I have this weird dream. Where on some gathering, friends, churchmate and family. I was taking picture of clouds because it is kinda my hobby, as the sun goes down, something jawdroping happened in the bluish dark sky. First splashes of colors then next, there were eyes moving and moving, eye more that 2. (Not eye ball, milleniun eye like) Then i decide to take vid from phone. After that i asked my co churchmate what dies it mean he said something bad.

The surrounding became heavy, it rained.

And As I was running, it feels like very heavy it makes me slow to run. Then i got home and it was morning, i was trying to retrieve the photos/videos i took from my phone but then the memory was broken, there i wasnt able to see the sky with splashing colors, and with eyes. After that I woke up and it feels weird still, im having goosebumps remembering the details.

( all if this are dreams and i wanna know what does this could mean, could it be any harm or what?) Please please tell me. thanks that would mean alot!

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Seeing the eye in the sky means that you are feeling God (as you perceive Him-Her-whatever) in your life. The fact that you ran away may perhaps suggest that you feel judged by God when you feel God. There is plenty of information about God being non-judgmental, so I would suggest that you examine this in yourself.

Human beings are wired to be spiritual, and feeling God is a natural event for your soul. The colors in the sky are really there (if you think about it). All colors are contained in white light. Again, it is as if you were dreaming about the things you sense in your life, but cannot see. Why run? Are you running from your own spirituality? Do you feel that people will judge you if you express your spirituality? Are your friends and family disapproving of spirituality?

I hope this helps you. The questions I posed are ideas to think about and meditate upon.


Jaianniah ♥

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And to admit, i have been wanting to express my spirituality but i have been reluctant, first because i am not consistent, and when it is time to be consistent, friends have known me for being not so spiritual, so it would be lame to them, then when i prioritize spiritual activity, family hinders unintentionally, then as of now, today, i dont do anything, and im afraid Gid would not bless me for I let my spiritual activity gone in my life.

(06 Jan '15, 06:54) Prth

So what happened is, if there is something i need to pray for, i am shy, for God might think i only pray when in need. There is that, sometimes. But when i have learned that dream i started to pray and have a bible pla .

(06 Jan '15, 06:58) Prth

*bible plan

(06 Jan '15, 06:59) Prth

@Prth- You do not need to be shy of God. He made you, understands you most completely. He is non-judgmental (remember that you may need to read about this God-quality) and would only be glad to hear from you. He celebrates return, not the fact that you were gone. God is Not human! Do not give Him human qualities. I am glad that you wrote of your dream. It is good. ♥

(07 Jan '15, 20:49) Jaianniah
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Hello! I would just like to add my take on what i see in your dream as well. One thing i noticed was that when you asked someone what it means they gave you a "negative response" they said it means something bad. Instead of believing in yourself. In the dream you allowed someones negative perception to persuade you. Immediately your surroundings changed.I think this is a message for you to believe in yourself wholeheartedly and don't allow anyone's persuasion or perception to override your own. Because you are blessed and you have more power within your self than you realize.

Now as far as your response to the above person I would like to add, that God does not see us as we see ourselves. God does not judge our actions the way that people judge us. God has no problem with you asking for what you want, for really the truth is God is your own self. yeah I know that sounds weird but think about it. We are told God is omnipresent, so why does they exclude our own minds and bodies? When you ask God for anything you are also asking yourself. So ask away!!!! and don't hold back. for the bible says Seek and you shall find Ask and you shall receive. There is no amount to the asking. It can get deeper than this but I will leave you with that for now..Take care! God Bless you.


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how people see you maters to you and you are afraid that they will see you from a bad eye. and there is your hobby of taking picture that you like and there the eye appear you ask your co-church fellow what does it means it is bad. is that opinion from him so high compare to you that you would put it in the sky?

why do you let that make you heavy and cry? why do you let that slow you down?

you put to much on the past looking for something that is not there a sky full of colors. are you trying to fix that broken memory? at least from home you do not suffer it as much. take that morning as the beginning of a new day.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

learn from pass error and live in the present to make a better tomorrow.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

Dear @Prth, Here are a few things to consider while attempting to interpret your dreams. Realize that as a human/soul/spirit, you are always functioning at some level of "awareness", consciously or subconsciously. Regardless of whatever term you chose to apply to these "states of mind", they are all aspects of the person you are referring to when you talk about "I" or "me". The dream state is one of these levels, and the degree of our awareness of it varies from person to person for individual reasons. Some do not recall dreaming at all, some remember bits and pieces upon waking which are soon forgotten. Others can recall their dreams quite readily and some are able to be fully conscious while dreaming. (Lucid dreamers). However, conscious awareness does not change the fact that most, if not all, of us dream and those dreams can affect our waking lives regardless of whether we remember them or not.

Dreams can serve us in a number of ways. Certain dreams are for learning. It is not uncommon to have a dream of sitting in a classroom or a library. Some dreams are designed to answer specific questions we are thinking about on any subject whether general or personal. Dreams can provide solutions to problems we might be dealing with at work, at home, and in our relationships with others. Dreams can uplift us, encourage us, motivate us, reward us, console us etc. They can also be the means by which our "spirit guides" speak to us. When trying to interpret a particular dream its helps to first establish this underlying theme. Think of it as the cloth upon which the dream is woven.

Realize, that ultimately, you are the creator, writer, director, set designer, casting director and producer of your dreams. (Although assistance is available if needed). With this understanding and having an idea of the dreams underlying theme, you can now ask, "What am I trying to tell myself through this dreams events and symbolism?" "Why would I choose to use this particular object, behavior, event, or activity?" Just as we use similar words to describe or explain stuff in or waking lives, we also use similar symbolism in dreams. However, even though we use the same words, we do not always define them exactly the same way, which can often lead to a misunderstanding. For this reason, only you can determine the meaning behind the symbols in your dreams from which you interpret the dream. A dream "interpreter" can only help to facilitate this process by asking the right questions, offering suggestions, possible meanings and such, with the purpose of getting you to the point where it suddenly dawns on you, and you have one of those, "Aha, I get it" moments where it all makes sense.

From what you have described in your dreams, and what I have learned while researching dreams, metaphysics, and the current climate and events affecting changes in human consciousness lately, I can offer one possible explanation for you to consider. I will do this by offering some possible interpretations for the symbols used or suggesting some questions that only you can answer. Understand that the people you encounter in dreams are not always actual people. They are often symbolic representations of some idea, belief, or concept you hold dear. Try to find the relationship between the symbols and events of the dream and possible, probable or actual events taking place in your "waking" life. Then you can apply what you learn from the dream to whatever is going on in your life.

(Note: I've paraphrased each element of the dream in the order you described it and then offered a comment pertaining to each)

This is only one possible suggestion as to the interpretation of your dream. My objective here was to describe the processes that go into interpreting dreams so that you will be better able to apply this process to this and any future dreams you may have.

"We're on some gathering, friends, church mate and family."

You begin by creating a setting for the dream. In this case, you are together with people who are closest to you. Note: You do place special a certain emphasis on your "church mate" as opposed to church mates. Remember that people in dreams are often representative of an idea rather than an actual person, so asked yourself the question "what does this person (or people) represent to me?" or "What sort of thoughts come to mind when I see this person?"

"I was taking picture of clouds."

What do clouds represent for you? Unique formations? Colorless (shades of white/gray? Constant movement (change)? An impending storm? Is your "head in the clouds" most of the time?

"As the sun goes down, something happened."

The sun going down can symbolize the end of an era, the end of a phase in your life. It is time for a change. Out with the old, in with the new. Think about the phrase "At the end of the day, it's all about..." what?

"First splashes of colors."

Replacing the dull, drab colorless clouds in your life. (A positive sign!) Colors can also be symbolic metaphor for the ways different people tend to "color their world". Eyes that see the world and life through different colored lenses.

"Next, there were eyes moving, more that 2. (Not eye ball, milleniun eye like)"

An eye or eyes are often used as a symbol in dreams. All of the objects and events that occur in dreams will have a symbolic meaning to each person utilizing that particular symbol. Certain dream symbols, however, do have a similar meaning for many. Only you can determine what the eyes mean for you. I can offer some suggestions to consider. A single 'eye' is often seen as a symbol for "God" as @Jaianniah suggested. Many eyes could then translate into the idea that god is everywhere, watching you from every perspective? Multiple eyes along with multiple colors that appeared as a replacement for the clouds might be saying "get your head out of the clouds and focus instead on the people in your life (many eyes)? They could also represent the idea that everyone is watching you, judging you, trying to figure you out? Are you feeling as though you are being persecuted simply for being who you are? If that were the case, then your church mate may be correct in telling you that it's a bad thing. Bad in the sense that you are "allowing" others to have some control over your sense of self worth whenever you take their judgments to heart. That is your choice. You can just as easily choose to reject their opinions in favor of your own. You do not exist to live up to the expectations or the ideals of those around you. Accept yourself as yourself, and change what you will according to what "you" prefer, by your choice.

I want to briefly interrupt your dream here to address a comment you made earlier.

" And to admit, I have been wanting to express my spirituality but I have been reluctant, first because I am not consistent, and when it is time to be consistent, friends have known me for being not so spiritual, so it would be lame to them, then when I prioritize spiritual activity, family hinders unintentionally, then as of now, today, I don't do anything, and I'm afraid God would not bless me for I let my spiritual activity gone in my life. So what happened is, if there is something I need to pray for, I am shy, for God might think I only pray when in need. There is that, sometimes. But when I have learned that dream I started to pray and have a bible plan."

Understand that your life is a "spiritual life", however you choose to live it and regardless of what your friends, family, or church mates may think. You are in essence "spirit", born from the "UNCONDITIONAL" love of All That Is. (God, creator, source energy, whatever you want to call it) None of your fears of judgment, punishment or otherwise are even possible in a realm of unconditional love. These negative energies are all human in origin. They can only exist in your life if you choose to accept them!

"The surrounding became heavy, it rained."

The heaviness may be the pressure you are feeling from others around you to conform to their particular beliefs. That is their problem, not yours. The rain often is a symbol of renewal, the washing away of whatever is troubling or a burden in your life.

"As I was running, it feels like very heavy it makes me slow to run."

Changes take time. There is no rush. Enjoy the feeling of the rain as it washes away the negative ideas and beliefs that limit your movement through life!

"Then I got home and it was morning".

Home generally represents a place where we feel safe, our birthplace, the place we will one day return to. Our source. Again, it will mean something special (good or bad) to each particular dreamer. What does it mean too you? In your case "it was morning" which is generally a positive sign. The long night is over; the rain has washed away any doubts, any fears, and any thoughts that there is something wrong with you. There is not! "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life..." (Nina Simone "Feelin' Good")

" trying to retrieve the photos/videos from my phone. The memory was broken". I wasn't able to see the sky with splashing colors, and with eyes."

Now that you have let go of your past (memory) along with all those perceived judgments from God and others. You can begin anew, AS YOU. All in all, this should be seen a positive dream experience, filled with hope that you will be able to move forward in life simply by believing in yourself and following the path that feels right for you regardless of what family, friends or church mates my think.

Hope this helps.


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