I am full to the brim with PTSD, and I have begun learning EFT to deal with it.

What other modalities do you perhaps know that will rid me of past pain once and for all?

Blessings, Jai

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Psych-K is a technique I read about from Bruce Lipton. Sorry, I don't have links.

Matrix Reimprinting is an advanced form of EFT you might want to look into. It's where you have someone tap on you and talk you through mentally going back to the traumatic event and introduce yourself to your younger self, and offer assistance. Once you get permission, you then tap on your younger self and do the eliminating rounds and then do some positive rounds. I don't have anybody to help me do it, so I can only do what I can do by myself. I have read great results from it, I just haven't done it alone, too scary. Well, I tried what I thought it was, then I read the book and I didn't do what they said, I had done my own version. But it was too scary by myself. I have so much work to do, it's overwhelming. But, thanks to my persistance of posting here about it is a reminder to myself to do it.

I will write you an EFT script, see if that helps.

Even though I never fit in with my family, I am still a great kid

Even though my childhood was one of nightmares, I was still a great kid

Even though I felt alone and abandoned, I was still a great kid

Top of the head: I never fit in with my family

Eyebrow: My childhood was one of nightmares

Corner of eye: I felt alone and abandoned

Under eye: I was locked into a coffin with an embalmed body for a few hours as a way to ensure my silence

Under nose: I _____ (what happened that you were locked in the coffin to keep you quiet about)

Chin: I felt rejected at home

collar bone: I felt rejected at school

Under arm: I felt rejected by my friends

tap wrists together: I felt abandoned

Karate Chop Point:I felt scared, unsafe and alone

TOH: Nobody understood me like my dad

EB: I was born into the wrong family

CoE: I didn't belong in this body

UE: I still don't belong in this body

UN: I hate this body

Chin: I reject this body as mine

CB: It is full of pain

UA: I get pain in my legs

Wrists: I get pain in my back

KCP: I get pain in my neck

TOH: I get pain in my shoulders

EB: I get pain in my arms

CoE: I get pain in my _

UE:I am affraid of accepting this body

Add in some sentences with specific things and events to you if you feel like there are things I missed because I wasn't there. Do this around and around until you get down to a zero. Take a deep breath and drink some water.

Then do the positive

KCP: I have decided to love myself

ToH: I choose to accept my body

EB: Somehow I will find a way to be comfortable in this body

CoE: I choose to be at peace with who I am

UE: I have decided to belong in my family

UN: I choose to love this body

Chin: I choose to feel whole

CB: I have decided to relax and feel at peace here and now

UA: I have decided to love my body

Fill in some more with your choices for you and do this a few rounds.

Then take a big breath and drink a glass of water.

This is taken from the one I wrote for myself for the clean sweep, but I adjusted it to fit what I know about you. The first time I did this, I couldn't even say the words outloud, just sobbed. So, I tapped and read it in my head. Then I started over and said it outloud, still sobbing. I did several rounds until I got it down. I don't measure the SUDS, I just feel it or I don't. then I did the possitive part.


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Fairy Princess

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Excellent script Fairy Princess, there are some things when I try to tell her use EFT on she feels it wont work for. I feel like try it what could it harm just trying it. But she has a point when she has a headache the last thing she wants is to tap her head she told me. It does pain me to see her suffer from her past and present rejections though. Thank you Fairy Princess together we'll help her. :-)

(24 Aug '11, 15:41) Wade Casaldi

Junie, THIS IS MARVELOUS!!! It fits me so well! You have drawn together all you have learned about my past into this wonderful script! I am sure, with Wade helping me tap, that I WILL conquer all the horrible, awful things that were done to me in my childhood. For example, once I was locked into a coffin with an embalmed body for a few hours as a way to ensure my silence...I mean, that is just something you just cannot simply and easily forget. I have terror of small enclosures to this day. But with tapping, I am sure that this memory, and others equally appalling, will no longer run my life!

(24 Aug '11, 17:19) Jaianniah

Wade, when she has the headaches and doesn't want to tap on her head, just eliminate all head spots and tap every where else, but include the fingernail beds of each finger, as points instead. If she doesn't have the energy, but is willing to let you tap, then you tap. You can even do the talking or she can talk or just read it in her head at first.

(24 Aug '11, 17:19) Fairy Princess

Thank you so much. I only wish I could get together with you and help you to tap out YOUR pain as well. Please try to have the courage to do it...Wade and I may need to pray you through it,and we will! Much love to you, dear, and +1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(24 Aug '11, 17:21) Jaianniah

Thank you Jai, I will expect to receive your prayers. :) I will make the adjustments in the script.

(24 Aug '11, 17:25) Fairy Princess

I didn't realize how flexible EFT could be, thanks so much Fairy Princess! :-D

(24 Aug '11, 17:29) Wade Casaldi
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Dear Jai,

Please seek profesional medical help with a qualified therapist. PTSD can be debilitating and can make your life a misery.

You have to change your reaction to the situation that is causing you such distress and mental pain. I dont know what your situation is but below is an example of how this can be done. This helped me deal with emotional pain and if you like you can try it.

EXAMPLE: Mary was mugged at gunpoint on her way to work and the situation left her with a fear of walking past the same spot where the mugging happened. Every time she walked past the place her heart would start to race, she woud become short of breath and her hands and body would began to sweat. Emotionaly she would be a wreck. The problem was that Mary had to walk past there to get to her place of work. There was no alternative.

Mary changed her situation arround by going back to the situation in her mind and changing it so that it lost its frightning hold on her. She immagined that the gun was a banana and that her attacker was dressed like a clown. She imagined him with a round red plastic nose and big red clown shoes and colthing. She changed his voice to that of humor and after practicing this way for a few weeks the attack lost it's terror and become quiet funny for she took the attackers power away and made him into a harmless clown. Today Marry has no problem walking past the spot that used to cause her such anguish.

Of course this should be done in a safe enviroment prefereably at home or where you feel at total ease.

If I were you I would seek profesional medical help first and than try some of the other alternative stuff. You never can tell which of these will work for you for we are all different.

Whishing you well...Paulina


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Paulina 1

That is similar to Matrix Reimprinting.

(24 Aug '11, 21:51) Fairy Princess

i have had similar problems, n m dealing wid it for the last 7 years, still not cured. bt things hav improved, very recently. so i cn tell u 1st hand experience. plus i took 7 years to go thru almost every exercise avlbl, so i cn tell u what really is working for me.

i ws so out of control n used to gt so impulsive at times that i used to give up the practices i startd. one thing i learnt is that it takes time. u have to continue doing it for 3-6 mnths. obviously eft works instantly, u may try, but then that will b the end. there will be no learning involved. then whatvr trauma u faced, u just suffered from it, and then one day u got over it. or u cn use it as n oppportunity to grow.

if u really wna gt over wid the problems, n grow magnanimously, ill tell u wht u shd study n start practising. 1. sun gazing- by hira ratan manek 2. tratak 3. antarmouna - (satyananda saraswati's writings on antarmouna) 4. sudarshan kriya (art of living).

bt all these exercvises take time to show results. but there is one thing that shows immediate result, as soon as u finish doing it. and it will last for most of that day. it is yoga asanas. they r not just physical exercies, n wen it comes to overall health (not just physique), they shd b the 1st choice. they help in gaining control over the mind. and no matter what the problem is, whether in emotions, feeelings, sensations,. thoughts, imaginations, etc.. its all nothing bt an aspect of mind. so when u start gaining strenght over mind, all problems strt fading....


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abhishek mishra

Hello jai,

first off, well done for making a public stand to address your conceerns for this very important issue! Your health is absolutley everything and how you feel is no laughing matter!

I am an ex armed froces veteran who suffered from major PTSD and depression after serving in kosovo and iraq! I came home a mess and almost lost my family and my life! so i know how it can feel! PTSD is not just for the army it can effect anyone from kids to OAPs.

Before you do anything you really need to get seen by someone who is a professional! i know this might sound like old news but it's the step you need to take! if you have not done this then please do so!

Now you posted here to get some help! so here is my shot at trying to help you!

PTSD is by far one of the worst mental health injuries you can have! so congratulations on being one of the few who have had to go through it! it aint easy! so by posting here you have proven that you are courageous and full of hope! you are someone who believes that there is a way out of this darkness! one of my favourite quotes is by a great poet!

"Rage Rage against the dying of the light" Dylan Thomas

You need to find the rage inside of your heart that knows there is no way in hell you are going to let this mother "F" beat you! I'm talking from experience! you truly can make a shift in how you feel and get back to enjoying your life again without this monster!

I will let you into a little secret???

There is a way of thinking about your self that helps you shift the way you feel about yourself? its called


Somewthing Worth Fighting For!!!!!

I have written a book about this and currently have agents and publishers working on getting it out there! the point im making is that you do not have to live like this! you have the ability to live the life of your choice! I know sometimes your deepest feelings can overcome how you experience each day but i know there is a little voice within you that is ready to make the nessecary desicions to live a life of meaning and a life that is worth fighting for!!!

If your up for it i would be very happy to offer some free coaching ! (no B.S) no selling or crap like that. just honest help for getting you back on track!!!

check out my credentials at


I hope you find what your searching for!

Take care and never give up!




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