I was just asking myself this question... Does luck exist, or do we create/attract our own luck? Some people believe that there's no such thing called luck.

Check these two totally different scenarios...

1) If a man survives a horrible accident, is he lucky to survive?

2) If a man wins the lottery, is he lucky?

You can use your own example to answer "this" question. Thank you.

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Interesting answers. Clearly, we have different perspective on this...

(12 May '10, 06:52) Chosen-one
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Luck is a convenient way to explain determinism, It is almost like the "just because" answer. It answers nothing but at the same time feels like an answer so it satisfies the need to know why.

Here is an paraphrased example from the book the book The Secret Teachings of the Rosicrucians by Magnus Incognito. Throw a set of dice and see it land on we'll say 12, how did that land on double sixes? "Luck" oh okay it just happened, or the determinism answer it landed on double six because the dice where held at precisely this angle, the hand throwing the dice moved at exactly that angle and released at precisely this time and that speed. The dice hit the table at exactly this and that time at precisely this angle with this much force thus causing them to bounce at exactly this angle and that angle at this speed and that speed, now the table had just been washed and had a shinny residue which caused the dice to slip with the speed and angle thus changing the trajectory to exactly this much. That is all the physical side and not even scratching the surface now the mental emotional that caused you to release at the time you released at and the speed and angle that you released at. Then karama can come in too also farther influencing when you released the table you picked the dice you picked (rounded corners, pointed corners, weight, size etc... all factors) all of this is barely scratching the surface here we did not take into consideration what feeling and thought and belief was in the mind at the time. As you can see this can get very very complex but it would be a very accurate answer as to why you rolled a double 6.

So much easier to just say LUCK and be done with it! LOL


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Wade Casaldi

I want to add the one that realizes the law of determinism has the advantage of controlling what he/she knows can be controlled and thus tilting the odds of "luck" in their favor. Some are such masters of this that you would swear they are the luckiest people to walk the earth. No not luck they know something or they may do it unconsciously just by believing they are "lucky"

(18 Nov '09, 07:31) Wade Casaldi

Isn't that approach also known as problem reaction solution? This is where you (your organization) creates a crisis, the clueless public (the sheep) respond, and you give the solution with great fanfare; a solution the sheep would not have followed if not for the convenient problem.

(04 Jul '10, 15:29) The Traveller

No that would be neo-cheating I don't mean that, although it is commonly used. I mean more so understanding the gambler that has everything going for him will eventually get nervous thinking his luck can't last forever. The one that knows this can beat him because he knows he is in control and luck has nothing to do with it. The one that believes luck has to equally believe in bad luck as well as good luck, but the one who knows where his mind is is where his gain is, has an advantage.

(05 Jul '10, 09:16) Wade Casaldi
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Luck does not exist. Everything that happens to you in life is what you have attracted in your reality through your thoughts, beliefs and dominant state of being (dominant vibration).


answered 18 Nov '09, 19:52

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Pink Diamond

@Rani Oberoi: How do you explain the example in my question below? Thanks!

(29 Sep '10, 20:05) Back2Basics

As I have answered this question before, find my answer here: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/1374/does-fate-exist. Also,there is a similar question which Stingray has given a good answer to here: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/6029/does-manifestation-creation-starts-before-birth. I hope these will answer your question. If not, can you be more specific and I will try my best to write an answer for you.

(04 Oct '10, 08:33) Pink Diamond

Once upon a time the scientists have actually conducted a series of experiments about luck.

They found 40 people who considered themselves lucky and 40 of those who thought they were unlucky. The "lucky" people looked happy and smiled. One of the "unlucky" people have broken a leg getting to the lab.

The scientists gave each person a newspaper and said that it contained a hidden message that would help them get rich if they find it and report within 2 minutes. Each copy of the newspaper had a title printed on one of the last pages in huge letters: "IF YOU NOTICE THIS YOU JUST WON 50 BUCKS".

Most of the lucky people quickly ran through the pages and noticed the title in like 30 seconds. Most of the unlucky ones spent all the time carefully scanning page after page until they ran out of time.

The scientists conducted many experiments like this one and concluded that luck is the open mind that trusts its own unconscious to see the whole and attract attention to anything unusual. And the lack of luck is just that: subjecting yourself to an artificial procedure and loosing yourself in the minute details.

Luck is seeing the forest behind the trees.


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Is this a true story?

(29 Sep '10, 19:59) Vesuvius

Absolutely. I was the unlucky guy who broke the leg. Just kidding! I read about this in a newspaper or some science web site.

(30 Sep '10, 13:48) zvolkov

I agree with the prevailing answers below, which I think are in general agreement that luck does not exist. However, it seems to me that when a person talks about luck, they are really wondering, "Why does he or she have all the luck?" or "How can I have more luck?" (Unless we're talking about young men, where "getting lucky" has an entirely different connotation.)

If we wonder why others have luck or wonder how we can have more luck, we have no further to look than our own resourcefulness and beliefs. Reality creation is all about attracting things into our reality that other observers (some of them) are going to see as the hand of fate dealing us some good luck. I believe the more that we get a handle on reality creation and put it to work for us, the more we're going to see the manifestation of "luck" in our lives.

Good luck! :-)


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I think that luck does not exist. This what we call luck is just the pleasant outcome of a situation.


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Luck is a personal explanation turned into a common belief. this belief does exist. is the explanation a fact? one thing is a fact, it's not the only explanation. but it's the most common one. when enough minds believe a lie, it becomes true .. for them.


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Well,I guess the answer would be NO but I believe some people do have an natural ability to repel negative, bad, evil things or whatever you want to call it and some people have don't have any natural defenses up for repeling bad things or attracting good things.

Also praying to God to help you in situations does really help. People will be saved from an terriable accident of some kind through the power of God or his holy angels and most folks would just say he or she was just luckly instead of they were blessed.

I know we manifest a lot of postive or negative things our way but some people like I said before without thinking naturally attracts postive things their way and repels negative things away.

The meaning of luck is something bearing luck: an event, action, or object regarded as bringing good or bad luck. Example: It's said to be bad luck to walk under ladders.

So this seems is all steming from superstitution:

  1. irrational belief: an irrational, but usually deep-seated belief in the magical effects of a specific action or ritual, especially in the likelihood that good or bad luck will result from performing it
  2. irrational beliefs: irrational and often quasi-religious belief in and reverence for the magical effects of some actions and rituals or the magical powers of some objects

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If we look at the definition of luck . A fortunate event that happenes . i hope im right with the definition.i hope someone can give a better definition of luck. Now if we look at the game lotto there are information after every draw . and after each draw there is clues of how to identify the winning numbers for the next draw. if you have system that youve worked for years and can identify winning numbers and winning combinations and win more than you lose than it isn't luck my friends.

But if you choose your own numbers or buy a quickpick ticket for the lotto draw and win the jackpot than its luck cause you didn't do any hard work to find those winning numbers.

i also believe that competions like winning a trip to any country in the world are also luck. Cause there are no information how to win it like choose any 4 numbers out of 26 balls and if you get those 4 numbers right you win the competition. but there is no such competition. and if there is than you must analize each draw carefully. And work out a method on how to win the lottery.


answered 09 May '10, 15:21

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Corné Botha


sorry ive made a mistake. i wanted to say cause there are no information on how to win the trip to any country in the world and its just luck if the host draw your card with your name on it. i hope you guys understand what i wanted to say.

(09 May '10, 15:25) Corné Botha

*L*everaging the


*C*incerely with



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This is a great question:

Luck: noun 1. the force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person's life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities: With my luck I'll probably get pneumonia.

As adults we could perhaps create what we think of as the definition above.

However, my initial thought is that a new born, born into wealth and education would be considered lucky compared to the kid born into poverty and starvation dieing young of a disease.

You could argue about past lives, that starvation is only a perception, or that the young child attracted the disease through his infant mind but personally I think this is a good example of LUCK - see definition above again.

The child had no choice over his past lives (if there are such a thing), his perception is based on his physical pain and his disease is shutting down his organs. There is a force here operating on it's own regardless of the child's intentions and he has a right to view it as a lack of luck or something that he is NOT responsible for.


answered 29 Sep '10, 19:59

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This tricky question can only be answered AFTER THE FACT. Meaning that we can not define an incident lucky or otherwise until the story is complete.

This is why.

Let me first show you a Zen story,

There is a Taoist story of an old farmer who had worked his crops for many years. One day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit. “Such bad luck,” they said sympathetically. “Maybe,” the farmer replied. The next morning the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses. “How wonderful,” the neighbors exclaimed. “Maybe,” replied the old man. The following day, his son tried to ride one of the untamed horses, was thrown, and broke his leg. The neighbors again came to offer their sympathy on his misfortune. “Maybe,” answered the farmer. The day after, military officials came to the village to draft young men into the army. Seeing that the son’s leg was broken, they passed him by. The neighbors congratulated the farmer on how well things had turned out. “Maybe,” said the farmer.

This is why we do not know if an event can be defined. Let's say a person wins the lottery (woo hoo LUCKY) and then ruins his life with mismanagement. (unlucky)

So I would say not lucky at the end of the story.


Man wins lottery and handles it well and becomes philanthropic for the rest of his life. Lucky and lucky, or I say fortunate and grateful.

So at the end of the day we cannot say whether a thing is lucky or not until we see what people do with that event.


answered 15 Jun '11, 07:53

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What appears to be luck is the LOA working. Events seem to fall into place. A person who attracts positive manifestations is considered lucky by those observing him/her.


answered 05 Mar '12, 14:04

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Dollar Bill

I do believe in luck and fate, though I believe that all human beings have the power, if they choose to, change it by realising what they truly can do with themselves.


answered 12 Jun '13, 00:43

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What would be lucky is if I won the lottery without having entered LOL.

No, I don't believe there is such a thing as luck per se. Just inevitable results of doing things a certain way.


answered 04 Dec '09, 00:52

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There is no such thing as luck. There is only the great and unchanging law of attraction....bringing things and events into our lives with great precision. Nothing more nothing less....simply law.


answered 04 Dec '09, 02:10

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I Believe

luck does exist, its my believe.


answered 04 Jul '10, 11:48

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If two persons are equally qualified and capable of equal mental faculty in performing any sort of work we find one financially at the top and the other begging. I read in some books that one fails in life due to poor reasoning in performing his normal duties in a correct sense. Contrary to this I have seen neumerous cases in my life like this. How does this be explained without saying "Luck does exist"?. I believe, luck is something which is transferred from the past life + much of our efforts in the present life. Lacking of any one will lead to ill luck.


answered 29 Sep '10, 07:33

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Vogeti Bapuji

I wouldnt say luck as much as saying the tendency to fall on a "subset of probabilities" . If you believe in quantum mechanics then youll know that until something "happens" ... your riding a wave up and down (thats what waves do (remember SIN and COS from trig?? lol)) of ALL probabilities (good and bad) that could ever happen EVER.

Which one comes up for you? The one you fall into... you could say its exaclty like the lotto... except your probabilities are 1/infinite ... so your gonna win something one way or another...lol...

But remember that quantum mechanics is made up of and influenced by 4 forces (strong/weak/gravity/electro-magnetic) ... so maybe having one or more of these in "concoctions" could improve on your "luck" if it exists on that level. The amount of varibles invloved are so astounding that you can just say everything causes everything... and youd probably be right too...lol



answered 13 Jan '11, 00:46

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Jeffrey Cutler

we are all lucky to be who we are and experiance this life! as for luck it is a combination of different factor! yes you can bring luck to you if you are able to change the different factor to your side against all odds example if someone needs it more then you maybe you will not get it! if you know you will get it and no one else know it you will get it!etc.


answered 14 Jun '11, 00:54

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white tiger

Luck is a word created by the person that wished they were you. it is an attempt to take away your mojo.


answered 06 Mar '12, 00:15

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The Knights Alchemy

I believe in luck. I know, but it just seems like some things pure luck. And besides don't you guys believe in Santa Clause. Go ahead be logical and disprove luck so you can spoil it for the people that would like a little luck. I not saying that it's not some vibrational alignment thing. It's a hell of a lot of fun to call it luck.

Hey maybe once in a while everything is not part of some illusion or machine. It's a perfect world, I wonder if anything ever slips the cracks.


answered 06 Mar '12, 01:27

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