Obviously, I have been pushing myself far beyond my physical limits...with reason, to an extent...but now, I need to back off from my hard labors and somehow get my energy flowing again. What do I mean? I went to church, a restaurant for lunch, and Wal-Mart, and by the time I got home, I could barely get upstairs to bed. That is not normal for me. I used to be able to go all day.

But I am at a loss where to start. I have this feeling all the time that I am all spirit, dragging my body behind me; I feel like my body suddenly is a dead weight to lug around, and this is not normal. I know that.

I have some some investigating, and upon checking my chakras, I find that my base chakra is not at all grounded; my sacral chakra is apparently gone out to lunch; and my heart chakra feels shredded to pieces. My upper chakras are highly, almost mightily strong- for example, I have a Soul Star and I have opened new, ascended master-type chakras (ascended heart)...but obviously, my lower chakras are being completely drained and not renewed at all.

Even if you do not understand or believe in the chakras, it is still obvious that something in me is completely out of whack.

What should I do to re-balance my body and reclaim my lost energy?

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I'm certainly not an expert at chakras and only know about the 7 main ones, but I have heard this described just recently and most likely your spirit is probably floating above your physical body. There are a couple things that I know you can do.

  1. Get outside and connect to nature. Talk a walk, sit in the grass, dig in the dirt, anything that will put you in touch with the earth.

  2. Try threading your chakras. This is a technique I heard from Carol Tuttle. The point is that by threading, you are activating all your chakras and using the energy from the ones that are working very well, to help the ones not working so well. She recommends doing this while sitting, I personally love doing this while I'm in the shower and in that flow of water (energy).

Rub your hands together to get the energy flowing. Open them so that you have a ball of energy. Now take that ball and start bouncing at your root chakra. Imagine a red globe of light switches on and if it could speak, it would say I am worthwhile. Keep bouncing as you move up to your sacral chakra and imagine an orange globe that would say, I create. Then your solar plexus, imagine a yellow globe turning on and it would say, I am powerful.

Now to your heart chakra, green globe turns on and say, I am love. Throat chakra, blue globe turns on and it says, I speak my truth. Third Eye (forehead), indigo globe turns on and say, I see my truth and then finally, your crown chakra. A purple globe turns on and says, I am connected to source, to my true self, to my highest purpose.

Take a deep breath. Now rub your hand together again and start at your crown, bouncing about 3-5 times and work back down. Crown, 3rd eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and then root. Now imagine that energy continuing it's way down through your legs, and into the earth. About 12" below the earth's crust is your earth star chakra. Notice it start to spin as you focus on it. Keep your focus on it until it gets about 6 feet wide.

Now move the energy back up and imagine a light spirals to the heavends connecting you with the divine. Imagine that energy running up and down through your body and connecting you to your true purpose.

I know this is a bit long, especially for reading, but I hope it helps you :).


answered 05 Sep '11, 04:52

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Vienne-this seems like excellent advice to me...i'll give it a try ...have a great day

(05 Sep '11, 05:02) blubird two

thank you so much for this--will be doing this very soon!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(05 Sep '11, 12:43) Jaianniah

I believe that tiredness is caused by resistance. And by resistance, I mean whenever we hold any type of negative emotion. This could be depression, frustration, anger, anxiety, boredom, lack of enthusiasm, procrastination etc.

We never feel tired when we are doing something that makes us happy or something that is fun. So the only thing that we can do is just try and incorporate more fun stuff into our lives, do more things that we enjoy doing and focus less on the worries and things that do not make us happy.

Meditation is a good starting point as it helps us assess our emotions and determine what dominant thoughts we are holding so that we can then work on changing our dominant thoughts and focus on better feeling thoughts.


answered 05 Sep '11, 10:23

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Pink Diamond

Excellent point! I will try to think of some fun things to do!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(05 Sep '11, 12:45) Jaianniah

Do you really need an excuse to take a nap? Naps are completely underrated! If you get the time and place to take a nap do it. When you lay down to your nap make sure you know that this nap will be reviving refreshing and your going to wake up "rarin to go". In other words put a positive spin on it before you fall asleep.
And one more thing ever check your biorhythms?


answered 06 Sep '11, 09:57

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I am a big fan of naps as well Ursixx; they are rejeuventing to the body and spirit. (And sometimes you can even catch a good dream!)

(07 Sep '11, 02:13) LeeAnn 1

ask God have faith and meditate. experience and enjoy.


answered 05 Sep '11, 02:02

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white tiger

Jai in the physical world there can be many reasons for a person to feel that their body is heavy and draging them down. A virus can cause this as well as anemia or even hypothyrodism (low thyroid hormone) or hyper thyrodism (too much thyroxine) to mention just a few. It is best to have yourself checked out by a medical doctor just to make sure all is OK. Have you been gaining or losing weight lately? This could also indicate that there is a problem.

Are you under extra stress for any reason for that could also be it.

I dont know what your diet is like but if you are maybe a vegeterian you could be short of vitamin B12 as well as other nutrients. Stock up on B complex vitamins and magnesium for they are excellent for energy as well as nerves. Dont forget to drink enough water and eat a well balanced diet.

Best is to pay your doctor a visit.

Love and speedy recovery


answered 05 Sep '11, 06:37

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Paulina 1

I already have done this- lacked magnesium, vitamin D, and B12....am on supplements now--in addition, I am seeing a psychiatrist very soon to check for depression...so you are dead right! Good advice for anyone who feels as lousy as I do!!! ;)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(05 Sep '11, 12:50) Jaianniah

Jai you seem like a really spiritual person, and so I will outline what I like to call a 'soul eater' habit- this is just going to be foods you eat.

  • fruits and vegetables. Preferably raw- unfortunantly in some places there is limited access to raw foods, yet for the purpose of helpfulness, im just going to outline everything

  • you can drink juice, yet it must be squeezed and drank within 20 minutes to save energy

  • filtered water

  • grains and wheat foods are fine, but again, preferably whole-grain or brown rice

  • Basically, eat like a vegan- yet if you crave meat, eat only the white meat of of fish that have white meat

  • Avoid red meat, dairy products, sugar

  • most importantly, avoid alcohol

Now apart from a chakra visulisation and a walk in nature, which I 100% agree with, I will also say that a swim in salt water does the trick to cleanse your spirit as well. No access to salt water? Then take a bath with sea salt, or if you must hesitate for time, rub sea salt over your body and then wash it off in the shower.

Spray a ladevendar spray in the corners of your rooms in your house. Also place a bowl of water and sea salt next to your bedside table to clear energy. Open the windows in your rooms as well to wash away bad energy.

And, of course, meditate. If this isn't apart of your life, go for 20 minutes of meditation per day- you could probably find some binaural beats on the internet to assist. Hope this helps Jai- you ROCK!


answered 05 Sep '11, 10:34

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Just bought sea salt in preparation for a bath...I am a pranic healer, and know all about the benefits of sea salt! Thanks for posting...your advice is very valuable, especially the change in diet>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(05 Sep '11, 12:53) Jaianniah

well I pray you find an answer somewhere honey. Show the world how much love you have :)

(05 Sep '11, 23:34) Nikulas

First, look at your diet. What are you eating? Make sure you are eating 5 servings of fresh vegetables every day. Eat some fruit. Eat plenty of lean protein and not too many carbs. Avoid processed foods and sugars. Avoid monosodium glutamate, sodium nitrate and other harmful preservatives. Drink plenty of water. Exercise every day. That doesn't mean just lifting weights. Get a good dance dvd and do it with the tv. While you are exercising, feel the muscles you are using, connect with your body by feeling every movement. Picture strings from her to you that when she moves, you move, like a marrionette.

Also do some tapping on how you feel about your body and how it drags you down. Then tap on loving your body and how it gets you around to do the things you want to do.

Peace and blessing,


answered 05 Sep '11, 14:10

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Fairy Princess

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