Let's look at 3 scenarios:

1) I bet $100 on the Dallas Cowboys to win a game. I just know and believe that they are going to win. Well, there are a lot of players and fans that have their own free will involved in the outcome of the game. Even if my knowing is strong, it may not budge the probability.

2) I bet $100 on an unbiased coin flip. Well, one of my strong beliefs is that is a 50/50 proposition. In order to budge this probability up from 50% I have to have a really, really strong, Jesus-like knowing AND a strong desire that the flip is going my way in order to overcome my belief (and the default physical randomness) about 50/50 coin flips. If I needed the money for a family member's surgery that would move the desire factor up. It's my opinion that this could possibly change the probability in some immeasurable fashion.

3) I bet $100 in a business venture in which my creative, intuitive, inspired action plays a key role. I have no attachments to specific outcomes. In this way I am allowing god-force to guide me. I know without doubt that things will be alright. I put the probability here of success at close to 100%.

I would like your comments and alternative scenarios on this topic.

asked 01 Oct '13, 11:38

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Belief is a substitute for the lack of knowledge. If you know, you don't need beliefs.

(03 Oct '13, 01:42) CalonLan

@Cal ... and Einstein said "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand." Dwell in possibilities...

Lucky for us we can use the power of our imagination to change beliefs which do not serve us.

(03 Oct '13, 23:57) ele

I found an interesting quote on beliefs ...

(04 Oct '13, 00:10) ele

@ele ..imagination is limited what you know. If you lived in a cave and never saw the Sun, nobody ever told or hinted you about it, and you wouldn't read about it either... you would never dream of it or imagine it. Your imagination is equal to your knowledge, minus the rules of reason that bound the knowledge into what it is.

(04 Oct '13, 02:00) CalonLan

@cal You dare to argue with Einstein? You know as well as Einstein & I do, "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." We live in a world made up of vibrations &/or consciousness? Imagination is a higher frequency & it's connecting with your higher consciousness or source energy. If that caveman tunes into the right wavelength , the field of imagination - dreams - he will expand his consciousness, gain insights & will acquire new knowledge.

(04 Oct '13, 03:09) ele

Why couldn't a caveman imagine the sun? He only has to be receptive & tune in. He may not call that big ball of warmth, the sun; but I could easily see how he could imagine it. Can't you? If not, I shall tell you.

(04 Oct '13, 03:15) ele

@ele, logic will indeed take you from point A to B, however, even though your imagination can further create endless streams of points representing the "everywhere" it still operates based on knowledge of places represented by points (A, B).

In other words, your Knowledge are LEGO pieces. What you make of them is up to your imagination. But your creation cannot transcend limits of your imagination and knowledge. If all you have are 2 pieces of LEGO, you can only create so much of them...

(04 Oct '13, 09:31) CalonLan

And while indeed, you may combine two pieces you have and create 3rd imaginary piece of them, which then you combine in your imagination with the 2 existing pieces to create 4th piece and so on, it is knowledge of 2 pieces and knowledge of possibility to combine them in different ways, that will propel your imagination.

But a kid given 2 LEGO pieces, will never dream of combining them on molecular basis, unless the kid is exposed to an idea of molecular fusion.

That was my point.

(04 Oct '13, 09:38) CalonLan

I understood exactly what you were saying @Cal. I got your point. I think over 50% of the population would agree with you. I could also say this - knowledge is a tool for imagination.. hmm savants?

(04 Oct '13, 15:39) ele

@ele ..a bit off this topic..yesterday I heart Tuvok say...we often fear what we don't know, knowledge is our only defense =) Everything becomes clearer,..why we learn, and want to explore and progress. All because of fears.

I don't need anyone agreeing. lulz, but ye it's a tool sort of.

(05 Oct '13, 07:31) CalonLan

@Cal can't argue with a Vulcan -- they trump Einstein in my mind. Fear of the unknown...

(05 Oct '13, 13:53) ele

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand." ~ Albert Einstein

Just sayin' @Cal

(09 Oct '13, 11:48) ele

lol @Cal Very funny - bit off topic, right. I'm so gullible. Vulcans of course are very logical. haha

(09 Oct '13, 12:45) ele
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Instead of speculating, test. However, here is a way of looking at things that makes the 1st scenario possible:

All things exist, in reality, right now. However, we can only observe that part of reality which we are aligned with vibrationally. Everything else, while in existence, is dead and unreal to us. The Dallas victory exists and the Dallas defeat exists and which you experience depends on you fine-tunning yourself, not on you brute-forcing others.


answered 01 Oct '13, 19:40

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Thanks for the insightful answer. Could you expand on "instead of speculating, test"?

My experience recently has pointed me down the path of least resistance. I feel that I am being guided away from thinking about making quantum leaps and more towards going with the flow, more towards scenarios like 3.

But everyone has their own path and discoveries to make.

(01 Oct '13, 21:59) essbee777

I mean try it. Try the sports betting approach. You don't need to bet $100, you can bet $1 per game. I don't like sports so I wouldn't enjoy it. It also involves your inspired action. All business is a form of gambling and involves others.

(01 Oct '13, 22:10) flowsurfer

Seth covers this in his book Thought Reality.

Briefly, each person has a different view of what Seth calls the Abundant Universe. The barriers between you and prosperity, he calls your Issues. These range from low self esteem to the martyr complex to complete self loathing to complete egotism. If you are in your Issues, you generally have a dim view of the Abundant Universe. However, if you are learning your Lessons - the reasons you are incarnated at this time - you may be acknowledging your Issues around prosperity, working on them, resolving them through Intentional Belief Change.

You do this through cultivating a relationship with your Energy Personality and other Guides. You then have these higher Gestalts of Consciousness to help you in your prosperity program.

That's the long answer. The short answer? Ritually encounter and keep in touch with your Guides. Then they will be there to help you when it counts. See Gambling with the Guides in Thought Reality.


answered 02 Oct '13, 23:17

Mark%20Allen%20Frost's gravatar image

Mark Allen Frost

Thank you, very cool. I have done a lot of reading and watching video of many teachers but I have not yet tried Seth. I do believe I am working through my prosperity issues (I see them as limiting core beliefs). However, accepting a little more help from my Guides might be a worthwhile.

(03 Oct '13, 05:15) essbee777

... yes, magical thinking..

Here's a link @essbee777 which explains the contents of the book -

Thought Reality - a Seth Returns book by Mark Allen Frost


(04 Oct '13, 00:03) ele

I like this quote re: the magical approach... "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." ~ Roald Dahl

And here is Seth's 1st manuscript on the subject. http://www.amazon.com/The-Magical-Approach-Speaks-Creative/dp/1878424092

(04 Oct '13, 00:43) Mark Allen Frost

lol @Mark -- HA! I already have plans to use that quote & so you know, I'm stealing another one from you. Thanks for the link.. I haven't read this one - yet. Great to have another magical thinker on board.. Enjoy the voyage..

(04 Oct '13, 00:47) ele
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i am not a big expert, but i would tend to go with your 3rd scenario. Here w/o specific outcomes tied you will be much more inclined to be in tune with cosmic laws. You are in tune with cosmic laws when you are not unnecessarily greedy, and the success you are seeking is wholesome for you and others, is unencumbered by ego reasons etc. Then you are backing your effort and will with that of the Divine and will have infinite energy and infinite will behind it and success will be yours.

The first 2 while it can happen also magically but you will get into trouble if you try to demonstrate it to others etc. Desire for families surgery is definitely more aligned to cosmic law and should help your probabilities. this is not to take you away from getting specific outcomes at all. When you are in right vibrational energy specfic outcomes happen all the time. Its like when a basketball plater is hot he already knows the 3 pointer is going in even before he gets the ball. there are lots of times when we are also in that flow in different areas of our lives. But when it comes to lottery and coin flips in general we seem to get into difficult mix.


answered 09 Oct '13, 13:36

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@abrahamloa I like your analogy with cosmic laws & infinite energy. Good answer. I think this is one of the few times you didn't mention either Yogananda Paramahansa or dancing in an answer. I see there are a couple other members reading his materials now. Supergirl & LeeAnn. I noticed LeeAnn linking the same website as you did. How long have you been studying this?

(10 Oct '13, 04:18) ele

ha ha... yes dance is through which i realized lot of spiritual truths for myself... so i tend to always throw that in as example ... its great example since it actually worked for me... Paramahansa yogananda - yes through him i learnt a lot too... maybe like less than a year i have reading his stuff... but initially i learnt from Abraham hicks... and it helped that i started with her... i started 2 yrs back learning all this .

(10 Oct '13, 17:23) abrahamloa

..before that i was totally non-spiritual and had the ability to trash spirtituality with arguments... no proof etc... lol... but i am amazed how now i think 180 degree ..

(10 Oct '13, 17:28) abrahamloa

also fyi paramahansa yogananda is a little more dry for some people... since like some eastern philosophies the emphasis is not on putting goals to manifest etc... so sometimes people dont like it... but it was that i first learnt through Abraham hicks... but i dont see any difference or issues with his philosophies.. in fact integrating those 2 works like a charm for me!

(10 Oct '13, 17:30) abrahamloa

write to me at ######@###.### directly if you want to talk more... how long you been learning?...

(10 Oct '13, 17:32) abrahamloa

oops... r c h a k 1 @ aol

(10 Oct '13, 17:32) abrahamloa
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