If we truly believe in the law of attration then we have to realize that there are no accidents in life. Everyone is creating their own reality. I am just trying to get a better understanding here.

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Fantastic!, I am happy for you to come to this conclusion. Its the self-realization of truth that creates true knowing and confidence. You will see much happiness and success manifested in your life, if you haven't notice already.

(03 Sep '10, 23:02) RPuls

I think your understanding it just fine.

(06 Sep '10, 12:40) Monty Riviera
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Yes, it is perfect and it is when we perceive it as not being perfect that we suffer. When we begin to work on changing our mind and thus our perception what shows up in our world begins to change and we begin to realize that everything is in Divine Order. There is no right or wrong, good or bad - just different sides of the same coin and one can't exist without the other so it's really all perfect but you can decide or choose which you would like to predominantly perceive.

However, we also have to realize that everything in this physical realm is subject to impermanence and will eventually pass away or transition from one form to another.


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You have hit upon a great Truth. Yes, everything is perfect for it's time here. Example, the stoneage was perfect in it's time. the industrial age was perfect in it's time, and the information age is perfect for it's time. Us, you as an individual are perfect of what you are at this time.


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Yes, everyone is trying to create their own reality; however, since this ability has been kept hidden from the great majority of human beings by the few who use it to have the majority of us co-create the reality they want us to be in, it is being done for the great part unconsciously. Different methods are used to manipulate you into plugging into their creation and disempowering you, such as media, religion, compulsory education, scholarship.............. so basically, you have to first look around you and discard anything that doesn't resonate within you, and start attracting and co-creating the reality you choose.


answered 03 Sep '10, 08:05

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And even this is perfect for it's time here.

(03 Sep '10, 22:55) RPuls

I think its working perfectly,or the system is.The results are sometimes far from that. But you cant blame gravity for killing you if you keep jumping out of office buildings. Graham


answered 07 Sep '10, 18:20

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Monty Riviera

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