iv been having dreams of my friends naighbours there quite an age gap hes 38 im 20 he has really nice eyes but im sure he doesnt see me the way i see him we have a laugh and a joke and chill out with beers casually as u do but he seems to have been in alot of my dreams lately n thery aree very wild dreams what are my dreams telling me?? pleaseee help!!

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it might help if you talk about the dream what is happening in the dream how you feel about stuff in the dream. is the person someone you see or think about often? what is your connection between you? do you share some interest together? is the dream talking about that? ask the right question and you will get the right answer. experience and enjoy.

(06 Aug '12, 20:30) white tiger

This depends on when you have these nightmares if you are on the same side or pitted against each other. If you dream he is trying to kill you or harm you in some way maybe it is a trust issue you have with him. I know there used to be a saying, "Don't trust anyone over thirty." Do you feel this way about him maybe?

You need to go in deep into your thought on this ponder the dreams and analyze the dream you had. Were you two fighting, each other or perhaps the two of you were on the same side fighting others?

Were there other outside forces monsters or aliens maybe, I have to guess since you really didn't give much to go on here. I have had some very wild dreams myself, me facing the devil in fights. Alien abduction, whole towns of living dead after me, vampires after me. Some dreams where I walked on water and on the ceiling, dreams where I walked on the bottom of the ocean, and others where I went to heaven or hell for various reasons. The hell one was to rescue people. The heaven ones were more like rewards actually.

I remember a dream I could change forms and be a wolf or panther or even a plasma man that could stretch or go under doors or through key holes.

I have had some pretty amazing wild adventurous dream that seem like science fiction adventures complete with tons of special effects! I remember a dream where a witch was trying to run me over and put up my hand and thought of an inviable wall, she crashed into the wall that snow mobile crushed like a tin can and she went flying off to her death. I remember dreams where I defied death and beat it.

Very many wild exciting dreams, so I can relate to your having dreams of you and your neighbor experiencing something strange and wildly adventurous.

I can not tell you the meaning because I really don't have much to go on about your dream, I am sorry but without enough information I can't interpret it.


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