the middle ages :)

(07 Feb '22, 07:07) jaz

It wasn't intentional. I didn't realize I was doing it till near the end and why I said " near 100% ". I wasn't writing it down or keeping track but thinking back, I don't think I made any wrong predictions. None. I did the same yesterday with the skiing and skating. I wasn't even thinking about what I was doing in the beginning. Same results. Perhaps I was a vibrational match :( Then I thought maybe it isn't a good idea to be a match to spills or falls :)

(07 Feb '22, 13:44) ele

Also - There is some research showing the closer to the event happening, the more accurate your intuition will be. Most of us have experienced that. Think about when you are driving and you get this sudden feeling out of nowhere that tells you to slow down.

I know a practitioner of aromatherapy who uses a pendulum. She chooses the essential oil and then pulls out her pendulum, then closes her eyes to check her choice. As far as I know they normally agree.

(07 Feb '22, 13:59) ele
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