i really wonder why so many people don't know about several techniques in this world because i used several energy clearing methods such as EFT, faster EFT, mc2 method and sedona etc. and they helped me a lot to cope with my emotions.

today i suddenly had mild depressions but i couldn't get in touch with that underlying emotion. then i chose to try focus blocks for the first time. it was awesome. i went from beeing depressed to beeing extremely happy and joyful in about 5 minutes.

i think these techniques should be taught in schools. what do you think?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Vibration - Frequency - Beliefs - Vibration - Frequency - Beliefs - Vibration - Frequency - Beliefs

Those three words just about sum up your question, but I will expand on it a little further.

What you are not the frequency of, you will not experience in your sensory reality. If you are not tuned into the frequency of EFT, Focus Blocks, or the Sedona Method, then you will never even know of their existence. To add to that, you would also need to have a belief that they work to even consider using them.

In my opinion, most of the collective consciousness of this planet has been asleep to who they really are. The things that they hear on TV, and from their medical doctors, and their therapists, and their teachers, are the automatic structure that they adopt and believe to be the only truth and final say in their experience. They have become so used to someone else telling them what is right and wrong and what works and what doesn't. They are on the frequency of disempowerment. I'm not saying where they are is wrong, I'm saying that they are not the frequency of who they truly are and have the potential to become whatever they want just by making a choice.

There was a time a few years back when I had no idea about any of this stuff. I had a program running that always said, "anything that is not the norm is weird and stupid, if you hear something like "new age" just stay away from the wacky stuff." My belief system was on a different frequency range and I couldn't allow myself to see things from a different perspective. I went with the one way only vibration and now that I look back at it, it made me severely unhappy.

There is also a quote out there that says... "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

I strongly believe that it is now time for many students on this beautiful planet to allow those teachers to appear before them. I believe we are at that certain point in our evolution where people will start waking up to the truth of reality and the techniques talked about on this site will be very normal and part of everyday life.

The mass usage of the internet is still only 10-15 years in the making and in its infancy. There is way too much information flowing through these computers to keep the masses asleep for any extended period of time. So many people now have the power of information in their pockets and it only comes down to a choice of what they want in life and which direction they prefer to go in.

i think these techniques should be taught in schools. what do you think?

The more people that wake up to their true self will fix the issue of subjects like this being taught in schools. Adults will then pass their understanding down to their children and so on and so forth. It could eventually get to the point where the structure of the school system we have now will crumble because all the knowledge we ever need is inside each and every one of us right now.

I like to remind myself that I have learned more about my existence in the last 4 years (pertaining to the subjects we talk about here at IQ) than I ever did in my entire 13 years of mainstream schooling. I prefer being self taught (by me) than being forced to learn something that I have zero interest in.

We are where we are at any given moment, and it is always the exact place we need to be at that precise timing. It's our choice and our choice alone which path we choose to take and when we decide to explore it. More and more people everyday are choosing empowerment.


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@Cory, I agree with all you wrote, and I'm happy to report that my own son's mostly self-taught spritual education surpassed mine several years ago. I can imagine that his children will be even more amazing. So I have high hopes for humans, personally. And I'm so glad you decided to come over from the dark side, and to use your powers for good instead of evil! ;) It hard to imagine you close-minded, but then, so once was I. I used to know everything! LOL!

(26 Sep '12, 01:08) Grace

@Grace I do think that will be the way the new path flows. We will learn, and then teach those we care about. At least that is the parallel earth that I know I will continue to manifest on. I do have to thank my old Dark Side close mindedness though. If it wasn't for the experience in those days, I would never have known what it is I want in life and never found the light of The Force. Lets appreciate those old (so called negative) experiences for the compass needles that they were.

(26 Sep '12, 01:30) Cory

@Cory - Yes that sums it up. Today I have been listening to a really old (20 years ago) recording of Barbara Marciniak talking about manifesting. She was asked why people don't believe in these concepts and the reply was that many on our planet just aren't ready to take responsibility for their own lives. It is quite a responsibility when you think about it. To be honest, I still struggle with that.

(26 Sep '12, 05:50) Catherine

@cory thank you. i agree many people are close minded so i was. also i like the quote your student-teacher quote.

besides i think there is a paradigm of "all concepts must be scientific". if something is not created with a scientific background it must be some crazy new age stuff with placebo effect.

the other thing i was thinking about is we humans prefer to listen to authorities naturally. so if for example obama, donald trump were using the methods more people would give them a try i think.

(26 Sep '12, 06:35) releaser99

@Cory, you are so right. Don't despise the day of small beginnings. Thinking about all those dark years remends me why I want to keep on going, even when I'm a bit dicouraged. My worst day here in my light awakening is better than my best day was in my dark sleep.

(26 Sep '12, 08:53) Grace

@releaser99 - I'm not sure about authorities. People have to earn my trust, I know. I was told by a teacher as a little girl that I had to respect her, because she was a teacher. I responded - Why? You haven't earned it!

Its like that for me with most authority figures still today.

(26 Sep '12, 08:58) Grace

@Grace Me too Grace! I find doctors don't like it though so I usually keep quiet.

(26 Sep '12, 09:02) Catherine

@Grace with authority i simply mean someone who is an expert and who you can trust. i don't know who your authority figures in life are, but imo we humans are group living animals and we tend to listen to the leader of a group rather than to another one. for many people these authorities are celebrities today. e.g. as i could observe the user stingray seems to be the biggest authority in IQ because he build trust. so almost all users would rather test his new ideas rather than mine e.g. :).

(26 Sep '12, 09:18) releaser99

@Catherine - Me too. The moment I complain, this responsibility comes to mind, and it can be tough pill to swallow. Not a pleasant thought sometimes, but at least it offers hope! :)

(26 Sep '12, 09:20) Grace

@Catherine - we both typed "me too" for eachother at the same time... your post wasn't visible to me yet, as I was busy aswering @Cory and @releaser99. That's cool. :)

(26 Sep '12, 09:37) Grace

@releaser99 - I'm sorry, I see now that you meant trusted authority, not simply who is shouting the loudest, and who is most proficiently manipulative. And you are right on target about our @Stingray, he is one person who has earned a tremendous amount of respect from me. But I still would like to test any ideas you have that resonate with me - you obviously have a lot of good thoughts and experiences to share! :)

(26 Sep '12, 09:43) Grace

@Catherine - Yes! If I remember rightly, that teacher didn't take it real well either! LOL! I seem to have successfully blocked out the memory of the consequences of my um, early self-expression. Perhaps that's for the best. :)

(26 Sep '12, 09:47) Grace

@Grace WOW - that is spooky ... in a nice way.

(26 Sep '12, 12:22) Catherine

@Cory - Once again, I love the voice of self-empowerment in this post. Well done. Thank you.

(10 Jan '13, 14:15) figure8shape

@figure8shape You are welcome!

(10 Jan '13, 15:08) Cory
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i think it is because they are afraid... it would mean their whole life was a lie... more specifically everything that they had ever been told was a lie, intentional or not.

i believe they are afraid of being wrong.


answered 26 Sep '12, 11:38

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dangerously bear


@dangerously bare None of us like being wrong so this makes sense. I think in Conversations with God he talks about our need to be right holding us back enormously.

(26 Sep '12, 12:28) Catherine

That is not it. In essence, people reject all of this because it sounds like loser talk to them. You are only supposed to feel good when you are winning. Pain is there to kick you out of loserdom. If you are bi-wining, you can feel extra good.

(10 Jan '13, 15:36) flowsurfer

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P.S. Hello Ursixx

(28 Sep '12, 22:12) Eldavo

I didn't know, until I found out. Now I know what I know. But, I still don't know what I don't know. If only I knew then what I know now. If only I knew now what I'll know then.


answered 26 Sep '12, 09:03

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Fairy Princess


@Fairy Princess - This same thought occurred to me earlier this week when I read something - a question about what was referred to as "the Godhead" and the answer was that there was stuff that would literally blow our minds if we knew it - we simply wouldn't be able to process that information. Still it's exciting to know that there is always new stuff to discover.

(26 Sep '12, 12:26) Catherine
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