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I like the fact that many people are becoming awaken more and more. And I would like to share with you lyrics of a song I heard recently (This is no ordinary song to me, it really hit the bull's eye within me, which happens rarely). And purchased the CD right afterwards, as I felt a huge urge I must support someone like this.

It is a rap song and you could really see the drastic change in lyrics and trend of topics rappers rap about in range of several years. I recall 10 years ago singing about awakening would be unthinkable in my country. So people rapped about smoking weed, then there were usual hatred, ego boosting topics, now it's becoming a stream for channeling Buddhist-like ideas. Although I don't listen to rap a lot, I find it to be the genre with the greatest ability to impact one's mind. Because it mixes hatred and love, it often shows you bad stuff to teach you about the good one.

The song is not in English, so following is my own translation of the lyrics.

Name - Solitude and music

refrain: Pushed to a corner, Evil trying to swallow the world, Everything seems to get complicated, lies and chaos in your minds, are testing you all the time, so let go of your uncertainties and fly. Solitude and music is the greatest cure.

Humility and purity want to become part of you, When Ego calls, it ends with a feeling, so try to avoid it. Your soul wants to go home. The confusion will disappear when you get to know yourself.

part 1: See less with your eyes, listen more with your ears, Solitude and music will help to purge your soul. That's why I please my sight lot less, I start playing piano and welcome the solitude.

Running away from tension to higher dimension, My body dies, my soul becomes alive. Although I feel like falling asleep, I'm waking up, I travel into my soul where I'm in the center of the universe.

My body becomes merely a tool. The music opens the gates of understanding towards the endless wisdom.

In solitude I ask nothing, search for nothing, I feel the freedom and have compassion for everything. I don't judge the evil that I recognize, because even the evil carries a message.

part 2: Solitude energize me, in it I am myself, music is magic that creates a beautiful world that makes me smile like Buddha did. It's just me and music.

And so healing of my soul can begin, before my Ego has chance to intoxicate the world. Shallowness of the never sleeping mind can betray you, so in meditation I find the deeper meaning.

Thus sometimes I run to my own cave, when I cannot find the answers to my questions. Being with myself alone is magical moment of peace, solitude in the nature is my own island of freedom.

Maybe that's why I'm running alone like Forrest Gump my whole life, If somebody follows me I don't mind. When someone joins me, I'll be glad, if nobody does I won't get sad.

part 3: Do you see that obsessive addiction to everything around us? This way the flower of your soul won't be able to grow. How can you expect to be happy with someone else, if you cannot be happy with yourself?

Maybe that's why people are looking for happiness outside of them, looking for something beautiful, material, something that will succeed. They're unhappy and nervous, asking when will happiness come? Without realizing it's already within them.

Your love for others is just an selfish act. More than love you give them slavery. Perhaps that's the reason for so many tears in this world. Knowing yourself is tough but will make you free.

Even the sunshine seems to be nicer after the storm, the whole life is just a ride that tempts you. Energy starts nowhere and nowhere it ends, that's why I never depart myself with hope.

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tapping into intuition
some by music others art
yet relaxed enough to be

free of intellected types
so in away alone to
get to know who you are


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