Greetings, lately I’ve been having increased episodes of lucid dreaming.

This was a frequent occurrence for me as a child, in fact I got quite good at creating a dream I wished to experience. In the last few months, as I’ve studied more about conscious creation I’ve begun to have them nightly.

The dreams themselves are not inherently negative at all, in fact most have been quite boring Such as sitting in a room with a Christmas tree in it or chasing a duck around my house.

As soon as I realize it’s a dream (I have a very odd system of checking whether I’m dreaming or not) I begin to panic; an overwhelming fear rushes over me and I begin to do whatever I can to make myself wake up, sometimes I experience several “false wake-ups” before actually waking.

I do record it in my dream journal , however I’m frequently scared to go back to sleep. I feel they may be helpful if I’d allow them, but I can’t seem to get past the fear of knowing I’m dreaming.

Thank you all for any tips and tricks I can use to make the most of this gift.

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Hello @AMYJ

I love this question, it reminds me of when I was a kid :)

Babies are born very physically and energetically maleable, as they grow the " energy self" assembles itself gradually over the years partly as a result of education, relationships, language, situations....and partly by the child itself, it forms the everyday "waking world self".

When children day dream they kind of melt into a learning space within, their partially structured energy self goes back to the original maleable self of a baby. However when people get older they develop a more rigid structured "waking self", so that the idea of melting can seem like something that destroyes the self, hence the feeling of fear.

Fear and excitement are opposite sides of the same coin, when you feel scared about doing something, it arouses you and the chances are you're excited by the idea of going for it, people like fear when it's predictable, it fires up emotion and brings out that living feeling, without actually being in danger.

Here's a video you may find useful

I agree with you lucid dreaming is a gift, it's the gateway to out of body experiences

Have fun


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