I recently had an extremely out of charecter dream, 99% of mine are wonderful expirences where awesome things happen. In fact I sometimes take naps purely to dream, they can be very intricate and complex too (Since watching Inception especially!).

The dream was short, was standing in the front room of the house I live in and I could just feel a feeling I could only decribe as evil. Not evil in myself, but around me. I was alone in the room and my left arm involentarily flew out so it was exactly perpendicular to my torso and my hand was being crushed into the shape of a heart. I also began to float and it was like I was being sufficated or hung from the ceiling by my neck, but there was no rope. It was terrifying, just before I woke up from it my mum was watching me from in the room. (She wasn't doing it to me.)

Given how out of charecter that dream was, I can't see it representing anything useful to me... I can assure you it doesn't reflect my vibrational feeling, I went to sleep happy! Which begs the question, was it not directly from me?

I know we create our own reality, but does that mean we explicitly create all the content of our own dreams? Or perhaps I manifested the expirence of an entity attacking me during sleep and thus affecting my dream?

Thanks for your help!

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Yes we can be attacked psychically in our dreams and yes it has a physical effect on our health.

What I am trying to understand is your mother was watching you being choked and hung by the throat and what was her reaction in the dream? Was she trying to help you or was she just watching you like this is interesting?

Now you say this felt like very evil so this is something you can go by. Have there been anyone you had fights with or anyone jealous of you? If they go to bed with resentment or hate this can come through to you. We leave our bodies at night plus there are many demons around that want to latch onto someone's feelings and act on them.

Remember you have full authority through God. God is with you always including in your dreams.

We can control what we dream of. First you must remember who is the dreamer? You are not just in the dream you are the dreamer. If you are the dreamer you are creating the dream even if you are being attacked from an evil entity it is attacking you in "YOUR" dream. When attacked think what do I need to do to get out of this, how do I solve this? What ever comes to you DO IT! Even if you think of calling down lightning bolts to strike it down. I once was attacked by three Grim Reapers! They chased me until I turned and faced them on their skeleton horses. I pointed to the sky then down to them and BOOM! A lightning bolt shot down and split into three then disintegrated all three right there!

Another time a witch was trying to run me down with a snow mobile and I stood there and waved my hand creating an invisible wall that she crashed into sending her flying over the roof of her house and landing dead in her back yard.

Another time a witch sent bees after me I made a U Turn gesture with my hand and they turned around and attacked the witch.

Another time a pack of ghouls were after me, they chased me everywhere until I got tired of the chase and turned and faced them and commanded them to stop. I shouted, "STOP!" they stopped and were looking at me. I yelled at them "What is your problem?" They seemed stunned and said, "WE don't know." I said, "Why were you chasing me?" They said, "Because you were running!" I was enlightened then and realized you can't run from something if it isn't chasing you, and something can't chase you if you don't run. Then they said, "You were running so we were chasing you, we thought you wanted to be chased!" I yelled back, "NO! Be Gone!" Poof they were gone!

Another time I was being chases by a crazed killer with one eye hanging out of his head. he had scissors and he was catching me. I couldn't think of anything to do. I thought this is like a horror movie and just then I yelled, "CUT!" He stopped chasing me and was just looking at me, I yelled, "You call that acting! Come on be more real and look who did your make-up this eye doesn't even look real!" Now I could see the killer was apologetic and there were camera men around and people were saying, "We can do this again." The killer was saying, "I'll be more real this time." I said, "No, no, no, I have had it! This movie sucks the acting sucks the make-up sucks! I am walking! This isn't worth my time!" I walked away from them and the dream ended and switched to some other dream.

I have fought devils, demons, living dead, vampires, ghouls, Freddy Kruger, even the Anti-Christ I in my dreams I fought all of these and won. I fought ninjas, street gangs,whole towns of zombie people that had axes and I still won every battle in my dreams.

Just think of what you need to do, I have even had dreams that I had to reverse and restart so I could be in two places helping people at the same time.


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To answer your question, sure it's possible; but it's also possible you indulged in too many holiday goodies which you aren't used to consuming and maybe too close to bedtime.

Or - Perhaps it's a repressed memory from childhood. You love and trusted your mom; was there a time she couldn't help you or you thought she let you down? Felt like your heart was being wretched out or stomped on? Or - Possibly, the only reason your mom was in the dream was because it was the holidays and you were thinking about Christmas's past.

Is there anything bothering you? Do you feel smothered or choked? Under too much pressure?

Are you having trouble making up your mind about something? Are you afraid to ask your mom for help or are you afraid of disappointing her? You are very protective of her. Is there "something" you don't think she will approve of?

Is there someone who you trust that maybe you shouldn't - listen to your gut; although it may be heartbreaking? I think it's possible you already know what or who is behind your dream. You're an intuitive person. Are you listening? Pay attention during your waking hours so you can have pleasant dreams at night. Don't fear the truth....

Or - Sometimes a dream is just a dream...... nothing more..... just a bit of this and that from your day - ALL mixed up.

ETA - I don't think anyone else can interpret your dreams.... I was just throwing things out there.. Sweet Dreams.....


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Dreams are fascinating because they serve many purposes- chiefly, to: 1.) Process the daily new information from the brain, and 2.) To access information garnered from the right brain that the left brain may have missed during the day.

What does this mean in regards to your bad dream? In your case, I would say that your feeling of evil was absolutely dead on! Somewhere, either in your day, or during the night, something bad came your way. I truly think this is possible, and moreover, likely. The trick is deciphering what the dream means.

Just for me, and I mean just for me, my nightmares were the beginning of finding out that my childhood was not what I had thought it was. When I reached the age of 33, I could no longer "stuff" my feelings, and I began to "leak" out what happened to me as a child that I had simply put aside or deliberately forgotten. For you, your dream may mean that you simply encountered an "entity", as you say, that attached itself to you. You struggled with it, helpless. I will ask Wade to tell you about lucid dreaming, so that if this happens again, you can defeat such evil and come away feeling stronger and as if you had truly put the evil behind you!

This subject is very complex...I cannot write at length about it- but if you are interested in what I know and what Wade knows about evil, leave a comment, and we can either chat about it, or comment back and forth.

Hope this helps!

Happy-Day-After-Christmas (Boxing Day) 2011,


P.S. I have Wade changing his answer to better help you...Please check it out! Jai

P.P.S.S. I have been pondering this dream, and perhaps you may be remembering your birth...Just a thought...I actually remember mine, and not just asleep...Jai again


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I don't know about other entities or anything. I suspect your dreams were your subconcious' way of working out a problem that you are facing in your life. The characters in your dream may or may not be part of the problem. They may just be there because of something that happened recently, like watching a movie, hearing a story, conversations with people, etc...


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Fairy Princess

Once or twice per year (so thankfully not too often) I will dream I am being attacked by Satan or a demon, and once a changeling! Like Fairy Princess, I did not take the dreams to be a literal attack while I am on another plane asleep, but as something my mind is working upon....the workings of my subconscious.


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