i have dream of people that i have know(people i did not see or ear about for 11 year) but the strange thing is that the house was under the ground the stair at the entrance where not finish to be repair! 1 window exit on a monument(like in cemetary flower vase of some kind) and the other window on like a old ruin temple of some kind! in the house there was some place not finish like some board where place to cross in some corridor to not fall in the hole those hole add mud in them it seam like a big complex there was 2 bathroom! anny one know what those things mean!

here is for you that think that dream is only about you! http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/dream-meetings-sharingdreams/

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white tiger

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As well as the symbolism of the dream, also consider how the dream made you feel.

Take a look at this answer for an explanation of why this is important.

As Vesuvius says, everything in the dream is about you, not about them, because in your reality you are creating your experience of them.

In physical reality, you never see anyone else as they really are, only as you interpret them to be. You rendezvous with the characteristics of them that you are attracting from them.

This is why as you change how you feel about them, they seem to change. It's not that they are changing but you are now interpreting your experience of them differently.

Now since you can think of dreams as pre-manifestations, everything that applies to physical-reality-creation also applies to dream-reality-creation.


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well how the dream made me feel i was happy that things where going good for them the only thing weird is the building that is under ground!

(07 Jun '11, 21:58) white tiger

they told me in the dream that they add have ruff time but for now it was stable and going good! so i was happy for them!

(07 Jun '11, 22:04) white tiger

why do they live in a building like that?

(07 Jun '11, 22:07) white tiger

The symbolism of the dream is something that really only you can interpret. It depends on what those symbols mean to you personally. For example, for one person who loves technology, a dream of a computer may represent an idea of freedom while for one who hates technology, it may represent restriction and imprisonment

(08 Jun '11, 06:47) Stingray
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If I were to guess, the symbolism of your dream suggests that you have unfinished business.

The fundamental principle of dream interpretation is this:

Everything about the dream is you.

So ask yourself: What do these things mean to me? Do they mean something beyond the actual images? What do they tell me about my own life?

Some dream interpretations are obvious. If you are giving an important speech the next day, and the night before you have dreams about being naked in a crowd and feeling embarrassed, it's pretty apparent that you are feeling anxiety about the speech, and vulnerable to criticism.

But other dreams, like yours, are not so easy to interpret without some detailed knowledge about you.

Dreams come from the visual, creative, holistic part of yourself, and can be very symbolic, as well as useful. The German organic chemist Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz said that the ring structure of benzene came to him in a dream where a snake was eating its own tail.


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nope not my own life people that i know! usely when i dream about people i know it is about them and not about me! like i said it is people i did not see or ear about for 11 year! so what does those symbol mean? why do they live underground? why is there 2 bathroom in the place and why 1 window is giving view on monument like flower vase in cemetary and the other window old temple in ruin? maybe the board that they have to step on is because the ground they walk on is not finish and they walk on a narrow path?

(06 Jun '11, 19:09) white tiger

like i said i was not even thinking of those people! last time i have seen or ear about them it is 11 year ago! the problem was that we add not the same value! they lie i don't so in the long run it is not working! maybe the fact they live underground means that they still hide the truth?

(06 Jun '11, 19:15) white tiger

The dream is about you, not those other people. If they lie, then what is it about your dream that makes you feel like you have been lying, either to yourself or others? If you are dreaming about incomplete buildings, then what is there in your life that you have not finished?

(06 Jun '11, 19:37) Vesuvius

what you don't understand vesuvius is that the dream is related to those people and not to me!

(06 Jun '11, 20:06) white tiger
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I can only add to these excellent answers that sometimes, the answer is not readily forthcoming...why? Because the action in the dream has yet to manifest itself. You may not be ready to see what the dream means.

I had a dream of a large movie theater. I was responsible for a great party of people, going to see some movie there, and I kept losing members of the party. What did it mean? I did not know at the time...But later, I realized that I was so concentrated on what was going on in the audience that I never got to see the movie! In other words, I was not actually living my life, but observing it from the seats, so-to-speak. I needed to get my life out there and up on the screen. It took a while for me to realize this meaning. Also, my "outer life" was actually as mechanical as it was in the dream...I had four children, and spent a great deal of time helping them live THEIR lives, without living mine.

Dream interpretation is always best if you do it yourself! It means more when you figure it all out-- and it has a great effect on your subconscious.

Blessings, Jai


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so what you suggest is that i go back in that dream and uncover those symbol to know what they hide! but what if they don't want me to know should i force it?

(08 Jun '11, 02:10) white tiger

and can i even return in a dream made from a connection of people that have though about me?

(08 Jun '11, 02:14) white tiger

Tiger, your dreams are your own. Try to figure out why you are dreaming about these people, rather than actually trying to figure out what to do for them...see what happens if you look at it that way. K?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(08 Jun '11, 18:30) Jaianniah

well jai that is the thing it is from them and not from me go in other people head and try to find out what you see in them means! look at this jai you will see that it is not always from you: http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/dream-meetings-sharingdreams/ http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/esp-in-dreams/

(08 Jun '11, 22:42) white tiger
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