I am sure I recently heard Abraham say that when we sleep we re-emerge back into source and therefore are non resistant .

This morning I woke from something quite creepy and can't get my head around the idea that I was in a state of re-emergence when that was happening

All thoughts appreciated :-)

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just a little quote from A-H; "A dream is a manifestation. Just like what you live is a manifestation, but a dream is quicker and easier to achieve, and not so troublesome if there's something you don't want."--- Abraham Excerpted from the workshop in Orlando, FL on Saturday, February 15th, 1997 # 534

(19 Aug '12, 02:30) ursixx

Loves Ya @ursixx, lol, see below got Abraham's nudge through Daily Quotes just after asking question :-) Do Appreciate YOU though, taking the time to post this for me/US ♥♥♥

(19 Aug '12, 03:01) Starlight
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When you are sleeping, you are non-resistant and all those experiences are joyful.

However, the dream doesn't occur during those times. The dream occurs in the few moments before awakening when those experiences are filtered through your physical self. Even a dream that seems to last several hours still occurs in the few moments before waking up...time is an illusion of the physical plane only.

It is that interpretation (through the physical self) of those joyful experiences that you perceive as the dream, not the actuality of the non-resistant sleep experience itself.

Because your (physical) vibration stays where you last left it, the vibration you had as you fell asleep is the one through which the re-interpretation happens when you re-awaken.

To try to make this concrete and understandable, imagine going to a movie theater...

movie theater

The "You" in the following example is just meant to be a general person, not specifically You :)

As you go into the theater, you might be miserable thinking about all the major problems and worries in your life.

But as you settle down in your comfortable seat in the darkness, the film starts to roll, and the giant colorful on-screen images in front of you dominate your attention, you may find that your mood quickly changes and you soon forget about your problems.

Now let's say that the movie that you are watching was created to feel joyful and uplifting to the audience (representative of your actual connection to Source).

During the actual watching of the movie, if it is well made, you might now genuinely begin feeling joyful and uplifted. The experiences that the movie takes you through might make you smile, laugh, and just generally leave you in an extremely good-feeling place.

You are truly in another (joyful) reality during a movie like that.

But now, as the movie ends and the lights come back up, you remember again that it was just a movie. You watch the credits start to roll, feel a slight tinge of disappointment that the experience is over, and get up out of your seat and leave the theater.

As you head back out into the "real world", you suddenly feel the "shock" of remembering all your major problems and worries again and it's not long before you are back to feeling miserable again.

You realize that the magic of the movie experience is now gone.

To an outsider looking at your behavior, you were miserable before entering the theater and, soon after emerging from the theater, you were miserable again. So their natural conclusion would probably be that the movie was a miserable one :)

But the truth is that it was simply your perceptual filter that caused (and causes) your misery, not the joyful uplifting movie itself.

No analogy is perfect and this one isn't either. There are movies that we can watch that can genuinely change our outlook on our lives and leave us (for a long time, at least) in an uplifted and joyful state.

But in the world of dreams, this cannot happen...your joyful, uplifting, non-resistant experiences cannot override your physical vibration. So the non-resistant experiences that happened during the sleep state are immediately forgotten on waking up again, and the "filter" of our physical self dominates.

For more information, see If dreams are downloaded to our "consciousness" the moment we awake, why do we wake up from bad dreams? and the links within those related answers.


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@Stingray, this is starting to frustrate me. This morning I had a dream in which I resolved the whole life. I understood everything and my life in that dream become easy and effortless. As if bam everything I wanted I had it instantly. I recall there were 3 or 4 questions I answered to myself thus gaining understanding which destroyed all the resistance in my life. But when I woke up instant anxiousness took over me, as I felt all of that slipping through my fingers. I couldn't remember what..

(16 Aug '12, 02:31) CalonLan

...those questions were, nor what I answered them with. This is not the first time tho'... I experienced these types of dreams where I got answers to whatever I wanted, understood the truth behind masks of realities I see with my eyes during the day, but forgot it upon waking up. Only the feeling that I reached the understanding and knowledge remained after waking up.

(16 Aug '12, 02:33) CalonLan

@Stingray Thank you .....It's funny I was fine when I drifted off to sleep , but woke twice , the last time feeling decidedly edgy as as drifted back to sleep.Can't remember all of dream just last few seconds where I was standing on a concrete pathway above gardens , people around and an older woman standing next to me , she put her arm around my shoulder and gripped both my hands ,

(16 Aug '12, 02:33) Starlight

felt like she was going to push me off, my thought , "if , so , you are coming with me and I thought I could twist and she would hit the ground beneath me " In that thought she licked the back of my neck and my skin crawled I immediately woke up . Ironic that I have just received Abraham's daily quote " A dream is a manifestation. Just like what you live is a manifestation,but a dream is quicker and easier to achieve and not so troublesome if there's something you don't want "

(16 Aug '12, 02:36) Starlight

@CalonLan - Yes, I can remember having dreams like that...figuring out the "ultimate" answer and then forgetting what it was on waking up and only remembering that I had figured it out :) A psychically-gifted friend of mine from a long time ago used to have these kinds of experiences but consciously in an altered state, rather than through dreams. His view was that if it was important to know the details, you would consciously remember them, otherwise just trust you know what you need to know

(18 Aug '12, 15:45) Stingray

@Starlight - You're welcome. I think many of us on the Abraham daily quotes list have that experience of having hints and answers to our questions appear in the daily quote :) I also get this happening regularly through my Abraham Jukebox. But then again, Abraham really only have one answer but explained in an infinite number of different ways...Good Feels Good :)

(18 Aug '12, 15:51) Stingray

As Always @Stingray many thanks :-) I have my version of Abraham Jukebox on my trusty iPhone , Abraham's talking to me as I drive, do the dishes,cook meals, fall asleep, pretty darn lucky am I ♥♥♥

(19 Aug '12, 02:57) Starlight
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Some of my most powerful and greatest enlightenments came from nightmares. It is because of these nightmares that I find strength to fight and overtake the nightmare! I end up the victor, I figured it out what to do. But here is the great thing I use that in life, knowing that I can win, that winning is an option. I can figure things out to win, to accomplish and know that I need not fear because I can beat what ever it may be.

I have awoken from nightmares where my solution was to face my fear and stare it down. Where my solution was to change the dream (change my thinking), these different times I have awoken and realized this works as well in life too!

I have done amazing things in these nightmares that boggle the mind simply because i needed to at the time. I did not stop to think this is impossible, I just said this will work and did it! In other words I had faith that what I did would work and it did!

So yes you can get great enlightenments from nightmares.


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alt text

My nightmares have given me some of the best windows into my soul that I ever could experience. Some of them are people chasing me- that is anxiety. Some of them are convoluted deep-buried memories of my satanic abuse, and prove to me that I am not crazy. Some of them tell me of the future. (I began dreaming that I kept losing track of my Dad in a store six months before he died.)

Pay attention to your nightmares. They can be a valuable tool into your subconscious. After all, dreams are our brains way of dealing with the problems and events of our lives. We process when we dream.

Look into your soul, and see what you are trying to grasp- trying to handle, trying to process. It will tell you what moves you need to make in your daily life. God also tries to reach us through our dreams sometimes. This happened in the Bible. So it does not seem unusual to me at all that a nightmare might be God's way of telling you that you have work to do!


Jai ♥


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