Is the physical manifestation of a desire always the least exciting stage of the creation process or are there exceptions?

I can see that my question might be hard for some people to hear but I have found this to be true for me.

Is there not exceptions to this though, say in the case of someone who wins the lottery or manifest's something else big and unexpected would this not at least initially be the most exciting part of it? 


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@Satori- sick, manifesting 101 question. If we are consciously learning to manifest something, then I guess if we win the 300$$ million jackpot it's not really going to shock us.

No, your question is very easy to hear, and a good point to clarify, thankx for asking this

(04 Mar '12, 19:41) Nikulas

satori, do you make an angle, what is your process

(05 Mar '12, 20:27) fred
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The first word that sprung to mind when I read your question was anticipation, I think often anticipating the desire can be more exciting than the physical manifestation itself.

I think at other times we set expectations that we think the desire may fulfill only to realize that when we achieve it the sense of fulfillment is still lacking. This is why I feel, although it's fine to desire and enjoy things, we have to find the sense of fulfillment from within ourselves or no matter what we manifest physically there will always be a sense of lacking something...the physical manifestation will never sate that feeling and we'll go after the next thing that we think might.

I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting or desiring things if we realize why we want them and can see them as merely things to be enjoyed as part of our human experience :)


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I have desired and hoped for many things to manifest themselves in my life. In a way desire: which I feel is the same as hope is endless unless it is manifested or realized. At that point desire, which may have been growing within you ends, and the excitement of the manifestation of it begins to fade. There is a loss there. I think this may be why many lottery winners spend their winnings on more gambling: as they find their desire was more important to them then the manifestation of it. A possible exception to this for me would be love, although it is not exactly a physical manifestation. It is more a feeling that can grow to replace the end of desire that it created.


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Another way of describing this good answer. I think of it as the "journey" to our desire. The journey can be more fulfilling than the desire itself. Often at the end of our journey we are disappointed...the end results was not so "good" after all.


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LOL! Obtainment is normally less blissful than the desire to obtain it. There are moments of bliss during containment, but the process of manifesting our desires is an aging process. As with age, the older we get the more experience we acquire causing a less desirous response. This is partly why we are continuously seeking new experiences. The objects of our affection are also a responsibility. Along with our continuous search for new experiences, we must also continuously tend to our "Garden," (objects). The consequence is dust and dysfunction, which can also befall us if we do not continue the "search." I laughed at the beginning of your question because I blissfully enjoyed the memory of this question within myself! Thanks for sharing.


answered 05 Mar '12, 09:19

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