I am very familiar with Seth by Jane Roberts and I have read the first Seth Returns book by Mark Frost on 9/11. Has anyone read the Mark Frost books extensively and has it been helpful having already read the original Seth books.

I always admired the written english of Seth and Jane Roberts. The first time and even now it resonated very strongly with me. I have struggled through the RA material realising I understood a modest amount but it was hard work.

Thanks in advance !

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Barry Allen ♦♦

You said you read one his books. What did you think of the material? Did it resonate with you? It would have been great if you would have shared your opinion. I looked at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc for reviews & I found only a couple reviews.

(01 Oct '13, 02:20) ele

I saw this question come up as related questions on the bottom of the page & clicked on it. Many good answers which are applicable to your question.


and read what @Stingray said here


(cont 1)

(01 Oct '13, 02:47) ele

(cont 1)

and to quote @stingray "Personally, I think there is much to be gained from studying the same material from different perspectives and then synthesizing those ideas within yourself to come up with your own perspective."

(01 Oct '13, 02:48) ele
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I have been studying Seth for about 20 years + now and I can tell you that without a shadow of a doubt Seth made it clear that he would not be working with any other person in physical reality, he stated this many times owing to the individual relationship between himself, Jane Roberts and Robert Butts.

There have been many who have tried to copy Seth but the proof is in the quality of the work produced and these books simply do not have the same quality in any way shape or form. If I were you and wanted to explore further just go back to the Seth books, take your time and read them through.



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I discovered the Seth material in 1986, read some then and a lot more later. I have to agree with what David said; I read your question and went, "Huh?" Now things can change and we might have shifted to a different reality in which Seth comes through another person, that would be great. But I'd be suspect based on what Seth said, also. I think it's really cool that Bashar has spoken through Japanese people in that language, I would love to see a vid of that. With heart, Charlotte

(16 Sep '13, 17:45) Mauihorsegal

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." -- Albert Einstein

(20 Sep '13, 20:58) Mark Allen Frost

Why concern yourself with the origin of the channeled material. It can NOT be proven in any objective manner. Wouldn't it be better to evaluate the quality of the material & see if it resonates with you? No one can prove beyond a shadow of doubt whether Seth, Bashar, Abraham or our own much loved Treb are actual spiritual entities. Personally, I enjoy hearing different perspectives. Isn't that what IQ is all about? Broaden your horizon - you'll gain insights you didn't have before. (cont)

(01 Oct '13, 02:06) ele

(cont) You have nothing to lose by reading other books on Seth. The more info you can gather, the better informed you will be on a subject. Once you assimilate all the materials, take what resonates with you & reject what doesn't & you'll be able to form a better perspective. All channeled material streams through the mind of a channeler. Makes sense to me an entity would speak differently because he is speaking through an altogether different psyche.Everyones mind is unique.

(01 Oct '13, 02:11) ele

Jane Roberts started channeling Seth back in the 1960's. The world has changed since then & perhaps this could be another reason why Seth does not present himself in the same manner. For all I know 'Seth returns' is an entity unrelated to the original Seth & it's also possible no entity is speaking to Mark & it's all a fraud. It doesn't matter to me one way or the other if Seth Returns is really a channeled entity or not. Don't judge a book w/o reading it - judgement is so limiting.

(01 Oct '13, 02:13) ele

@Ele Are you still out there Ele - you've been really quiet of late? If you are, then I think this would make a good answer to this question.

(25 Aug '14, 08:25) Catherine

Hi @Catherine. Thank you & yes, I'm still 'around'. You are a very good transmitter my dear. Wishing you a magical amazing day..

(28 Aug '14, 00:52) ele
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That's right, do what you're told. And please don't do any independent investigating on your own. Your job is to obey the authorities. Do NOT think for yourself. Have a nice day!


answered 15 Sep '13, 02:33

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Mark Allen Frost

Don't take this the wrong way....but are you the guy that wrote Hill Street Blues? I absolutely loved that show.

(15 Sep '13, 14:21) Monty Riviera

Hi Monty: No, that is another Mark Frost. I did get some of his mail, however, when I was living in Sausalito CA. It was fan mail. I sent it back to the sender. I am the Mark Frost that is currently writing with Seth.

(15 Sep '13, 23:40) Mark Allen Frost

Welcome to IQ Mark Allen Frost. I especially enjoyed this page when I viewed your web site & couldn't agree more.


(16 Sep '13, 00:23) ele

Good to have you on board Mark....I bet the other Marks always getting asked if hes the one that channels Seth!

(16 Sep '13, 01:23) Monty Riviera

The other Mark Frost now writes books on golf and stuff. He also writes screenplays, I believe. He was the one behind the weird Twin Peaks television show too.

(17 Sep '13, 02:02) Mark Allen Frost

Hey I liked Twin Peaks.

(17 Sep '13, 02:37) ele

ele thanks for the compliment on the Good Humor page of my site. fyi we are collecting humor from our readers for a book on humor and spirituality we will publish next year. Should be an inspirational hoot!

(29 Sep '13, 01:26) Mark Allen Frost

Hi Mark, not seen you on any other post but this one. I would be fascinated to see your input on some other posts. You have a unique perspective, please get into answering some other questions, you have a lot to offer.

(29 Sep '13, 02:13) Monty Riviera

I was curious so I checked this out.


Here is Jane Roberts in and out of trance


Make of it what you will.

(29 Sep '13, 10:43) The Traveller

Mmm Traveller. Interesting, I have made of it what I will. I seriously and honestly think this is the biggest scam ive ever seen. Its just a gut feeling and ive no proof to support this. But my hearts telling me this is the biggest load of ######## ive ever heard.

(29 Sep '13, 12:56) Monty Riviera

@Mark Looking forward to your new book on spirituality & humor. I'll purchase one & if it's a real hoot, perhaps a couple more copies to donate to local libraries. I agree with @Monty, I would love if you shared your thoughts on other questions with us. A metaphysical author with a masters in counseling psychology is a wonderful addition to IQ. It's great to have different perspectives. "You are part of everything & everything is part of you" certainly resonates with me.

(01 Oct '13, 01:58) ele

@The Traveller I know you are a big fan of Seth & Jane Roberts. "Make of it what you will." Had I seen the video you posted prior to reading the Seth books, I may never have read any of the Seth materials by Jane Roberts. Whether or not I believe in channeling entities is irrelevant. It's the content of the material which matters to me - the insights I gather & what resonates with me.

(01 Oct '13, 02:02) ele

You make a good point ele. I probably would have reacted the same way myself. In fact, I was put-off by the picture of Jane on the back cover of my first Seth book, but the inner spirit forced me past that judgement.

(01 Oct '13, 20:11) The Traveller
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Seth has returned, through Mark Frost, and I'm glad he did. Jane Roberts' books have reached a lot of people, me included, and many more will be taught by Seth's new messages. I have decided to translate his new books in Italian because I'm convinced that they come from a genuine source. The proof for me is the Love for mankind that irradiates from every sentence and the humour and wisdom we have been used to. I've found no contradictions between the old and the new material. Throughout the ages men have received messages and information from many invisible sources and this is happening more and more, as we shift into a new, wider Consciousness. There's a reason if Seth has decided to visit us in this frame of time we are now focusing our energy on, let's welcome him as a great Teacher who is only concerned with our well being.


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Integrity is perhaps the crux of the matter, when it comes to others claiming to channel Seth. Presumably those who want to channel him are very into the material. It is hard to reconcile that with their disregard for Seth's statements that he would not come through another channel. A good example of "cognitive dissonance."

This phenomenon was happening also while Jane was alive. Many people claimed that Seth was coming through them, but Seth himself informed them they were mistaken. That they were using him as a symbol. As Rob said, "Where were all these 'Seths' before Jane started channeling Seth?"

Seth, Jane and Rob had a unique connection that resulted in the surpassing quality of the material. That dynamic is irreplaceable. Seth not only said that he would not speak through anyone else, but that he COULD not come through without the combined spiritual energies of both Jane and Rob.

Seth left behind a great body of work, both in quality and number of books. It is certainly more than most of us would be able to peruse and integrate in one lifetime. We don't need more "Seth" channelers.

That said, I think there are a lot of people who just aren't tuned in to Seth's uniqueness (or haven't read much or any of the material), and they are the ones who think the new "Seth" channelings are just great.


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