hi questers,

recently i came across a friend who went through "astral surgery". and he said , that its amazing. it is some sort of meditation ,i don't exactly about it ,but he said it was like something in which angels are called upon and we get healed and all sorts of pain immediately gets vanished. has anyone here experienced or went through astral surgery ??? he also told me that the complete astral surgery takes 3 hours to complete..,and the feeling is awesome.

the beings who perform this are also called Space Doctors. I do not know if you have heard something about it. The theme is so. There is a spiritualist temple in Brazil called Tupyara. So people who need to be healed of some disease must send a letter by post to the temple. Then they answer you back the letter telling you the day and time of the surgery.

in South America everybody knows about the Space Doctors and many send letter to the temple. And there are many testimonies of people that have been healed in this way.

i would love to hear your experiences here..

love,light and lots of blessings ur wayy..

supergirl :))

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Don't know about "Space Doctors". If that helps people accept a healing, fine with me.

Back in the 1970s I studied "Psychic Surgery." Much of this was not explainable by traditional medicine or physics. While I have no firsthand knowledge or sight of this phenomena, a close friend Dr George DeSau, whom I trust completely did observe.

Most of the experiments he observed took place in Mexico and Central America.

In one case, George watched very closely a "psychic surgeon" appear to push his hands into the abdomen of a patient who had gallstones. A great deal of blood surrounded the surgeon's hands as he worked. One by one, he dropped "gall stones" into a metal pan. When he removed his hands, there was no incision, no penetration of the patient's body, just a lot of blood that had obscured the process.

The patient was x-rayed soon after, and the gall stones were still there. George analyzed the blood and it was beef blood, not human. He could not find any way the "surgeon" had somehow introduced the blood or the stones. The "surgeon" wore a short sleeve shirt and the "operation" was done in a well-lighted room. George was inches away, observing.

However the patient felt better and two days later he was x-rayed again and the stones were completely gone. He had not undergone any treatments in the meantime.

There were quite a few other examples that George observed.

Understand that the "Astral" is a blueprint for the physical plane. If you can change something on the Astral, there is a powerful tendency to have the physical plane change accordingly. This is one of the reasons that imagery is important.

The patient with the gall stones was awake during the entire process. He watched the "surgeon" remove the gall stones, saw what he thought was hos own blood. A dramatic, emotional and powerful event. Perhaps his body responded in a way to remove/dissolve the stones? We think so.

Did the "surgeon" somehow manifest the blood and gall stones? It seemed so to George.


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Dollar Bill

@dollar bill-thank u for the wonderful answer ;))

(26 Aug '13, 11:49) supergirl

Belief is a very powerful thing, and I think they are inducing belief into the patient very strongly, and it works! The person is healed by his own mind due to the belief in the psychic surgeon and the results that he/she believes he sees.

(28 Aug '13, 14:55) LeeAnn 1

At first I thought this was like Reiki surgery. As I read more though this seems like not as something we are guided by to do for another but something that is done entirely in the astralplane. It seems similar to a Kundalini Reiki attunement. But this is a healing, similar to a healing attunement.

I believe from what I know I could easily recreate this and it gave me a new tool now. I had not thought of it but this way we can use as well.

As with anything belief and feeling are key. I know I have been told belief and feeling have nothing to do with Reiki. That is not right. Who does anything that does not believe or feel it will be effective?

Here is how I would go about this. Have the client sit or lay down relaxing. Maybe use some candles and light meditation music. This makes it a calm atmosphere. Clear the room spiritually and ask the client to close his/her eyes and relax. Now pray and call on the angel doctors, guides, space doctors. I would rather Angel Doctors myself really but whoever you feel comfortable and the client feels comfortable with. Wait until you feel a shift in the feeling of your area. Then say what the problem is and that you now give this client over to them to work on, as long as it may take. Now take a seat and relax, lightly talk with the client if he/she sees anything, feels anything etc...

Be sure to when you ask these doctors to perform this that you say with "least to no pain please operate in greatest comfort and peace."

When you both feel it is over, thank the doctors when they leave then clear the room again and yourself again.

Talk about how that felt what was experienced and keep in a happy loving atmosphere.


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@wade casaldi- thank u so much .., i am attending an "astral surgery program this oct..,so i l post here..,exact word to word..what it is actually..

(02 Sep '13, 04:26) supergirl

@Wade Casaldi-its great that you have found a way to heal anybody astrally.good news for Jai...

(06 Sep '13, 01:25) Zee

@Zee Thanks Zee. Good suggestion, I have to give it a shot.

(06 Sep '13, 10:13) Wade Casaldi
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Astral surgery is the treatment of disease, deformity or injury in the physical body using non physical means. Here's a video presented by Greg Braden showing how a woman who has been diagnosed as having bladder cancer, is cured in less than 3 minutes



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It's good to know I can heal myself, everyone does it in one way or another every day we just don't know that we are, our subconscious does all the work. It has everything to do with our true power and connection to the Universe. Since we are made of energy and vibrations come from our emotions which then translates into matter, whatever we believe in our hearts with feeling will manifest, even miracle healings. They say the truth will set us free we just never knew the truth about ourselves before or we kind of had a feeling but didn't believe due to our programing from the start. Those who always knew had all the power and I am so excited that the truth is finally out. I always believed that I have had powers inside myself in that way and I am fascinated with this subject in fact I am currently in the process of developing my super powers. It is my passion to help others to heal as I am doing for myself. Imagine a time when we all come together in harmony with this truth, today is such a day it has already started. Love will bring us back to this purpose and meaning of life, divine connection, everyone wants to be happy and now that we know how, there is no stopping us. It is so simple it blows my mind! Peace and love is truth, we can together create whatever we want all the tools we need is inside all of us. We are truly Superhuman with the power to create each gifted in our own special way. Our purpose is in our heart and our subconscious unlimited possibility. Be conscious of this and we will all survive what is coming and a new wonderful world order will manifest for all to enjoy. Peace on earth and good will towards each other is all we need to create the life we were meant to live. I love you all!


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