This question came to me shortly after asking my previous question "would you consider that a mathematical code can be deeply effective?", so in my mind the two questions are linked.

Assuming that a mathematical code can be deeply effective, let me summarize...imagine that i want to manifest a wish using the manifestation box method...i express my desire by writing it in english on a sheet of paper, then i reduce this message to a four or five digit number code using the table of correspondence based on the kabbala and hebrew alphabet. So for me this number code is an exact mathematical representation of my wish that i have expressed in english, and means exactly the same thing to me. Using just the correspondence table this number code is impossible to decode back into english because there is an inherent wish embedded within it. Anyone who has thrown a coin into a wishing well knows that the coin carries a wish with it in the form of a subtle energy difficult to define in physical terms.

Let's now extrapolate this theory to the present question...imagine now we are an all powerful universal force (god if you like)...we have a wish that we have reduced to a mathematical code...The Golden Ratio (phi) ...there are at least two reasons why phi cannot be decoded logically...firstly for the reason mentioned above, that is, there is a subtle energy embedded within it which defies all logical definition, and secondly because the number phi is infinite, that is, the limits of phi are unknown.

Metaphysics offers a solution...that there exists a consciousness far beyond our comprehension...

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blubird two

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"In the Season 1 episode "Sabotage" (2005) of the television crime drama NUMB3RS, math genius Charlie Eppes mentions that the golden ratio is found in the pyramids of Giza and the Parthenon at Athens. Similarly, the character Robert Langdon in the novel The Da Vinci Code makes similar such statements (Brown 2003, pp. 93-95). However, claims of the significance of the golden ratio appearing prominently in art, architecture, sculpture, anatomy, etc., tend to be greatly exaggerated. ("

While the Golden Ratio is interesting, blubird, I think its prominence in the world has been a bit exaggerated. Can you back up what you are claiming with hard math? Mostly, the Golden Ratio has to do with some geometric figures like pentagons....Sorry, Jai

Additional info to back up my assertion, from the very source blubird has mentioned in his comment to me:

From Wikipedia on The Golden Ratio:

"The Parthenon's facade as well as elements of its facade and elsewhere are said by some to be circumscribed by golden rectangles.[21] Other scholars deny that the Greeks had any aesthetic association with golden ratio. For example, Midhat J. Gazalé says, "It was not until Euclid, however, that the golden ratio's mathematical properties were studied. In the Elements (308 BC) the Greek mathematician merely regarded that number as an interesting irrational number, in connection with the middle and extreme ratios. Its occurrence in regular pentagons and decagons was duly observed, as well as in the dodecahedron (a regular polyhedron whose twelve faces are regular pentagons). It is indeed exemplary that the great Euclid, contrary to generations of mystics who followed, would soberly treat that number for what it is, without attaching to it other than its factual properties."[22] And Keith Devlin says, "Certainly, the oft repeated assertion that the Parthenon in Athens is based on the golden ratio is not supported by actual measurements. In fact, the entire story about the Greeks and golden ratio seems to be without foundation. The one thing we know for sure is that Euclid, in his famous textbook Elements, written around 300 BC, showed how to calculate its value."[23] Near-contemporary sources like Vitruvius exclusively discuss proportions that can be expressed in whole numbers, i.e. commensurate as opposed to irrational proportions."


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@Jai-calcul of golden ratio can be found on google " golden ratio wikipedia"...have a good time :)

(28 Aug '11, 05:54) blubird two

I just added some pertinent info to my answer which comes from this very source...I am sorry, blubird....You need some real, concrete examples from math to back up your claim...When you prove your point correctly, I will be first to say, "Mea culpa"!>>>>>>>>>>>>

(30 Aug '11, 02:04) Jaianniah

@jai-keep going you're on the right track...i love it :) , your highly developed intuitive intelligence and fierce resistance reveals that in your heart you know that my question has a sense. Remember this is a metaphysical question, from a mathematical point of view the golden ratio is an enigma.

(30 Aug '11, 03:30) blubird two

I would have to say, upon reflection, that the number, pi, (3.14159...) has much more claim to any sort of hidden metaphysical meaning than phi, which is the irrational number you have chosen. Pi represents the ratio of the radius of a circle to the circumference of the same circle. Irrational numbers intrigue me in general, for despite the fact that pi has no end, it still remains as an exact proportion within a circle. One would think that such an important ratio would be represented by a rational number, but it is not; there is your metaphysical enigma. The Golden ratio is perhaps(cont...)

(31 Aug '11, 08:41) Jaianniah

weaker example for your idea, as it is not as prevalent in life as it has been made out to be.But here is another enigma: it is impossible to trisect an angle exactly by geometric means...This problem is an even greater enigma, for we know that some numbers can be evenly divided into thirds- the rest all result in irrational numbers- repeating decimals and the like. The whole world of irrational numbers is a sort of message in and of itself, for though they appear to never end, at some point, they actually would have to end due to the fact that they would reach far beyond subatomic levels.

(31 Aug '11, 08:48) Jaianniah

and would only exist as a metaphysical entity...which is perhaps close to what you are trying to say...But you are trying to connect mathematics to metaphysics, which is intriguing but is like trying to crack a code which only God can crack...In the end, the only message in phi is its formula, its irrationality, and yet its perfection, all combined together. Is this what you are attempting to convey? If so, you would be at home with the mathematics of quantum mechanics...There, you will find not only enigmas, but God! Keep it up, blubird: I am intrigued as you are by the enigma of(cont.)

(31 Aug '11, 08:55) Jaianniah

irrational numbers, and have been all my life. I loved calculus, and I took it before calculators were invented (oh, how that ages me!) But it intrigued me--and in its logic, I saw, just briefly, The Mind of God...Blessings, Jai

(31 Aug '11, 08:58) Jaianniah

I just re-read your question, and finally noticed your phrase, "there is a subtle energy embedded within it which defies all logical definition"...actually, isn't this a judgment you have made yourself? Many mathematical numbers and formula work out to beautiful expressions- take fractals as an example. Just because the equation expresses something that is appealing to our eye does not directly imply that there is anything "magical" at work- we are programmed to see patterns and beauty in everything, and much of this can be boiled down to math...but a secret message? I dunno. As I already have

(31 Aug '11, 16:04) Jaianniah

stated before, you seem to want to say that God exists in math...And that is a pure question of philosophical viewpoint...not of direct evidence....I still think your premise is a little faulty and very subjective. One person sees God, another sees only a beautiful form. I don't think you can prove this conclusively...Jai

(31 Aug '11, 16:10) Jaianniah

@Jai-thanks for all these comments, you certainly get the energy flowing...from a practical point of view i would conclude that phi could be considered as being a random number generator, or even better, could be taken as a symbol of the eternal energy of and blessings :)

(31 Aug '11, 17:05) blubird two

I love comments conversation.

Wow!!! @Jaianniah.

(16 May '14, 10:17) PERFECT GOOD
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The golden ratio is the ratio defined by a geometric construction and the base of the structure of the physical universe, it provides in simple graphic form the precise geometric pattern by which the physical dimension can be identified by humans.

alt text

It's one of the vibrational mathematical forms among billions of possibilities which suggests that there're many billions of other dimensions outside the range of the physical senses. Just like a book that uses the symbols of the alphabet abc.. it's a language using the symbols 012345.. arranged in a particular order 1.6180339887.. that conveys thoughts.

Telepathy is empathic resonance and can be described as being communication between living things on earth, it's horizontal communication. Graphs open up the possibility of vertical telepathic communication between human consciousness and the higher self, this's often named channeling.

Certain people receive and express clear influences directly, others work through numbers, automatic writing ... etc, most often messages are received through dreams, artistic inspirations or intuitions.

Among many other techniques, graphs can be used to open up communication with the higher self and act as a portal for the transmission of precise information, the waveform diffused by the shape of the graph corresponds to the dimension that you wish to investigate.

Here's an example of a graph that diffuses easily identifiable physical plane horizontal waveforms

alt text

and here's an example of a graph that diffuses much more obscure waveforms that allow communication with the non physical vertical plane

alt text

ref; Servranx graph no.17 Cosmic Numbers


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Good answer Jaz, I like it.

(17 May '14, 01:49) PERFECT GOOD

the infinite number 1.618033988749895... secret could be,

SHOWING COUNTER PART FOR ALL ACHIEVEMENTS so that the curiosity continues towards building strong relationship in living beings.


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Instead of numbers, my answer is addressed to the term "infinite" . The term itself tell us not to fix it, to limited perceptions. Hence my answer is completely exceptional and it can turn, twist and change according to individual perceptions.

(16 May '14, 12:06) PERFECT GOOD

in other words @PERFECT GOOD the number 1.618033988749895... decoded and translated into english is a cause and effect mechanism more commonly known as "The Law of Attraction"

(17 May '14, 03:13) jaz

Love to you @Jaz.

Thank you.

(17 May '14, 03:31) PERFECT GOOD
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